EatStreet Cheltenham Bacon & Cheese Burger

EatStreet Cheltenham – Bacon & Cheese Burger Review

EatStreet Cheltenham:

What they say:

Beef, mixed leaf, bacon, tomato, pickled onion, gherkin, house sauce.

Price: £11.00 (£5.00 during launch offer).

We feel like we have neglected independent, gourmet burger joints in the last 18 months and decided it was time to make amends.

First up on our revised mission is Cheltenham’s new kid on the block – EatStreet.

Today, we are visiting on their second week of opening. We’re having a quick lunch and taking advantage of their brilliant launch offer – £5 for any burger or £7 with fries and a soft drink.

You cannot deny that is an enticing deal.


Inside EatStreet Cheltenham, is a clean and contemporary setup, with colourful chairs and funky light bulbs hanging from the ceiling plus a semi-open kitchen.

There’s scope for it being busy too – 44 covers plus an additional 4 seats at the window bar where we are sat, could make this a good atmosphere inside.

The tunes play but it’s approximately 12:30 and currently we are only joined by two other diners.


£7.00 for a burger, fries and drink you guys… comon.

While sat in our window seats we have observed a fair few potential punters look at the frontage and the menu but keep walking, almost in a state of confusion.

Miss Milkshake: it’s because people are scared of names they don’t recognise, if it was a Greggs there would be a queue out the door.

And EatStreet Cheltenham is located within a stone’s throw of the newly re-opened Burger King, high street stalwart McDonald’s and The Brewery-based Five Guys…

Food arrives promptly on a slate (controversial) but looks well presented with a small basket for the fries.

EatStreet Cheltenham

There are arguments about resting the protein under the salad instead of on top of it. Here, the beef is on top of the lettuce, tomato etc.

A word about the fries – these are super scrumptious and are fluffy on the inside but have an addictively moreish crispy exterior.

The Bacon & Cheese Burger itself looks the part – a big thick 28-day aged piece of beef the star attraction.

EatStreet Cheltenham

It’s a good patty. Not in the same league as star hitters such as Almost Famous, Solita, Patty & Bun and Haché but that’s some pretty strong competition. And 100+ miles away.

The beef patty is seasoned well and semi-tightly packed, but not to the point it feels like eating a grill steak.

This was also very juicy and resulted in a number of napkins required as it oozed from the meat, splattering the slate below with each bite.

The melted cheese and crispy bacon compliment the beef admirably and the inclusion of gherkin is welcomed from me. Instead of the traditional round pickle, EatStreet use thin slices cut into lengths and by the flavour I’m guessing these are made on premises.

EatStreet Cheltenham Bacon & Cheese Burger

The pickled onions on here are different and a lot of fun. Quite sharp to try on their own but really are an interesting component of this build. They also feature heavily on many items across EatStreet’s menu.

Everything is housed in a toasted buttery brioche which holds everything well together until the very last bite. “No [bun] disintegrations.”

It’s certainly a respectable bacon cheeseburger but there is just something that hangs to my palate which at first is off-putting but as you get used to it, it improves. But is that a good thing!?

EatStreet Cheltenham

I pulled a piece of the beef off and the flavour is not from that. It’s quite a sour, mustardy taste and it can only be from the house sauce. I can’t tell what it is exactly. Too vinegary perhaps?

I tried to explain it to MM and to put it in words it was a slight wince that sort of hit you in the back of the throat. It is a difficult sensation to explain.

IMO that house sauce just needs a slight tweak which would elevate this to a better and more enjoyable burger.

That’s my only minor quibble about the entire experience.

EatStreet Cheltenham

Overall, a decent burger from a new establishment finding their feet. Staff are lovely, inside is cool and this opening deal is undeniably a steal.

My biggest fear is that at the moment, £5 for the burger or £7 with the great fries and a soft drink is exceptional value. But when at £11 this could be a hard sell.

This is an obvious shame as I liked the place. Miss Milkshake had no complaints with her Mushroom Swiss minus mayo… obviously.

That house sauce just needs some work.


If you’re in town, EatStreet Cheltenham is certainly worth supporting with a visit, especially during this launch offer period.

My only warning is that if you’re a burger connoisseur & have visited the London/Manchester places I named above, then you might think it wasn’t worth the trip.

Where does it rank with other Cheltenham-based burger joints? We’ll let you know very soon…

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Bacon & Cheese Burger









  • Launch offer
  • Great fries
  • Good build


  • Possibly that house sauce
  • Price when deal expires