McDonald’s Chicken BLC and Sweet Chilli Mayo Chicken

Review of McDonald’s Chicken BLC and Sweet Chilli Mayo Chicken

Chicken BLC:


What they say:

Crispy coated chicken with bacon, lettuce, cheese slice and cool mayo in a toasted bun.

Price: £1.49.

Calories: 390 kcal.

McDonald’s re-releases the Big Tasty but also updates their Saver Menu in 2014 and Burger Lad® decided to test drive two new chicken products from the Golden Arches.

Chicken BLC
Chicken BLC now at McDonald’s…

Here I was sat at BLHQ when someone called the “Fat Phone” asking if I wanted a McDonald’s. Well what could I say?

I’d seen the Saver Menu had been updated for 2014 and knew of two new chicken products that between them cost under £3.00 so I thought “what the hell” and luckily for me they arrived pretty soon after.

So having just finished the California Whopper review I was to taste test the Chicken BLC – in case you can’t work it out the BLC stands for Bacon, Lettuce and Cheese.

Chicken BLC
Plenty of lettuce on the Chicken BLC…

Long time readers (and fans) will remember my old aversion to mayo but not anymore. And it’s a good job too as the Chicken BLC is loaded with it.

The buns they use are the standard issue cheeseburger buns and there is more than enough lettuce on board. It’s quite a tasty bite and at £1.49 is exceptional value.

Chicken BLC
Lifting the lid on the latest Saver Menu items…

The chicken burger itself is pretty decent quality and definitely better than the equally priced Taste Inc. range.

I liked the combination of the bacon and cheese with the chicken and I assume it is these two elements that push the price up a bit from the Sweet Chilli Mayo Chicken one below.

Overall, a good value chicken burger on the Saver Menu from McDonald’s and it impressed me. I started thinking about how it could be used to create our next menu hack – suggestions in the comments below please!

As we were at Burger Lad® HQ I had access to a knife so decided to do a cross section of the Chicken BLC. At £1.49 and 390 kcal I am pleased to report back this is a solid menu item and can see it proving popular. Just remember it’s got a lot of mayo on it!

Chicken BLC
Chicken, bacon and cheese!? Yes please…

Up next we have the Sweet Chilli Mayo Chicken. It certainly is what it says on the tin – perhaps throw lettuce in the name and then you don’t need a product description?

What they say:

Crispy coated chicken with lettuce, cool mayo and sweet chilli sauce in a toasted bun.

Price: £1.09.

Calories: 340 kcal.

McDonald's Chicken BLC & Sweet Chilli Chicken
Sweet Chilli Mayo Chicken…

OK this had quite a bit of mayo on it too and was the same chicken burger as the one used in the Chicken BLC above. There was a healthy amount of lettuce on it too but how was that Sweet Chilli sauce?

McDonald's Chicken BLC & Sweet Chilli Chicken
At £1.09 this is a fairly decent budget burger…

I was expecting something a bit spicy with a strong flavour but I am sad to report back this wasn’t the case. It is quite a weak tasting sauce and you do get hints of it, almost like a taunt that it is there but not quite there if that makes sense?

We forgot to do our trademark “Lift the Lid” (LTL) shot but having already done one cross-section we took a look inside the Sweet Chilli Mayo Chicken.

McDonald's Chicken BLC & Sweet Chilli Chicken
Inside the Sweet Chilli Mayo Chicken…

At £1.09 and weighing in at 340 kcal this is an outstanding value chicken burger from McDonald’s.

Perhaps a bit disappointing on that Sweet Chilli sauce and personally I preferred the Chicken BLC. But I’m glad to have tried both of these latest entries on the re-jigged Maccies Saver Menu.

If you’re passing with a couple of quid in your pocket check them out. Just remember you must like mayo!

Burger Lad®

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    With the arrival of the Chicken BLC, might have to try a McGangBang with this instead.

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