Atomic Burger Vegan Burger

Atomic Burger Vegan Burger Review

Today we are going right back to where it all began. Today we are celebrating our 6th birthday by visiting the establishment that started it all – Atomic Burger in Oxford.

Our trip to Atomic back in October 2012 was our very first review and we like to think we have come a long way since those days.

I reached out to the good people at Atomic asking if they would like to help us commemorate the occasion and they were more than up for it!

As part of the celebration, we have teamed up with them to give our fantastic readers the chance of winning a meal for two at either of their Oxford or Bristol locations – more details after this review!

There was one stipulation however – we would have to go to Oxford to preview a new burger which is not even on the menu yet.

This sounded like a great idea and a real opportunity to revisit a place that has always been a primary destination on our burger missions.

What can you say about Atomic Burger that we haven’t already covered in previous reviews?

The 80s inspired pop culture mecca is worth a visit alone for the interior design, tunes and altogether geeky-awesomeness that has defined it since it first opened in 2009 – how many burger joints do you know that have been and gone in that time?

The staff? Always impeccable. In fact, I honestly believe they get better with each visit no matter which location you choose.

And then there is the food. Just check out their menu to see what is available – you will not be disappointed.

And nor were we when we got an exclusive preview of their new (still to be named) Vegan Burger (let them know if you have a name suggestion!)

Atomic Burger Vegan Burger

To accompany my first foray into vegan territory, I was determined to have more of those Sci-Fries.

Maybe it had been too long since our last visit?

Maybe I’ve gotten used to mediocre fries. I can tell you now these are certainly up there with the best in the business – hot crisp fries doused in their chilli, garlic and salt rub. Beautiful.

If you are batshit crazy enough to try them (like we did YET again) with Atomic’s signature Fallout sauce just make sure you are prepared for the fiery depths of unforgiving hell the sauce takes your taste buds to. Hot.

So, a vegan burger… how was that then?

Firstly, I am not going to start quoting statistics on the number of people adopting a vegan lifestyle, or the growth of vegan food sales.

Whether your opinion of it is a fad, a true way of life or you’re just indifferent to the whole thing then either way, it is here to stay and is big business.

Personally, I would nine times out of ten opt for a meat option, but saying that, Miss Milkshake and I do fit at least one veggie meal in a week at BLHQ and the last time I had a veggie burger, was the delightful Thai Veggie burger at Cosy Club.

OK so what have we got on this vegan burger?

Atomic Burger Vegan Burger

As you can see from the pictures the burger was presented gorgeously today in Oxford.

It was a towering stack of ingredients and really looked inviting with a sweet aroma coming from the BBQ pulled Jackfruit.

And it was huge – I really did struggle to get my mouth around it (that’s what she said).

The Vegan Burger at Atomic consists of their veggie patty which is made up of their secret vegan mix and soya mince. Piled on top of this you have a scrumptious mix of pulled jackfruit and sautéed onions in a sweet BBQ sauce.

It tastes divine. Trust me.

This was my first-time eating Jackfruit (pulled or otherwise un-pulled) and it has got a great texture but also feels substantial.

Make no mistake, this is the definition of messy eats and I needed more than one napkin as I devoured this burger.

Atomic Burger Vegan Burger

You’ve also got lettuce and tomato on here which after I few bites I did remove the latter – will never be a fan.

I did find the patty start to break up a little as I made my way through my combative opponent so towards the end it started to turn into a knife and fork job.

That is perhaps my only minor grievance with this build. Other than that, it is near full marks from me!

Atomic has also upped their B-Game since my previous visit and when I say B I mean buns.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying their old buns were flawed in any way, but these new buns they are now serving are just better.

They’re soft on the inside but with a slight crispiness on the exterior – and they coped admirably with the task in hand this afternoon. Excellent choice.

They have even sourced a decent vegan cheese for this burger too – I’ve heard some descriptions of vegan cheese being unpleasant, but this is not the case here.

Slightly creamy, it brought a good balance to the burger and it certainly benefited the overall flavour with its inclusion.

Atomic Burger Vegan Burger

As I said above, I’m not one for going for a veggie or vegan burger ahead of a beef or chicken burger but after this experience I was suitably impressed.

Make no mistake, this is a delicious burger in its own right – not tasty ‘for a vegan’ dish, just tasty altogether.

If there are meat eaters wanting to cut down this is one to recommend, rather than just being a veggie-based offering for that one “awkward” friend you go out with for a meal.

As more people opt for quality over quantity when it comes to meat, this is a viable option and not one you’d be disappointed with.

Atomic Burger Vegan Burger

But that’s no real surprise or true enlightenment.

You will only ever spend your time with a smile on your face when you visit Atomic Burger and if you have never been then you really should make the effort to pay them a visit in Oxford or Bristol.

They’ve been offering innovative burgers and toppings for years now (way before others jumped on the bandwagon) so if you are a serious burger aficionado and/or looking for a truly decent vegan burger, make this your next priority destination.

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Competition T&C’s

Winner will be revealed on Sunday 28th October at 12:00 GMT.

Meal will be valid until 28th January 2019 for two people at any Atomic location in Oxford or Bristol.

Valid for a meal up to the value of £50.

Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash and no change will be given on payment.

Winner must provide name, phone number & email address for instructions on how to book.

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