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July 2018

KFC Zinger Double Down

McDonald’s Fiery Buffalo Chicken One

Bill’s Restaurant – Bill’s Hamburger

June 2018

Burger King Jalapeño BBQ Double XL

Burger King Mango Chilli Chicken Tendercrisp

Randall & Aubin – Randall’s Prime Beef Burger

May 2018

Cafe at the End of the Universe – Pennywise

Monterey Jack Cheese Melts

April 2018

That Burger Place 3-Way

Hawksmoor Bacon Double Cheeseburger

February 2018

McDonald’s Bacon Double Cheeseburger

McDonald’s Mac Jr.

January 2018

McDonald’s Cheesy Bacon Flatbread

McDonald’s USA – Archburger

December 2017

Death Row Diner – Double Bacon Cheeseburger

November 2017

McDonald’s Cheese Melt Dippers

McDonald’s Christmas Chicken Warmer

McDonald’s Beef and Cheese Feast

McDonald’s Great Tastes of the World – The Italian Stack

October 2017

KFC Double Down

McDonald’s Cheese & Herb Melts

McDonald’s Great Tastes of the World – The Jamaican Chicken

September 2017

KFC Tennessee Jack

Burger King Long Big King

KFC Nashville Hot

McDonald’s Spicy Burger – Italy

McDonald’s Crispy McBacon – Italy

McDonald’s Le Ricche Hot Cheese – Italy

McDonald’s Grand Big Mac – Italy

August 2017

KFC Alabama Cheese

Hawksmoor Big Matt Burger

McDonald’s Chicken Legend with Cool Mayo

KFC Texas Ranch

Burger King Big King XL

Subway Big Beef Melt

July 2017

Burger King Long Chilli Cheese

Burger King Smokey BBQ Angus

Burger King Cajun Chicken Tendercrisp

Burger King Fiery BBQ Double XL

June 2017

KFC Zinger Ricebox

McDonald’s Red Leicester Melts

McDonald’s Great Tastes of America Louisiana Stack

May 2017

KFC Nashville Hot Chicken

McDonald’s Great Tastes of America South Carolina Stack

McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger

McDonald’s Great Tastes of America Ranch California Chicken

April 2017

KFC Dipping Boneless Feast

Cosy Club Cheltenham – Thai Veggie

Meat59 Torquay – Truffle Shuffle

Burger Shop Worcester – Farmer Tom’s Beef Burger

Burger King Smokey Baconnaise Angus

February 2017

Bleecker Burger – Bacon Cheeseburger

KFC Dirty Louisiana Burger

Honest Burgers – Chimichurri

What’s Your Beef – What’s Your Raclette!

McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish

McDonald’s El Chicken Spicy

McDonald’s Bacon Clubhouse Double

The Courtyward Cafe, Wigan – Chicken Parm

Gallery 36 Malvern – Beef Steak Burger

KFC Zinger Boneless Banquet

Burger King Texas Cheddar Whopper

January 2017

Bill Wyman’s Sticky Fingers – The Special

Patty & Bun – Take It On The Shin

Meat & Shake – Luchador

KFC Bacon & Cheese Burger

Fusion Lab – Miyagi Burger

December 2016

McDonald’s Signature Collection – The Classic

Parmstar Christmas Special

McDonald’s Signature Collection – The BBQ

Wendy’s Baconator

The Tavern Cheltenham Reload – Chilli Cheese Burger

Hawksmoor Christmas Burger

November 2016

Solita Christmas Burger 2016

McDonald’s Signature Collection – The Spicy

McDonald’s Festive Cheese Feast

The Diner – The Diablo Burger

Burger King – Cheddar Whopper & Cheddar Collection

The Grill Shed, Gloucester – Inferno Burger

KFC – Colonel’s Christmas Burger

McDonald’s Great Tastes of the World – The Mexican Stack

The Courtyard Cafe, Wigan – ‘This is Wigan’ Burger

Nando’s Sunset Burger

October 2016

New Yorker Diner, Manchester – The American Boy

McDonald’s Great Tastes of the World – The Swiss Stack

Manchester Smokehouse & Cellar – Big Mac Stack

McDonald’s Spicy Nacho Cheese Wedges

Lucky Chip – Stranger Things Menu – The Hopper Whopper

McDonald’s Great Tastes of the World – The South African Stack

McDonald’s Great Tastes of the World – The Thai Special

KFC Original Recipe Stacker

McDonald’s Halloween Pumpkin Chocolate French Fries – Japan

Dive Bar NQ – The Original Burger

September 2016

Montagues Blackpool Homemade Beef Burger

Gourmet Burger Kitchen – The Rump

Mom’s Fabulous Hot Dogs – Gourmet Burger

McDonald’s McTasters – Canada

Beefeater Grill 1/4lb Steak Burger

Almost Famous – The One Fiddy Burger

Get Chucked – El Chapo

KFC Hottest Zinger

Meat House Bar & Grill – Jim Beam Black

Riks Takeaway Ilfracombe – Little Riks Burger

August 2016

Iberica Manchester

Manchester Smokehouse & Cellar Smoked Stack

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Jamie’s Burger

McDonald’s Sweden Deluxo El Maco

Scene, Indian Street Kitchen – The Ultimate Samosa Burger

McDonald’s Spicy Sriracha Mighty Angus & Country Chicken – Canada

Almost Famous – Insane Bolt

The Burger Priest – The High Priest Burger

July 2016

Burger King BLT BBQ King Chicken

Gourmet Burger Kitchen X-Burger

Solita Preston – New York Style

McDonald’s Chicken BBQ Smokehouse

KFC Rio BBQ Bites

Urban Burger Bar Whole Hog

Atomic Burger Uncle Sam

McDonald’s Spicy Vegetable Deluxe

Fatburger UK – Single Fatburger

Haché Burgers Steak Le Triomphe Des Truffes

June 2016

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Major Tom

Gorilla, Manchester Cheeseburger

Gourmet Burger Kitchen – The Frenchie

Brewhouse & Kitchen – The Ridiculous Burger

McDonald’s Germany Deutschland Burger

McDonald’s France Le M™ Bacon

Marty’s Bar & Kitchen, Wigan – Meaty Pie Burger

ParmStar Parmo Burger

McDonald’s Cyprus Greek Mac

Wall of Fame – Uncle Buck

McDonald’s Sweden Chicken Big Mac

Hardrock Cafe World Burger Tour 2016

McDonald’s Garlic Chicken Mayo One

McDonald’s BBQ Chicken BLC

KFC Supercharger

Smashburger UK Review – Classic Smash, Truffle Mushroom Swiss & Stilton Stack

Handmade Burger Co. Lamb & Mint Yorkie Burger

Burger King Nacho Cheese Tendercrisp – Summer Barbecue 2016

Burger King Gold Angus Supreme – Summer Barbecue 2016

May 2016

Time & Beef, Cardiff Build your Burger

Luck, Lust, Liquor & Burn Sloppy Juan

McDonald’s Sweden Jureskog Signature Burger

Meatcure Towering Inferno

McDonald’s Great Tastes of America – Tex Mex Stack

Byron Burgers – The Byronaldo

Almost Famous – Hank Marvin

The Pen & Pencil – Pen and Pencil Burger

Gourmet Burger Kitchen – The Stack

McDonald’s Great Tastes of America – New York Stack

McDonald’s Sweden Jureskog Texas Burger

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Bourbon Street Special

April 2016

Artisan Kitchen & Bar, Manchester – Dirty Burger

The Courtyard, Wigan – Pizza Burger

McDonald’s Great Tastes of America – Tennessee Stack

Frankie & Benny’s – The De Niro Burger

Tesco 6 Pork & Herb Breakfast Patties

McDonald’s Sweden Jureskog New York Burger

Red’s True Barbecue Houston Slopper

Yard & Coop Parma Bird

Filthy Cow Holy Guacamole Burger

Honest Burgers – The Guac Burger

Burger King Angriest Whopper

March 2016

Handmade Burger Co. – Dirty Burgers Fried Onion

Burgerfest Taunton – The Bad Boy

Solita Manchester Franc le Boeuf

What’s Your Beef – Stateside Deluxe

The Beefy Boys – The Butty Back

Chaat Cart – Chicken65 Burger

Get Chucked – The Body Poppa

Yeah! Burger – The Yeah!

