McDonald’s Le Ricche Hot Cheese

Review of McDonald’s Le Ricche Hot Cheese – Italy

What they say:

The best fries of all time, with a new taste. Try the brand new Le Ricche with Hot Cheese sauce: you can choose them in single or double format, all to share.

Calories: 377 kcal.

Price: €2.60 (approx. £2.40).

I really, REALLY wanted to report back to you that these are great. Unfortunately, they were not as good as I had hyped them up to be in my head.

In Italy, these are known as Le Ricche Hot Cheese but they are in essence, Loaded Fries (Le Ricche translates as ‘The Rich’).

Loaded Fries were first available in Australia and have been spotted at various countries since, such as New Zealand, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Switzerland (Fun Fries) and most of South America. They have also been tested in selective markets in the US.

It’s not just cheese the World Famous Fries are loaded with either!

Various flavour combos have featured on the menu, such as Bacon & Cheese, Guacamole & Salsa, Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream and Cheese Sauce & Caramelised Onion. And of course… Pumpkin & Chocolate.

When I saw these on the McD’s Italy menu (either Cheese or Hot Cheese in single or double sized portions) these were definitely going on the “to review” list.

McDonald’s Le Ricche Hot Cheese

One word – disappointing.

The fries were far from hot when they were delivered to our table.

The cheese sauce is plentiful but quite sickly… and despite going with the hot option I didn’t really find them to be spicy at all.

They look pretty respectable and fairly appetising. I’m not usually one for Nacho cheese sauces and this is very similar. I guess the novelty factor and the fact we can’t get them in the UK made Le Ricche Hot Cheese appealing.

McDonald’s Le Ricche Hot Cheese

£2.40 isn’t the best price too, considering the portion is somewhere around the amount of fries you get in between a medium and large fries.

They’re not overly disgusting nor are they particularly amazing.

I’m really glad to have tried them and do hope we see some sort of permutation of Loaded Fries in the UK in the near future.

If the fries had been piping hot this would have made for a more positive review.

McDonald’s Le Ricche Hot Cheese

You can tell the sauce has come out of a tube-type device. In the promo pictures it also looks more orange, (like a melted Mexicana) but the actual product was definitely more yellow-ish in colour.

Le Ricche Hot Cheese would have worked much better with piping hot fries as it would allow the sauce to melt more. It’s a tricky one operationally and could perhaps hinder a UK release. We’ll see…

Overall, definitely glad to have tried them. The sauce was OK but IMO the temperature of the fries dictates the enjoyment level.

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Le Ricche Hot Cheese









  • Decent appearance
  • Change to regular fries


  • Cold fries
  • Cheese sauce not spicy