RnR Scottsdale Gastropub Bacon Brussels Burger

Review of RnR Scottsdale Gastropub USA Bacon Brussels Burger

Website: http://www.rnrscottsdale.com/

What they say:

Our boldly innovative chefs dish up modern twists on America’s classic comfort foods through a menu jam-packed with sharable small plates, burgers, sandwiches, salads and signature breakfast items. Raspberry demi glace, applewood bacon, jarlsberg cheese, fried Brussels, sprouts, onion jam, pretzel bun.

Price: $15.00.

Calories: Unknown.

First off, this place is ridiculously busy. It is absolutely chock full of twenty-somethings getting absolutely plastered in the middle of the afternoon. It is by far the busiest place in town.

When I arrived, the queue was out the door. I was told that there was an hour wait for a table, so I thought bugger that for a game of soldiers, and left.

When I came back an hour later, I was told the queue was 20 minutes so I went to the bar for over half an hour, and only when I went back to check on the status of my table, was I told it was ready. Thank god for that.

It seems to be primarily a drinking establishment, but there is a pretty decent food menu too. Burgers, Tacos, Salads etc.

RnR Scottsdale Gastropub Bacon Brussels Burger
Totally heaving in this place…

But obviously I’m here for a burger and I pick out the Bacon Brussels Burger.

Strange, because as a child I spent every Christmas rebelling against having to eat sprouts, but there you go. There’s a lot of other things on the burger menu – chicken, turkey, pulled pork, guacamole etc. but I’ve made up my mind. Fried sprouts it is.

By this point I’m getting fed up with the sheer business of the place, and the loutish drunken idiots. So loud.

Anyway, my table was finally free. Inside, outside makes no difference here. It’s all open. It’s a hot day, the youngsters are wearing next to nothing.

Finally someone comes to take my order. The noise that passes for music is very loud. The place is still busy, it’s not my ideal sort of scenario at all, but I have high hopes for the burger, and you know we do anything to please you, dear BurgerLad.com readers.

It’s basically a bacon cheeseburger with added onion jam and of course the fried sprouts.

There was considerable waiting. I suppose it’s not surprising considering how busy it is. Did I mention that – it’s very busy. But that said, most people weren’t eating.

RnR Scottsdale Gastropub Bacon Brussels Burger
Magnificent bacon showing itself…

When it finally arrived, the presentation was fantastic. A rectangle plate with fries in a bucket at one end, with a little tub of ketchup and the big burger at the other end.

I ate some of the fries first and they were really good. The burger itself looked fantastic. The price was substantial so I’d have thought so.

I mean really good. The bun was dark and glazed, with a shiny costing and a tear up the middle. The criss-crossed bacon looked incredible, possibly glazed too, and there was ample sproutery in there.

The patty was covered with some kind of melted cheese. This burger was not putting a foot wrong. The bun was well chosen and actually highly tasty on its own.

The patty, I was told, was cooked medium well. In fact it looked closer to well done. I couldn’t see any pink at all, but it was well put together and bloody tasty. It was also thick and substantial.

RnR Scottsdale Gastropub Bacon Brussels Burger
Beauty in a bun…

The bacon was clearly glazed with something. Extremely hard and crunchy. I suspect on purpose. It really added a fantastic savoury kick to this.

And that savoury kick was nicely balanced by the sweetness of the onion jam. Magnificent stuff.

But the gimmick here was the sprouts. If anyone had asked the 12 year old Admiral, then just a young cadet, would you like sprouts on your burger – the answer would’ve been extremely negative.

But I have grown up a lot since then, and expanded my taste horizons since joining Burger Lad®.

The fried sprouts, clearly an alternative to lettuce, and they really worked. The taste was quite obvious, but not at all overwhelming. Somehow frying sprouts takes away the ming factor that my childhood self-associated with boiled sprouts.

RnR Scottsdale Gastropub Bacon Brussels Burger
Sprouts on a burger…???

This was far from cheap and the place was absolutely heaving. But what I liked best was that each individual element, the beef, the bacon, the onion jam, the sprouts and even the bun each had a discernible taste that came through.

It was very enjoyable and for the first time ever in my long life, I gave an unconditional thumbs up to sprouts!

RnR Scottsdale Gastropub Bacon Brussels Burger
The bacon and the brussels…

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