McDonald’s Double Down

McDonald’s Double Down – Menu Hack

Price: £2.98 (£1.49 x 2).

Calories: Approx. 500 kcal.

Welcome to your number one website for innovative McDonald’s menu hacks. Up next we have the McDonald’s Double Down.

If you’ve never heard of it, the Double Down is a KFC sandwich which contains bacon, two different types of melted cheese and the Colonel’s Secret Sauce, all pinched in between two pieces of Original Recipe chicken fillets.

As of writing, KFC have yet to release the Double Down in the UK. A few years back, we made our own version which you can read about here. But today I intended to create a McDonald’s variation for less than £3.

McDonald's Double Down
McDonald’s Double Down…

For this menu hack you will need:

2 x BBQ Chicken BLCs
1 x McDonald’s straw


Firstly, when you order, be extra polite and smile and ask them if they can do you a BBQ Chicken BLC without the BBQ sauce and add Big Mac sauce instead. I was actually quite surprised when the girl said “yes we can do that.”

Obviously there is a little wait on the burgers but the order was correct and out came my Big Mac style BLCs.

McDonald's Double Down
No BBQ, add Big Mac…

In retrospect, I should have held the lettuce but I was still quite stunned my request was accepted so to be faithful to the original Double Down, you may want to hold the lettuce.

You’ll also need the straw to scrape as much of the Big Mac sauce off the crown bun – again I hadn’t really thought this one out and it was going to be too much of a mess to separate the lettuce from the sauce.

McDonald's Double Down
Hacking the BLC…

After discarding both buns from both burgers it is literally just a case of adding the chicken patties together, ensuring the bacon, cheese and Big Mac sauce are in the middle. This will give you two clean edges on the chicken patties which are instead of the buns. Like I mentioned above, if I did this again I would definitely ask for no lettuce as well.

So how does it compare to the original KFC sandwich?

2 x chicken fillets – sort of but using the BLC chicken patties instead
Bacon – check
Two different types of cheese – standard McDonald’s cheese
Colonel’s Secret Sauce – McDonald’s Special Sauce

It’s close… and not a bad McDonald’s version of the Double Down.

McDonald's Double Down
£2.98 menu hack…

Taste-wise it’s pretty good. The BLC Chicken patties are more than adequate for the task and surprisingly they’re not very greasy.

The bacon and cheese come into play and work well with the chicken… and for the combined cost of £2.98 makes this a great value and interesting menu hack.

Obviously it’s the Big Mac sauce which makes this, so to have it with chicken is not something we’re used to in the UK (we’ve never had the Clubhouse Chicken or Chicken Big Mac here).

I was impressed with my McDonald’s Double Down and in future I may re-visit this hack without lettuce.

So there you have it. The McDonald’s Double Down menu hack. Let us know your thoughts and comments via the usual BURGER LAD® channels.

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