handmade burger Co. Stuffed Burger with Cheddar and Chilli

Review of handmade burger Co. Stuffed Burger with Cheddar and Chilli

Website: http://handmadeburger.co.uk/

What they say:

Made with our 100% prime Scotch beef, we have developed two burgers that see our delicious patties made with tasty ingredients on the inside. The Cheddar & Chilli is stuffed with a mature cheddar & chilli relish filling that will tantalise the taste buds.

Price: £8.25.

Calories: Not available.

As we approach 500,000 page views since our launch last year it gives me great pleasure to present the handmade burger Co. Stuffed Burger with Cheddar and Chilli review.

We have visited handmade before but that was PBL (Pre-Burger Lad®) and having checked the menu on occasions I was even more intent on re-visiting when I saw the “Juicy Lucy” inspired Stuffed Burgers on the menu.

I was in Birmingham on business. Burger Business. HBC have restaurants in the UK as far North as Aberdeen down to Wembley, London with approximately 16 additional premises in the middle. On this mission I was at the Brindleyplace location which is located at Waters Edge.

As I drove up the Hagley Road I thought of parking and generally getting around the City Centre. Years ago I used to work in Solihull and could buzz around Brum without a seconds thought. Nowadays my relationship with the “Second City” (subject to disagreement) is like that of Homer Simpson and Capital City.

Anyway I was in luck as Brindleyplace was 600m from my destination and what a coincidence here was handmade burger Co. I was looking for the Hyatt Hotel and asked the staff how to find it. It was only when I was sat at my window seat relaxing did I look up and see the tall, black glassed hotel that you cannot miss!!! What a clown…

The staff here are excellent and very friendly. I was asked where I would like to sit which always pleases me greatly and all I could think of was “appropriate lighting”. After feigning a pretend glance at the menu I went to the counter to order (you part with cash before your burger bash). At a shade over £3 and not feeling overly hungry I didn’t bother with chips but next time I think I’ll participate in the Peri-peri seasoned chips.

After a short 15 minute wait sipping on my Rekorderlig Apple Cider I was presented with this beautiful looking stuffed burger. The smells coming from the kitchen while I waited were quite frankly ace and when this arrived I was only too ready to get amongst it.

handmade burger Co. Stuffed Burger with Cheddar and Chilli
handmade burger Co. Cheddar & Chilli Stuffed Burger…

I loved the presentation of the skewered red chilli on top (I didn’t eat this) with the “I’m stuffed” flag popping out the top. Someone should have stuck a flag on/in me with it saying “I’m fekking excited” or similar.

The bun was lightly toasted and held firm throughout the eating experience while the lettuce was plentiful and housed the 100% prime Scotch beef patty. The red and green hot chilli salsa was scattered throughout but not so much that it turned into a great big mess and the burger was finished with raw red onion slices. Oh baby.

handmade burger Co. Stuffed Burger with Cheddar and Chilli
£8.25 for a truly great tasting burger…

But what was it like to taste? I bit into it hurriedly expecting a molten mouthful of Cheddar to burn my face but that didn’t happen. In fact the only thing burning today was the amalgamation of that relish and salsa but it wasn’t crazy hot but yeah it did really have a fiery fist.

handmade burger Co. Stuffed Burger with Cheddar and Chilli
“Get stuffed…!”

The beef was exceptional and you can really taste the goodness and quality HBC use. It was juicy, cooked perfectly and had a real flame-grilled flavour. The juice oozed out of the thing with that delightful stuffed inside and I noted at the time that “this is a burger that actually delivers on spiciness” which came from the raw heat of those red and green chillies.

The stuffed Cheddar was subtle and had the right amount in it so it didn’t develop into a Battle Royale (with cheese) on the plate. It all held together remarkably well and I was so glad I went with my original choice. It’s safe to say this fiery friend of mine didn’t last long but I was disappointed not to have told the server just how great it was (he did ask but I was still taking photos and he did not return).

I left the restaurant with a warm glow, a contented stomach and a great taste in my mouth. I was really pleased with my excellent selection today and I started to think about what to have next time.

handmade burger Co. Stuffed Burger with Cheddar and Chilli
Inside the HBC Stuffed Cheddar & Chilli Burger…

handmade burger Co. have an excellent menu with the New York Deli, Mexican, Peppered Beef and Macho Barbecue Beef Cheese & Bacon all sounding like my sort of vice. It will only be a matter of time before I return.

If you have not been before and get the opportunity get yourself in there, tell them Burger Lad® sent you and send us any pictures of the experience. Not even the opening of the Conference I was attending (where the speaker said “this is going to get you tooled up”) could take my mind off that Cheddar and Chilli stuffing I’d just had.

And on that note let’s take one last look at the handmade burger Co. Cheddar and Chilli Stuffed burger – this is truly my sort of Christmas Stuffing!

handmade burger Co. Stuffed Burger with Cheddar and Chilli
Only a limited number are made daily…

We’ll be back sooner rather than later. The one-year anniversary of the Double Big Mac is approaching so we’re thinking of something “monster” to celebrate it. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

Burger Lad®