McDonald’s Breakfast Roll

McDonald’s Breakfast Roll

McDonald’s Breakfast Roll:

*** UPDATE: This is now available and is priced at £2.89 for the roll and/or £4.19 for a meal – as always, this is subject to variation depending on where you are.

Following customisation options include:

Extra Sausage +£0.40
Extra Egg +£0.40
Extra Cheese +£0.20
Extra Bacon +£0.40

You can also add extra sauce at no cost including adding ketchup to the brown sauce roll or vice versa.

*** ORIGINAL ***

McDonald’s UK are rumoured to be launching a new breakfast item from Wednesday 21st October.

The Breakfast Roll will be available with Ketchup or Brown Sauce and the images in this post are taken from the McDonald’s Ireland website.

Described as “Sausage, Irish bacon and Irish egg in a soft white roll served with your choice of Tomato Ketchup or brown sauce. Available until 11.00am daily. Rise and shine!”

McDonald's Breakfast Roll

The Brown Sauce version clocks in at 517 kcal with the Ketchup option slightly lower at 515 kcal.

The price and meal options are to be confirmed, our local McDonald’s has the Bacon/Sausage Roll priced at £2.59/£4.09 and the Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin at £2.69/£4.09 so expect it to be in that price region.

McDonald’s fans can [sort of] already create their own Breakfast Roll – via the My McDonald’s App you can customise a Bacon Roll by adding Sausage (+£0.40), Cheese (£0.20) and Egg (£0.40).

Although it should be noted that the egg option is different as this would be a folded egg not the round egg you get on the McMuffin.

This takes the total price to £3.59 so it will be interesting to see how much the Breakfast Roll will actually cost.

So nothing new or major on McDonald’s Breakfast Menu but if the rumours are true, it should be on-sale Wednesday 21st October and we believe it is a permanent item.

Customers hoping for the return of the Sausage and Bacon Sandwich (or Big Breakfast) will be disappointed!

McDonald's Breakfast Roll

Are you excited about the new Breakfast Roll?

Do you prefer Ketchup or Brown Sauce?

And is this better or worse than Burger King’s Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich?

Personally, I’d love to try this with the sauce used on the current Spicy Quarter Pounder.

Let us know your thoughts or comments via the usual BURGER LAD® channels.

McDonald’s Breakfast Roll – you heard it here first!

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