Burger King Memphis BBQ King Double

Burger King Memphis BBQ King Double

Burger King Memphis BBQ King Double Review

Price: £7.49/£9.82/£10.55.

Calories: 1,155 kcal.

Early October saw the return of the Memphis BBQ King Double to the Burger King menu and I thought it was about time I took it for a taste test drive.

Also available in a single patty option (why would you?) for £1 less, there is a chicken burger/sandwich too called the Memphis BBQ Crispy Chicken.

I was always a massive fan of the Double Rodeo (smaller beef patties) back in the day so couldn’t really go wrong with this.

Memphis BBQ King Double

Before I get into my review of the Memphis BBQ King Double, I want to highlight what I think is rather shabby by BK and/or Deliveroo.

During the day on Friday, I looked at Burger King on the Deliveroo app and noticed the King’s Line Up bundle deal for £19.99.

I thought this would be great as the kids could have that between them and I would order the Memphis BBQ King Double meal (priced at £10.49 on Deliveroo).

Course, when it came to ordering at approximately 16:45, this was now the King’s Kick Off deal and was £24.99. A whole fiver for the exact same amount of food, just because England were playing.

Not happy with this practice.

Anyway, the Deliveroo experience wasn’t great, as having spent £43(!!!) in total, a) it took an hour to arrive and b) the driver was delivering another order before ours. Another practice I am not a fan of.

Memphis BBQ King Double

How about the Memphis BBQ King Double BL?

I was disappointed to tell you the truth.

On paper, it all sounds reasonable with the onion rings, bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce etc but it didn’t seem as enjoyable as the Double Rodeo and I can’t really put my finger on why this was.

I probably last had the Double Rodeo over 10 years ago now, so for my fond memories of that to be jolted by the Memphis BBQ King Double were a shame.

Such a shame.

Analysing the ingredients, this isn’t really anything special, innovative or new. It’s the perfect example of cross utilisation of components across the menu to have a “new” burger.

People seem to forget that when McDonald’s, KFC or Burger King bring out the “same” old burgers all the time that their business is to sell as many units as possible with a minimum of wastage. Not cater to a small niche market that wants x or y on a burger.

Memphis BBQ King Double

I applaud BK for adding some interesting items to their menu recently – I’m thinking of the Dirty Vegan Nuggets, Loaded Fries and different variations of their Angus range.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think the Memphis BBQ King Double is a terrible burger by any stretch of the imagination.

It’s just the build itself is lacking in imagination and rather dull.

I would have preferred to have just stuck to my tried and trusted Bacon Double XL.

Burger King

That’s another thing I used to notice about promotional burgers when I would sit in the restaurant and review it.

I seem to remember it with the ill-fated McDonald’s Signature Collection.

Looking around and seeing what was in front of other customers and 7/10 you’d see the familiar favourites; Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Double Cheese, McNuggets…

What I wouldn’t do to get my hands on some sales figures during a promotion and see how the LTO sells vs. the regular menu.

Burger King

I can’t moan about the temperature and dryness of the Memphis BBQ King Double because that’s not fair on it – it is a totally different experience sampling a burger at home which has been delivered compared with eating it in-store.

BBQ sauce? Meh… mayo? Pointless. What you are getting here is a calorific (1,155 kcal ooft) bacon double cheese with onion rings and BBQ sauce.

That might have been special 10-12 years ago but this is 2022 now and times have changed.

Would I have this one again? Definitely not and I have no inclination to sample the Memphis BBQ Crispy Chicken either.

And after paying an extra fiver for fresh air last Friday, I can’t say when I will be ordering from BK again. Probably when the next promo comes in…

I would quite like to see something like the Angry Whopper return (big opportunity missed at Halloween not running with the Ghost Pepper Whopper) and obviously the Mushroom Swiss would be welcome but that seems to be dead and buried now.

Try not to cry.

Memphis BBQ King Double

Memphis BBQ King Double. A big burger which is high in calories and price, rather dull and the perfect example of a cross utilisation of ingredients “new” menu item.

The exact same story as the Mighty McMuffin (review soon).

One final thought – when can we see the return of the Big King please Burger King?

Burger Lad

Website: https://www.burgerking.co.uk/

Deliveroo Data
Day: Friday
Timeframe: 16:00 – 18:00
Delivery Time: 60 mins
Distance: 2.6 miles
Service Fee: £1.49
Delivery Fee: £0.00 with Deliveroo Plus
Look/Temperature: Poor
Current Rating: 3.8 Good (500+)

Memphis BBQ King Double









  • Big burger
  • Onion rings


  • Bit dull

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