Atomic Burger – Chuck Norris

Review of Atomic Burger – Chuck Norris


What they say:

Atomic Burger might just be the best blinking burger joint you will ever visit.

I must say I was really excited about my trip to Atomic Burger having spent numerous weeks agonising over which of the many amazing sounding burgers on the menu to have.

Boasting a create-your-own option and over 20 interesting sounding names such as the Daisy Duke, the Smokey & The Bandit and the Dead Elvis this burger joint is inspired by retro pop culture.

The restaurant is cool. On the walls you have pictures of many sci-fi greats and hanging down from the ceiling are various retro toys from movies and TV such as Star Wars, Gremlins and the A-Team.

The doors to the kitchen are painted in the style of the TARDIS from Doctor Who and the restroom walls and floors have iconic prints of movie posters, images and comics.

It is certainly a unique look and feel and the overhead projector showing clips of 70s and 80s TV, movies and adverts is a nice touch.

Atomic Burger Chuck Norris

Anyway, enough of this as I am sure you will want to know the biggest question of all. What do these burgers taste like and do they live up-to their celebrity names?

It was my first choice when initially seeing the menu online and I went with The Chuck Norris. Atomic describe it as “slow cooked BBQ pulled pork, American cheese & onions, served with a side order of choice.”

Firstly the burger itself – this tasted amazing. There was a lovely, smoky chargrilled taste to the burger and it was cooked to perfection.

Burgers are cooked medium by default but you can also choose rare or well done. Inside there was just a slight pink and the burger was fresh and juicy but not greasy.

The main delight was the fact you could really taste the burger throughout and it was not lost among the other ingredients which can happen when putting together various combinations.

I thought this could have been the case with the BBQ pulled pork but this really added texture and flavour to the burger.

The buns were toasted and coped well keeping all this goodness together. I’ve had burger buns fall apart in the past which can ruin a good burger but at Atomic this was not the case.

Atomic Burger Chuck Norris

All burgers come with tomato and lettuce as standard, I checked if any automatically come with ketchup or mayo but these can be added at your discretion.

The lettuce had a fresh, crisp taste and was a welcome addition but I was overawed with the fried onions. It’s funny that what is probably the cheapest element to the burger is the onion but these were fried to perfection.

The american cheese had been melted in-between the burger and just completed what could possibly be my favourite burger of all time.

With an Atomic fear factor rating of 8, The Chuck Norris is certainly worthy of a black belt. At £9.25 you get an additional side, I went with the Sci fries which were lovely and crispy and had a chilli and garlic sprinkle over.

Atomic Burger Chuck Norris

There are a host of extras to add such as gherkins, jalapenos, mushrooms and extra burgers so you can never get bored creating new and inspired inventions. Just writing this makes me want to go straight back to Atomic Burger – I suggest you get your warp drive out and get there as fast you can.

On a ‘side’ note we also tried a starter of wings and one of the portions was made with the dreaded XXX Fallout Ghost chilli hot sauce.

When ordered, the waitress (who was great the whole time we were there) warned me “you don’t want those.” And reading about the Atomic Challenge (which requires you signing a legally bounding waiver) I did question myself. But not to be scared of the heat, tried them.

These very bad boys are hot and will burn.

We managed to put away the entire portion, while leaving some of the others which was probably unwise. Be warned – this is a very hot sauce! The waitress was impressed but also suggested they’d “not been made as hot today” – I didn’t believe it and nor did she really…

Atomic Burger Chuck Norris

Overall, Atomic Burger is a place for home-made or gourmet burger fanatics wanting something unique and original.

If you are a fan of retro pop culture (or incredibly hot sauce) then you will enjoy the experience even more.

Great burgers, amazing extras and a cool and relaxed environment and staff make this a must on your culinary burger tour!

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