February 2016

MEATmarket Black Palace

BRGR Co. Bacon & Cheese Burger

Bar Boulud Piggie Review

Mac & Wild Venimoo

Tommi’s Burger Joint La Hamburguesa

Burger Craft The Juicy Bastard

Joe’s Southern Kitchen Double Cruncher

Honest Burgers Ribman Special

Baba Gupta’s Bhangra Burgers Crazy Lamb Jalfrezi Burger

Lucky Chip Burgers & Wine El Chappo

The Drunken Butcher Hipster Burger

Taco Bell UK Big Bell Box

McDonald’s Bacon Clubhouse

Viet Shack Manchester – Viet Mac Burger

Almost Famous, NQ Manchester – River Phoenix

January 2016

Solita Bar & Grill, Manchester NQ – The Big Manc

Hawksmoor Manchester – Fish Burger

Aluna Bristol – The Aluna Burger

Almost Famous Jurassic Pork

Burger King Double Chilli Cheeseburger

The Courtyard, Wigan – The Orwell Burger

Evelyn’s Cafe & Bar, Manchester – Turkey & Lemongrass Patty

December 2015

McDonald’s Chicken Legend with Hot & Spicy Mayo

Evelyn’s Cafe & Bar, Manchester – Crab & Shrimp Burger

Little Chef Bacon, Cheese and Garlic Mayo Burger

handmade burger Co. Dingley Dell Christmas Burger

Real Burger, Cheltenham – Reindeer Burger

Fabulous Burger Boys El Narco

Almost Famous Christmas 2015 Burgers

November 2015

SoLita 2015 Christmas Burger

McDonald’s Spicy Chicken Winter Melt

McDonald’s Festive Feast

Hawksmoor Christmas Burger

Turtle Bay Street Burger

Burger King Winter Whopperland

McDonald’s Signature Collection

Splendid Kitchen – The Christmas Burger

Hickory’s All American XXXL Roadhouse Burger

October 2015

All Star Lanes – The New Yorker Burger

KFC BBQ Bacon Boss Burger

Infamous Diner The Colonel

McDonald’s Big Flavour Wraps

Common, Manchester – Korean Fried Chicken Burger

Virgin Trains Diner Cheeseburger

Almost Famous I’m Crack-ed, Baby

SoLIta NQ, Manchester – Monte Cristo

Havana’s Burgers & Shakes, Cheltenham – The Havana’s

September 2015

Byron Hamburgers Run Rarebit Run

Burger King Halloween Whopper

McDonald’s Great Tastes of the World The Brazilian Spicy

Tib Street Tavern – Maple Bacon Burger

McDonald’s Great Tastes of the World The Canadian Melt

Gusto Restaurants, Manchester – Gusto Burger

Filthy Cow The Italian

McDonald’s Great Tastes of the World The Italian Classic

Mumma Schnitzel Burger

Sampson’s Burger Van The Smoked Sampson

Burger King Crunchy Cheese Whopper, Spanish Tendercrisp and Amsterdam Steakhouse

August 2015

Almost Famous Buffalo Beach Club

Winchcombe Burger Company

The McWhopper

McDonald’s Hong Kong Eggcellent Silly Double Beef

Drouthy’s Scotsman Burger

Burgershack @ The Royal Oak

Bare Grills Smokehouse The Bear Grill

Harriet’s Jolly Nice Burger

Splendid Kitchen Mac Attack

Wimpy The Original Quarterpounder Cheese

Filthy Cow Oh my Cod

Infamous Diner Infamous with Cheese

Yard and Coop Fill It Burger

Burger & Lobster Manchester

