Burger King Smokey BBQ Angus

Review of Burger King Smokey BBQ Angus

What they say:

An extra-thick 100% British and Irish Angus burger with smokey bacon, cheese, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, BBQ sauce and mayo, all on a toasted brioche bun.

Price: £5.59 (£7.49 for my customised double).

Calories: 870 kcal.

The final burger in BK’s Summer BBQ line-up is the Smokey BBQ Angus. The trio of chicken Tendercrisp, beef and Angus seems a fairly standard theme at BK whatever the promotion.

This time, however, I did not have the burger as per the marketing pictures. BK has long offered “Have it your way” and this line has even played a significant part in its advertising over the years. So today I decided to have it my way.

Burger King Smokey BBQ Angus

Specifically this meant swapping the tomatoes for onion rings and doubling up on beef. The first of these is a no-brainer – I don’t like tomatoes and onion rings belong with BBQ sauce. As for doubling up, well I was exceptionally hungry and wanted a big burger, so there.

There’s a cost to this though. An additional Angus XT patty costs £1.50 (versus £1 for a standard patty such as in the Steakhouse). That’s fair enough.

What I found less fair was that my swap was charged as an “add”. The additional onion rings were charged at 40p (appearing on my receipt as “bacon”) with no credit for the removal of the tomatoes.

On that basis, you could remove everything, add onion rings as the only thing between the bun, and still be charged more than the original.

Burger King Smokey BBQ Angus

A significant wait, which was explained and expected, then my BIG burger arrived. Properly big. The Angus is patty is noticeably thicker than the regular one, and of course there were two of them. Immediately though, I realised I should’ve added extra cheese too, as each patty needs cheese and I had only one.

So what I had here was a truly huge BBQ double. As far as promos go, it’s probably not the most exciting line-up if we are blunt. BBQ sauce isn’t my favourite anyway, but it’s not the most original.

Burger King Smokey BBQ Angus

As I mentioned in the Cajun Chicken Tendercrisp and Fiery Double reviews, the brioche bun here is a nice touch and this played a good part again here.

The mayo, lettuce, bacon, cheese and onion rings all added to the tower.

But not a great deal, I must add. Perhaps it was due to the extra patty, but this burger ended up being such a mountain of meat, that the toppings were a little lost. None of them was in abundance anyway, so this was about as far from vegetarianism as it’s possible to go.

I got a faint hint of BBQ sauce which suited me fine, and along with the mayo helped reduce the dryness caused by my cheese error. As I said, I was very hungry and this definitely dealt with that problem.

But having it my way or not, definitely not one of the most exciting offerings from the BK stable.

If you’re reading this Burger King, can we please get the Chicken Parmesan Sandwich and/or Mushroom & Swiss King?

Admiral Burgerbar

Website: http://www.burgerking.co.uk/menu-item/smokey-bbq-angus

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