McDonald’s McChicken Sandwich

McDonald’s McChicken Sandwich Review

McChicken Sandwich:

What they say:

Crispy coated chicken with lettuce and our sandwich sauce, in a soft, sesame-topped bun. A true classic.

Price: £3.39/£4.79/£5.19.

Calories: 388 kcal.

After re-visiting the Chicken Legend recently I decided I would tick another off the McDonald’s menu by sampling the McChicken Sandwich.

A menu mainstay, the McDonald’s McChicken Sandwich was first introduced to the UK in 1989 – this is surprisingly my first ever, apart from when I used a plain one to create our award-winning Italian McChicken hack.

McChicken Sandwich

Why today try it for the first time?

Well, primarily I will have always skipped this due to the fact that predominantly I will revert to my standard order of Big Mac, Double Cheeseburgers or any promotional burgers.

I’ve also never liked the look of the sauce on it – a phobia I have conquered since starting your favourite burger review website.

Heading to McDonald’s, I don’t believe it will be as exciting as the Spicy McChicken range in Canada which finished yesterday.

It got me thinking – why don’t McDonald’s do limited time versions of the McChicken in this country?

McChicken Sandwich

Priced at £3.39 (you can expect to pay anything up-to 30p less depending on your location) this is IMO quite pricey for what it is.

After having it for lunch, I would say it should be placed somewhere above the Saver Menu but lower on the pricing index than favourites such as the Big Mac or Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

The McChicken Sandwich isn’t much of a looker. Sort of like that minger you got off with at the end of the night when you had your beer goggles on.

The next morning you face the shame.

McChicken Sandwich

Texture and taste-wise it’s not too shabby – it’s got a decent crispy exterior and soft, white chicken meat in the middle.

It’s similar to a beige, frozen Birdseye thing you’d pop in the oven at home.

It’s not trying to compete with the Chicken Legend and it’s not in the same esteemed class – for an additional 60p I would ALWAYS opt for that instead of the McChicken.


It’s obviously a solid seller – you wouldn’t hold a spot on the UK’s number one fast food menu if you didn’t shift some considerable units.

Possibly popular with the unadventurous or finicky?

I was pretty finicky in my youth and I avoided this mainly due to that sandwich sauce. It’s the same one you get on the Vegetable Deluxe and ironically I quite like it.

Despite its mayo appearance it actually tastes reasonable and that with the classic combination of crispy chicken and crunchy lettuce makes for an OK budget burger – without the budget price.


There is no denying the McChicken Sandwich is a true classic with its ensemble of basic ingredients.

Priced at £3.00 and over, I would always head for the Legend instead if I fancy a chicken alternative to the usual beef suspects.

If you’re feeling a little uninspired, unadventurous or beigy boringness is your thing, then this is the sandwich/burger for you!

Now come on McDonald’s… let’s see a few limited time offers incorporating this for a change!

Wishing the McChicken Sandwich a very happy 30th birthday (in the UK)!

McChicken Sandwich

Burger Lad®


McChicken Sandwich









  • Classic combo
  • Good for unadventurous


  • Price
  • Bit beige/boring

One thought on “McDonald’s McChicken Sandwich

  • 02/01/2020 at 2:16 pm

    I like the McChicken Sandwich but rarely have one due to price, i agree that it should be a bit cheaper than the Bigmac or 1/4lb Cheeseburger,
    The Chicken it’s self is just one big Chicken Nugget, there is no difference in taste/texture/quality..
    and when you look at the protien content you can see that it’s roughly equal to 6 Nuggets (16g in 6 Nuggets V’s 17g in the McChicken)
    so if this is over priced then 6 Nuggets should be even cheaper as this comes with a Bun and Lettice,
    as for the Sandwich Mayo.. i love the stuff 🙂 on the rare occasion i have one i’l always ask for extra Mayo then scrape some out to have with my Fries,
    You can make a budget version of the McChicken Sandwich by buying the 99p Mayo Chicken and swap the Cool Mayo for Sandwich Mayo

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