Almost Famous Johnny Drama

Northern Soul Patty Melt

Nando’s Churrasco Thigh Burger

Roly Poly Pepperoni Burgizza

July 2015

Red’s True Barbecue The Sleepy James

Gourmet Burger Kitchen NOLA Rolla’

McDonald’s The BBQ Smokehouse

Atomic Burger The Wicker Man

The Ship Wandsworth Chargrilled Burger

Barnhouse Bistro Steak Burger

Burger King Big King Sandwich

SoLIta Manchester The Dirty Secret

Alice Cooperstown Arizona Burger

June 2015

Bukowski Grill The Smokey Beast

Quick Belgium, Supreme Pepper

Home Sweet Home South by South West

Big Fernand Le Bartholomé

In-N-Out Animal Style Cheeseburger

Home Sweet Home Cheeseburger Toastie

Bangers and Bacon, Bacon Burger Bomb

Jack in the Box Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack

Burger King BBQ Jerk TenderCrisp

Dairy Queen 1/4 lb. Bacon Cheese Grillburger

Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s El Diablo Thickburger

Burger King Summer BBQ Spicy Steakhouse & Crunchy BBQ Whopper

Johnny Rockets Houston Burger

McDonald’s Sausage & Bacon Sandwich

Steak n’ Shake USA, Steakburger

Dip & Flip, Dip & Flip Burger

Mother Flipper Cheeseburger

Brussels Burgers Sea Follies Burger

Kua ‘Aina Hamburger with Cheese & Pineapple

May 2015

McDonald’s Belgium, Bacon Clubhouse

Boom Burger London, Boom Burger

Tommi’s Burger Joint Steakburger

Lucky Chip Royale mit Cheese

Annie’s Burger Shack, Nottingham The Kogumaza

McDonald’s USA Steakhouse Sirloin Third Pound Burger

Real Burger 6oz Ghost Chilli Burger

Burger King USA A.1. Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger

Whataburger Jalapeno & Cheese Whataburger

Hooters USA Baja Burger

Rehab Burger Therapy Patty Melt

Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers Juicy Lucy

Byron Hamburgers Sweet Caroline

RnR Scottsdale Gastropub Bacon Brussels Burger

Sonic Drive-In Sonic Cheeseburger

Smashburger USA Classic Smash Burger

Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food Short Rib Burger

Safari Grill Manchester, Kangaroo Burger

Dogs ‘n’ Dough Triple Threat Bacon Cheeseburger

Filthy Cow Manchester, Filthy Bird Special

McDonald’s Great Tastes of America Dallas BBQ

April 2015

Cafe at the end of the Universe, Manchester

McDonald’s Hot & Spicy Buffalo BBQ Chicken

Brewdog Manchester Juicy Lucy Burger

Neighbourhood Manchester, Neighbourhood Burger

McDonald’s Great Tastes of America Miami Special

Ruby Modern Diner

All Star Lanes Nacho Cheeseburger

Byron Hamburgers Byronissimo

Chef & Brewer Cajun Chicken and Avocado Burger

Dundee Deep Fried Cheeseburger

Cow Boys Burgers Manchester Dirty Cow

Love From The Streets, Manchester Jerk Chicken Burger

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Duck Confit Burger

EXCLUSIVE: Burger King Party in the Park: Mushroom Swiss & Pulled Pork BBQ Whopper

