GBK WTF! What The Focaccia

GBK What The Focaccia Review

What The Focaccia:

What they say:

Focaccia rosemary bun, 6oz beef patty, melted mozzarella, tomato tapenade, rocket and homemade chimichurri mayo.

Price: £8.95.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen or GBK as they are known have a new special out called the What The Focaccia or WTF!

This was my first visit to GBK since checking out The Rump WAAAY back in September 2016 – you can see that review here.

On paper, the WTF sounds intriguing with a fairly interesting array of ingredients.

The What The Focaccia includes the standard GBK 6oz beefy patty, mozzarella, rocket leaves, a tomato tapenade and chimichurri mayo – it gets its name from the use of a Focaccia-style rosemary-infused bun.

Sounds posh that right?

GBK What The Focaccia

Straight off the bat, I would say this was worth me sampling it just for the bun alone.

It got my attention and I was curious to how it would fare considering (this flavour) was one of my recent recommendations for the Gourmet Burger Guide.

The bun looks impressive, with a slightly darker hue than your standard GBK bun and feels soft and fresh.

Most importantly, it holds together through the entire burger. There’s nothing worse than a bun which disintegrates while you are eating it (see previous GBK Nola Rolla’).

GBK What The Focaccia

Flavour-wise you can’t argue this is a rosemary bun – very distinct, very strong and would work even better complimented by a lamb patty.

It is a lovely bun, but sadly this is (partially) damaging to the other ingredients on-board the WTF. So does this make it a success or not?

Presentation of the What The Focaccia is what you would expect from a GBK chain. Fairly uniform with the signature flag poking out the top. No major compliments or complaints.

GBK What The Focaccia

At GBK, you’ve got a dizzying array of deals… which unless you’ve got a spreadsheet on you, is nigh impossible to calculate the best deal; WTF Bundle, 25% student discount, free side voucher from the ‘Burger Pusher’ reward scheme on the app etc. They’ve also got a competitive ‘Burgers with Benefits’ lunch menu.

Priced at £8.95 for the burger alone, this is quite steep in my opinion, especially for a quick working lunch.

Unfortunately, I found that the 6oz beef patty got a bit lost during proceedings as it got trounced in the flavour department by the bun. WTF!?

I know in my research and collaboration with Americana that I have stated the overall importance of the bun, but not to the very detriment of the protein.

GBK What The Focaccia

What about the other f****** ingredients on the WTF!?

Melted mozzarella – rich and creamy. Combines admirably with the smooth tomato tapenade to give an almost pizza-ish feel to the burger.

The rocket is certainly the right choice of salad to use on this build as it attempts to give you a Mediterranean taste of summer.

And then there is the chimichurri mayo – again, this is so slight you barely notice it is on there and the focaccia bun bullies it into taste submission.

Is that a shame?

Yes and no.

Overall, the GBK What The Focaccia is an interesting and almost daring special (or spesh) to put on the menu.

Make no mistake, once you peel away the labels on the ingredients, this is in essence, a cheeseburger with ketchup, salad and mayo – just some upmarket sounding ones.

Personally, I don’t think this is up there with some of the previous LTOs at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, nor do I believe it is as good as some of the regular menu items.


The bun is the shining star of the show but also lets down the supporting cast with its dominant personality.

If you’re looking to try a GBK burger with some light, summery flavours which are often overpowered by the rosemary focaccia bun, then this is the one for you in 2019.

Would I have it again?

PNT – Probably Not Thanks.

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  • Bun
  • Mozzarella
  • Tapenade


  • Patty
  • Mayo