McDonald’s Crispy McFillet

McDonald’s Crispy McFillet

McDonald’s Crispy McFillet Review:

Price: £4.39/£5.89/£6.39 (subject to variation).

Calories: 514 kcal.

Introduction by Burger Lad® and then a mini-review from Mike aka Patty Boy.

McDonald’s UK have launched a new chicken burger/sandwich in a very limited number of restaurants called the Crispy McFillet.

This new burger is being tested at approximately 45 McDonald’s outlets in the West Midlands region and could mark the end of the Chicken Legend if rumour is true.

It’s our “new favourite chicken burger” apparently…

Smart McD’s fans such as you, will have first heard about the testing of this new menu item when we revealed it on our award-winning podcast.

Speaking of the BURGER LAD® podcast… my good buddy Mike aka Patty Boy had the chance to sample the new Crispy McFillet – below are his findings.

McDonald's Clamshell

I had to visit the Kings Norton McDonald’s in Birmingham to get this, which well… let’s just say Birmingham isn’t my favourite place compared to the green countryside.

But I went early and was the only person in the Drive-Thru ordering from the mobile app.

And guess what… they had one… yes one Click & Serve bay that one of Captain QP’s favourite delivery people had decided to park in.

Yes one bay… and an almost empty car park – probably to pick up QP’s lunch from inside!

Anyway, it was a seamless experience. The nice lady even recognised I had my phone in my hand just before I was about to shout my numbers at her.

McDonald's Sourdough

So onto the Crispy McFillet AKA the Chicken McPattyBoy.

The bun is strange (with its lumpy consistency), it resembles a mini traditional brioche bun that you find scattered through European bakeries.

Any artificial hints of sourdough were completely lost on me.

It tasted very similar to a normal brioche, but a nice one.

Being an avid baker and sourdough expert myself, I was happy with the bread, just not the advertising and marketing of using sourdough.

Why do I say that you might ask?

Clearly the crumb, the visual style, and even the taste suggest differently.

But hey-ho, most people buying the Crispy McFillet probably buy their Sourdough from Tesco or Sainsbury’s. So same difference. Taste the Difference…

Crispy McFillet

Next up the Black Pepper Mayo. And before I discuss the mayo used on this new burger/sandwich, I can’t help but recall an article from one of the major news outlets this week.

This “journalist” should be embarrassed with their write-up of the Crispy McFillet.

In a couple of paragraphs I can remember, they referred to the mayo as “truffle mayo” and called a McChicken Sandwich (one of my favourites I’ll add) a Chicken McSandwich and even referred to this new build as a Chicken McFillet.

I’m 100% certain Burger Lad, Captain QP and Onion Boy will be all over this on our next podcast recording at the end of April.

Crispy McFillet

I divulge, back to the truffle… I mean Black Pepper Mayo.

Now not being the seasoned McDonald’s veterans that my colleagues are, I couldn’t tell you the 3,485,778,347,857,878 variations of mayo that The Golden Arches have made in the past.

All I know, is I am a big fan of the Chicken McSandwich [sic], and it’s always the side order for anything I get.

The mayo on the McChicken Sandwich is lovely and I found this new mayo to be actually really good and is on-par, if not better than the offering from KFC.

IMO, the BMP balances well and it is considerably tangier. It almost seems to try and make the brioche taste like sourdough by including a tang within the mayo.


Then there is the iceberg lettuce (see latest podcast episode for our comments regarding the Square Lettuce Appreciation Group).

Mine today was crispy, and overall, well assembled for a McDonald’s burger. With so few ingredients though, this should be a given.

Crispy McFillet

Now the chicken PATTY… sorry Fillet.

I am going to keep it short but this was great and could very well be my new favourite chicken burger.

It’s nothing that will blow your mind or make you class McDonald’s as a fine-dining destination, but they have REALLY nailed the flavour.

I have experimented a lot with fried chicken – always trying to replicate the flavours found in the US as I visit quite regularly.

And this to me tastes like buttermilk with Frank’s Hot Sauce added (not injected!) to the batter before frying. Maybe it is the Horseradish Powder they have listed in their ingredients on the website?

Either way I am not too bothered as this was a highly enjoyable lunch!

The crispy texture is unlike anything I have had from McDonald’s before – it’s going to be good when this is available nationwide and I think you will agree.

Plus if they do discontinue the Chicken Legend, we might see this Fillet used for promotional variations. Hope so!

I can’t help but say that the Crispy McFillet is VERY reminiscent to a KFC Zinger burger – the comparisons were obviously always going to be made.

I am going to go out on a limb and say I prefer this to its Kentucky counterpart.

If and when it does find its way onto menus across the UK, I’m going to have to confess that the Crispy McFillet and Big Mac will reign supreme as my new favourite fast food tag-team.

I don’t think any burger can achieve a 10/10 but this is pretty damn close!

Crispy McFillet

Thanks for reading and join us again on the podcast soon!

Patty Boy

Mike AKA digidough on Instagram


The Crispy McFillet is scheduled to run until Tuesday 5th July subject to availability.


Crispy McFillet









  • Great patty/fillet
  • Sauce is ace
  • Bun impressed me


  • Bit expensive
  • Only in selected restaurants