March 2015

SoLIta Manchester Manc-Hattan

Splendid Kitchen Manchester Cow & Chicken

Sampson’s Snack Van Worcester Cheeseburger

The Slyne Lodge Lancaster The Smokehouse

Coke Freestyle at Burger King UK

Luck Lust Liquor & Burn Manchester East Coast Hustle

Dirty Food Revolution Manchester Dirty Swine

The Pheasant Worcester Burger Lad

Filthy Cow Manchester Filthy Beast

Chiquito Bandito Burrito Burger

Handmade burger Co. Chilli Extreme Infusion and Thai Green Chicken

February 2015

Coast to Coast Jalapeno Cheese Burger

Byron Hamburgers B-Rex

The Pheasant Worcester Lazy Cow & The Squealer

Bolero Bar & Kitchen Worcester Lamb Burger

Viet Shack Manchester Lemongrass Chicken Burger

Bill’s Restaurant – Bill’s Hamburger

MAX Burgers Sweden Bacon BBQ Dream

Hard Rock Cafe Original Legendary Burger

McDonald’s Nacho Chicken Fiesta Sandwich

McDonald’s The Grand

January 2015

Mishkin’s 6oz Reuben Burger

Chef & Brewer Wagyu Beef Burger

Byron Hamburgers Flaming Iceberg

The Lord Nelson Pub Southwark The Shergar 8oz Horse Burger

Burger King Route 66 Roadtrip California Chicken Tendercrisp

Burger King Route 66 Roadtrip Chicago Steakhouse

Burger King Route 66 Roadtrip Texas Crunchy Whopper

Five Guys UK Little Bacon Cheeseburger

Honest Burgers Tribute Burger

Comptoir Gascon Duck Burger Classic

SoLIta Manchester Manc Rib

Tonic Dundee 8oz Dessert Burger

December 2014

BBQ’s & Brews Hereford BBQ Pit Burger

Playboy Club London The Playboy Burger

Dirty Tommi’s Pop-up Dirty Mac

Red’s True Barbecue Juicy Lucifer

Bleecker St. Burger Bleecker Black

Burger Shop Bournemouth Lethal Swizzle

Longhorn Burgers Bournemouth Reuben Burger

7Bone Burger Co. Bournemouth ‘Prince Charles is overrated’

