McDonald’s McChicken BLT

McDonald’s McChicken BLT

McDonald’s McChicken BLT Review:

Price: £3.79/£5.29/£5.69.

Calories: 489 kcal.

Did I tell you about the one where the bloke walked into McDonald’s to order the new McChicken BLT?

He ended up with a Quarter Pounder patty instead of the McChicken.

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE ordering via the My McDonald’s App.

I seem to keep encountering the same issue – the staff insistent I take one of the table placards despite the fact you can use the table number on the actual table.

And what are you supposed to do if your order is incorrect? Especially during this pandemic.

McChicken BLT

After a brief wait at the counter, I soon had my proper McChicken BLT and as you can see from the pictures it looks fairly respectable.

It’s just not a burger I was particularly looking forward to reviewing and it certainly isn’t something I would be interested in revisiting in the future.


You’ve got the reliable McChicken Sandwich patty/burger which first came to the UK back in 1989 – our review of the original here.

This is joined by the standard issue iceberg lettuce and sandwich sauce with the addition of an Emmental Cheese Slice and obviously bacon and tomato.

It’s not the most exciting prospect… and another way of offering McDonald’s fans “something new” by adding a couple of core ingredients to an existing burger and calling it a promotional item.


I am betting this is a way of testing to see how much interest there is in McChicken variations but playing it ultra-safe. After all, who doesn’t like a classic BLT…!?

Different versions of the McChicken Sandwich are not a new concept and they have been on the menu in Canada (see Spicy McChicken).

On a number of occasions, McD’s Italy have had what is known as the McChicken Variation LTO, which as this tweet reveals, shows something a little more unique than just tossing some sad bacon, an inevitable slice of tomato and some cheese on.

McChicken BLT

Can I also add, that all this time, if ordering through the app or touchscreens, you have been able to add those ingredients to a McChicken Sandwich anyway? Probably at the counter too… if that’s your thing.

Let’s just hope that if another version of the McChicken comes our way, that it is slightly more interesting than the McChicken BLT?

Something like the spicy promo in Canada (or Spicy Challenge from Singapore) would be absolutely ideal if you’re listening..!?

McChicken BLT

Biting in to the McChicken BLT you get that creamy sandwich sauce/mayo, a slight hint of smokiness from the streaky bacon and then the off-putting, distinct taste of that tomato slice. Sorry, it’s never going to win me over!

The chicken struggles to cope with the tomato and sandwich sauce and I would say I preferred just the regular McChicken compared to the BLT one.

I’m looking at these other variations while I type this review thinking “it is so typical for the UK to finally get a McChicken promo and it just happens to be so boring.”

Boring, dull and not very enjoyable. What are you talking about now Burger Lad®? The BLT or this review!?

McChicken BLT

I’d like to add that my experience of receiving the wrong order to start with and the continuous insistence for me to take a table placard has zero to do with my negative review of the McChicken BLT.

I’m always very polite to the staff as I feel they do an incredible job putting up with many unruly customers and they’re also putting their health on the line to keep us McDonald’s loving Brits tanked up on our favourites.

It’s just the McChicken BLT is not for me.


I am very confident this will be the start of more McChicken variants in the future, so fingers crossed, this sells enough units in the hope that we could see something like the Spicy McChicken in 2021.

In terms of the Christmas/Festive Menu this year, we’ve heard reports of a cheesier version of the Big Tasty and a Chicken Selects Burger featuring Jerk Sauce. The latter doesn’t sound too different to the previously released Jamaican Chicken.

Until then, enjoy your Quarter Pounder Range and stay safe!

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