Burger King Extra Long Chilli Cheese Beef

Burger King Extra Long Chilli Cheese Beef

Website: http://www.burgerking.co.uk/menu?producttypeid=20&productid=392

What they say:

Mmmm! Packed with three flame-grilled beef burgers, two slices of cheese and hot jalapenos smothered in a spicy chilli cheese sauce, all in a long bun.

Price: £4.19 for the burger, £5.69 as part of a meal. 40p to go large, 60p to go super.

Kcal: 794 for the burger only.

Burger King sneaks out this little promotional gem early on in 2013 and we were first in the queue.

I was asked recently why there were no Burger King reviews on my blog. I directed the enquirers to one of my early reviews which was kindly published by my good friends at Fast Food Forum. You can see it at http://fastfoodforum.co.uk/reviews/burger-king-steakhouse-angus-user-review/

So I decided that when BK would be kind enough to send me some BOGOF vouchers that I would frequent their establishment once more. And like the Tooth Fairy visiting you in the night my wish came true.

The very next morning I opened Outlook to find a little gift from BK, a shiny new set of PDF vouchers ready for me to print off.

Bizarrely, I was checking the BK website and noticed in the ‘Limited Time Offers’ section the Extra Long Chilli Cheese Beef but the photo was not the one I have seen on the German and Dutch BK websites. This got my curiosity growing…

Burger King Extra Long Chilli Cheese Beef

One of the vouchers entitles the bearer to a Big King and fries all for two of your English pounds. Yes £2… we decided that we would create what has been dubbed ‘The Herod’ – basically a double Big King. Yes you read that correct a double Big King.

We ventured into town to create this ‘off the menu item’ but as I stood in the queue my accomplice announced he was going to try this new BK offering. With this poster next to me, taunting me almost… I joined him!

Burger King Extra Long Chilli Cheese Beef

We waited for a few minutes as these latest imports were created and found ourselves a seat. What was it like?

Good. I really enjoyed this burger! It had been put together very well and was tidy in its presentation.

Burger King Extra Long Chilli Cheese

The bun was firm but soft and slightly toasted and held the three beef burgers nicely together. The cheese was the standard processed variety but mixed nicely with the spicy chilli cheese sauce. The final element of the burger were the jalapenos and there was a generous amount of them inside – I think there was about 7.

The burgers had that distinct flame-grilled taste to them and their individual taste was not lost.

We both really liked the spiciness of the burger – it’s not overbearing hot and if you are used to eating jalapenos you’ll find it nothing more than a minor tickle on the heat scale.

We summed it up perfectly with this comment: “healthy helping of Jalapenos, but that is probably the only healthy thing about this spicy cheese-laden meat-fest.”

Burger King Extra Long Chilli Cheese

It was quite filling so is worthy of a try while it is out. I was quite surprised to see it out in the UK as I know it has been on sale in both Germany and Holland so really could not pass up the opportunity to try it.

I’m glad Burger King uses jalapenos sometimes in its burgers as I don’t believe you will ever see McDonald’s use them in the UK.

I tweeted about the website being wrong and added the correct picture. By the time I had returned to the office the correct photo was in place so I believe this has just been released.

Burger King Extra Long Chilli Cheese Beef

If you are looking for something a bit different, a bit spicy and a bit long then pop into your local BK and give this one a quick try. If you are a fan of Burger King it won’t disappoint.

Extra Long Chilli Cheese? Yes please…

Burger Lad®

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    Don't know how you get away with it.

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    Still waiting for the double big king ding-a-ling review!!!

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    had it in Germany a few times and got to say the UK version was nowhere near as good 🙂

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    I loved that burger….

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