Almost Famous ‘Holidays are Coming’ Christmas Special

EXCLUSIVE: McDonald’s McRib

Little Social Aged Scottish Beef Burger

SoLIta Manchester Christmas Special

Shake Shack MeisterShack

Burger Bear Grizzly Bear

Dirty Burger Hash Brown Special

Honest Burgers Quesadilla Special

The Wild Game Co. Venison Burger

November 2014

McDonald’s Festive Chicken Deluxe

Burger King Quattro Cheese Chicken Royale

Gourmet Burger Kitchen The Blitzen

Five Guys UK Cheeseburger

Burger King Meat Lovers Whopper & Quattro Cheese Whopper

Byron Hamburgers Holy Cheesemas

burgerworks Real Greek and Hello-Me

Chef & Brewer Game Burger

McDonald’s My Burger The Big Spicy Bacon

The Firefly Worcester Pastrami Swiss Burger

McDonald’s My Burger McPizza Pepperoni Burger

burgerworks Worcester Smokey Burger

Rascals Bar Sloppy Rascal Burger

October 2014

McDonald’s USA Bacon Habanero Ranch Quarter Pounder

McDonald’s My Burger The Ultimate Supreme

Beef & Pudding Manchester The Beef’Ham Tower

McDonald’s My Burger Sweet Chilli Fiesta

SoLIta Manchester Krabby Patty

McDonald’s Chicken & Cheddar Classic

McDonald’s My Burger Big Uno

T.G.I. Friday’s Double Glazed Jack Daniels Burger

Cleaver Restaurants Cheeseburger

handmade burger Co. Hawaiian Chicken Burger

Atomic Burger Sarah Connor Terminator Anniversary Burger

Burger Lad® PFT Burger

Real Burger 6oz Deluxe Lamb & Mint

Ed’s Easy Diner NFL Burgers

J D Wetherspoon Gourmet Tennessee Burger

McDonald’s Israel Big America New York Classic

September 2014

Browns Manchester Wild Boar & Chorizo Burger

Hawksmoor London Kimchi Burger

Atomic Burger Alabama Worley, The Outlaw and Cheech & Chong

SoLIta Manchester The Big Manc

Real Burger The Burger Lad

Red’s True Barbecue The Pit Burger

Dorset Burger Company The American

T.G.I. Friday’s French Dip Burger

House Bar and Restaurant Challenge Burger

Burger King Euro Trip Italian Chicken Royale

Life’s a Beach Kiwi Burger

The Brendon Arms Southern Fried Chicken Burger

Burger King Euro Trip Amsterdam Steakhouse

Burger King Euro Trip Spanish Whopper

KFC Pulled Chicken Ultimate Burger

August 2014

Three Brothers Burgers – Blue Brothers Burger

Burger King Summer BBQ Whopper

KFC Big Daddy Burger

Red Dog Saloon The Punisher

Real Burger 6oz Mexican Steak Deluxe Burger

Real Burger 6oz Peanut Butter & Jelly Burger

J D Weatherspoon 6oz Mexican Beef Burger

Flaming Grill Pubs Cheese & Bacon Pretzel Burger

MEATliquor Dead Hippe™ Burger

McDonald’s India Piri Piri Shake Shake Fries

Patty & Bun ‘ARI GOLD’ Cheeseburger

Haché Burgers Rosemary Lamb Burger

Giraffe – The Giraffe Burger

The Bar at The Dorchester Wagyu Burger

The Grazing Shed Bunga Bunga Burger

McDonald’s Bacon Swiss Melt

July 2014

Almost Famous River Phoenix Burger

All Bar One BBQ Pulled Pork and Handmade Beef Burger

The Admiral Codrington’s Burger

The Lazy Cow Stratford 8oz Dexter Beef Burger

Red’s True Barbecue The Donut Burger

McDonald’s BBQ Chicken Legend Deluxe

Coast to Coast Lux Burger

KFC Zinger Burger

McDonald’s Big Mac

June 2014

Shake Shack Double SmokeShack

Ketchup Dundee Who Killed Bambi? Burger

McDonald’s Germany McRib and McMuffin Bacon & Cheese

KFC Carnival Box Meal

T.G.I. Friday’s Bruce Lee Burger

Fayre & Square Pizza Burger

Burger King Long Rodeo BBQ Burger

Frankie & Benny’s Pulled Pork Burger

J D Weatherspoon Original Gourmet Chicken Burger

Frankie & Benny’s 12oz Double Stack BBQ Double Cheese

May 2014

McDonald’s Great Tastes of America Memphis Special

Almost Famous BADDABOOM Burger

Mackenzie’s Steakhouse The Big Kahuna Burger

Rustlers Flame Grilled Quarter Pounder

McDonald’s Great Tastes of America Texas BBQ

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Persian Lamb Burger

McDonald’s Great Tastes of America Nevada Grande

Gourmet Burger Kitchen The Taxidriver

Chiquito Mexican Fajita Burger

April 2014

