McDonald’s Louisiana BBQ

Review of McDonald’s Louisiana BBQ


What they say:

Let the good times roll New Orleans style, with a 100% beef patty with bacon, BBQ sauce, slivered onions, shredded lettuce and cheese, all brought together in a cheese topped bun.

Price: £3.59 for the burger only.

Calories: 635 kcal.

Coming hot off the heels of our ‘Burgers in Berlin’ adventures (final part coming soon) McDonald’s UK starts May with the Great Tastes of America promotion.

We were first to break the news way back at the start of April and after four weeks of patient waiting the big M has finally delivered the first of its limited time offers.

Up first is the Louisiana BBQ

McDonald's Louisiana BBQ

Louisiana is known for its Creole cuisine so what influence would this burger take from this style of cooking? Hmmm none it seems… perhaps the BBQ sauce on it at a push? But let us not dwell on this fact as this is a brand new limited time offer from McDonald’s and yes you guessed it, Burger Lad® was there on day one again to give you the very first glimpse.

We arrived at our local drive-thru and I noticed two already made-up burgers and my heart sank. I’d be reviewing one that had already been made and sat around for who knows how long…

I didn’t have to wait very long before this box was placed on a tray and given to me. Off I went with my trusty Burger Lad® notebook and camera.

McDonald's Louisiana BBQ

I opened the lid with a little trepidation knowing it had been waiting around a while. I noticed the cheese had become one with the box and that it was a bit sloppy looking in its presentation. Perhaps I had been looking at the promotional pictures so much I was expecting more when I introduced myself to my new friend.

McDonald's Louisiana BBQ

OK maybe I am being slightly harsh? It didn’t look that bad so I removed it from the box so we could get a few more angled shots. As you can see from the angle below you actually get a good viewpoint of the patty with bacon, cheese, lettuce and onion. Alright I take it back… it had been put together OK.

McDonald's Louisiana BBQ

The size of the burger was good and it is the patty they use on other promotional items now and then. I found it a bit dry on this occasion but it delivered a favourable flavour with each bite. I really enjoyed the cheese – there seemed to be more of it than normal, quite thick and melted all over the beef and that combined with the cheese topped bun gave this a consistent cheesy taste.

McDonald's Louisiana BBQ

The bacon was pleasant and added a depth of texture to the Louisiana BBQ, the lettuce was noticeable but I really liked the fresh onion on this.

McDonald's Louisiana BBQ

BBQ sauce on a McDonald’s burger is always a bit of a rarity so I really enjoyed scoffing this. Overall I would recommend trying the Louisiana BBQ – it’s not got much in common with the cuisine from its namesake but it’s certainly an enjoyable burger at £3.59. Weighing in at 635 kcal be sure to eat this as part of a calorie controlled diet (My Head of Legal asked me to add this statement).

So with week one out of the way on our tour of America the next stop is Chicago and I guarantee we’ll be there on day one to give you the real Great Tastes picture.

McDonald's Louisiana BBQ

In the meantime we’ll leave you with one parting shot of the Louisiana BBQ as we hit Highway 55 in search of the Chicago Supreme.

McDonald's Louisiana BBQ

And if you fancy it you can check out our latest video… warning if you are offended by burger debris, sauce on your face, cheese on mouth etc then look away now.

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  • 13/06/2013 at 8:45 am

    I am not the biggest fan of McDonalds, but this burger doesn't look too bad….for fast food that is!

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