McDonald’s Great Tastes of America Louisiana Chicken

Frankie & Benny’s F&B Black Pepper Mayo Burger

Miller & Carter Steakhouse Prime Beef Burger

SoLIta Manchester Once in a lifetime Burger

Burger King Angry Angus

T.G.I. Friday’s Secret Menu Jack Burger

March 2014

Haché Burgers Steak Bavarian Burger

Atomic Burger Mr T and Spengler

Grid Iron Bar & Grill 8oz Bronx Burger

January 2014

Burger King Texas BBQ Angus

McDonald’s Chicken BLC and Sweet Chilli Mayo Chicken

Burger King California Whopper

December 2013

Boston Tea Party Ultimate Burger

handmade burger Co. Stuffed Burger with Cheddar and Chilli

Ruby Tuesday Spicy Jalapeño Pretzel Cheeseburger

Taste Inc. Microwaveable Burger Products

November 2013

McDonald’s Festive Deluxe Burger

Revolution Bars The Vodka Burger

Burger King Winter Whopper with Curry Sauce

Burger King Smokey Mountain Whopper with Bacon & BBQ Sauce

Atomic Burger Bristol Joker Behind the Sofa Special

October 2013

The Tunnel House Inn Burger

McDonald’s 1955 Burger

Burger King Flame-Grilled Beef Flatbread

Atomic Burger Bristol McLovin Burger

McDonald’s Great Tastes of the World Bacon Swiss Melt

September 2013

McDonald’s Great Tastes of the World South African Deluxe

McDonald’s Great Tastes of the World Australian BBQ Supreme

McDonald’s Great Tastes of the World Mexican Fiesta

Burger King Angry Whopper

August 2013

Cross Foxes Welsh Black Beast Burger

July 2013

The Dragon Inn Worcester Salt Beef Burger with Pickles

McDonald’s Tastes of Summer Cheddar Deluxe

Burger King Three Pepper Angus

The Takeaway Secret Mega Burger

June 2013

McDonald’s Limited Edition BCO (Bacon Chicken Onion)

The Strand Burger with Double Gloucester Cheese & Bacon

May 2013

McDonald’s Great Tastes of America New York Classic

McDonald’s Great Tastes of America California Melt

McDonald’s Great Tastes of America Arizona Nacho Grande

McDonald’s Great Tastes of America Chicago Supreme

Nando’s Chicken Breast Burger

KFC Sweet and Fire Supercharger

McDonald’s Germany McRib, Western Beef and 1955 Burger

McDonald’s Great Tastes of America Louisiana BBQ

April 2013

The Bird, Berlin ‘The Works’

McDonald’s Germany El Chili Con Carne

The Horse & Groom Bunless Griddled Dexter Beef Burger

The Norwood Arms Cheese & Smoked Bacon Burger

Real Burger’s 6oz New Yorker & Bacon Deluxe Steak

Andy’s Diner Bacon-Cheeseburger

Après Chilli & Cheese Burger

Loxley’s Gourmet Rump Steak Burger

March 2013

KFC Hot Shots Burger Box Meal

The Rising Sun Ultimate Burger

McDonald’s Quarter Pounder Deluxe with Bacon

Burger King Hot & Spicy Steakhouse

T.G.I. Friday’s French Canadian

T.G.I. Friday’s Inferno Burger

Rascals Bar Meat Feast Burger

The Inn at Welland Homemade Angus Burger

Shooters Sports Bar Show Stopper Burger

February 2013

McDonald’s Cajun Crispy Chicken Sandwich

The Old Rec Wild Boar Burger

January 2013

The Tavern 6oz Beef Burger

Real Burger’s 8oz BBQ Steak Classic

Burger King Extra Long Chilli Cheese Beef

McDonald’s Big Tasty with Bacon

December 2012

Heston Blumenthal Ultimate & GBK Waitrose Burgers

McDonald’s Winter Warmer

Slug & Lettuce Bombay Burger

November 2012

Jamie’s Italian Burger

McDonald’s Chicken & Chutney Indian

Pizza Fiesta review & reflections

Burger Star Giant Star with Cheese & Bacon

McDonald’s Chilli and Cheese Mexican

Ruby Tuesday Triple Prime Bacon Cheddar

October 2012

McDonald’s Spanish Grande with Chorizo

Atomic Burger Chuck Norris Burger

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    I am frankly disgusted about the quality of the saver menu from McDonalds, I purchased me and my daughter a meal from the saver menu and we both found hair and nails in the bun, and the chips were drenched in salt. Even the it is reasonably priced it should still have a certain standard that all food is made at.


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