McDonald’s Bacon Clubhouse Double

Review of McDonald’s Bacon Clubhouse Double

What they say:

Two 100% British and Irish beef patties, Big Mac sauce, two rashers of Beechwood Smoked Bacon, a slice of Cheddar Cheese, Grilled Onions, a slice of Tomato and Lettuce, all in a brioche style bun.

Price: £4.29 (£5.79 as part of a medium meal).

Calories: 712 kcal.

The Clubhouse returns to McDonald’s and this year it’s got two beef patties and is called the Bacon Clubhouse Double.

McDonald's Bacon Clubhouse Double

I believe that offering a double version of the popular Clubhouse is a world first for McDonald’s, so it’s great to have a bit of an exclusive here in the UK.

Smart McD’s fans like you, will have known about the impending release of the Bacon Clubhouse Double due to our original post below.

In my opinion, McDonald’s have really listened to their customers by bringing out another double patty burger.

We’ve seen two patties on the Great Tastes of America and The World range and now the Clubhouse has benefited from being doubled up.

But will it double the enjoyment of a burger I thoroughly enjoyed last year?

McDonald's Bacon Clubhouse Double

Well I had to wait a while to find out as the first one I got was incorrect. After a few photos, I got to lifting the lid to discover the mistake – fresh onion instead of Grilled Onions!

I took it back. I would estimate 98% of the population would a) not notice or b) not care but I didn’t see much point in reviewing it and coming back to you guys saying “well it was supposed to have x but had y instead”.

They swapped it without so much a quibble. This time, the build was spot-on. We were back in business…

McDonald's Bacon Clubhouse Double

My Bacon Clubhouse Double today was a tidy-ish, compact build. You instantly get the Big Mac Sauce which tastes slightly different to when it’s on a Big Mac. It’s offset quite nicely by the bacon and tomato.

Texture-wise its crispy and gooey at the same time from the lettuce (which looking at the promo pics doesn’t look like mine) and cheese respectively.

The double patty certainly works nicely and this is all housed within a fresh brioche bun like they use on the Signature Collection.

McDonald's Bacon Clubhouse Double

The Grilled Onions and Cheddar Cheese lend a more luxurious, up-market feeling to the overall burger although the onions are obviously nowhere near as sharp as their fresh counterparts.

And I must reiterate, like I have done in countless reviews since this website began, that I am no fan of fresh tomato.

But like last year, it works again! I’m almost perplexed by this profanity that I can’t actually imagine the Bacon Clubhouse Double without it…

It’s surely a testament to the properties of this burger that the mixture of a bacon cheeseburger with tomato and Big Mac Sauce complement each other so well that an avid tomato hater enjoys it with it on?

McDonald's Bacon Clubhouse Double

The Mac sauce is certainly the prevalent character on here and compliments both the bacon and tomato. The Clubhouse also certainly benefits from the extra beef patty.

You’ve got a decent array of textures, especially from the crispy, crunchy lettuce and that melds nicely with the softness of the tomato, cheese and onions.

If you sampled the Clubhouse last year, then this will be far from ground-breaking but it is still an enjoyable limited time offer at McDonald’s all the same.

I tell you what though, that new El Chicken Spicy looks spectacular – maybe I should have reviewed that one instead…!?

The Bacon Clubhouse Double is available at participating restaurants and is subject to availability until Tuesday 21st March.

Burger Lad®



The super sleuths at BURGER LAD® seem to have uncovered what could be the next promotional burger at McDonald’s – the Bacon Clubhouse Double.

It seems the original webpage for the Clubhouse has been updated and clearly states “Two 100% British and Irish beef burgers…” while the SEO title has also been changed to read Bacon Clubhouse Double. The calorie count is also different and is listed as 712 kcal.

I’m also betting we could see a chicken version too using two Chicken Selects like they did on the Chicken BBQ Smokehouse in July/August 2016. At this point in time though, this is pure speculation on our part. UPDATE: Joining the Clubhouse Double is the El Chicken Spicy.

Personally I am looking forward to sampling the Bacon Clubhouse Double IF it is indeed the next LTO at McDonald’s.

The UK would also be the first country in the world to offer a double version of the Clubhouse.

With the Golden Arches releasing more double burgers (see Great Tastes of America and/or the World) hopefully we might see the Grand Mac, Big Mac Bacon, Sriracha Mac or Grand Big Tasty arrive in the UK this year or next.

For now though, the evidence points to the Bacon Clubhouse Double coming to McDonald’s restaurants when the current Big Tasty ends on 7th February.

McDonald's Bacon Clubhouse Double

You can read our review of the Bacon Clubhouse from last year here.

What do you think of this news? Are you excited by the sound of the Bacon Clubhouse Double?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or via the usual BURGER LAD® channels.

Bacon Clubhouse Double









  • Double patties
  • Big Mac Sauce


  • First order wrong
  • Lettuce confusion

3 thoughts on “McDonald’s Bacon Clubhouse Double

  • 23/01/2017 at 10:09 am

    cluehouse is the best burger theyve ever produced

  • 29/01/2017 at 11:55 am

    I really really want this to be true. Bigger burgers are the way forward, and special sauce should be compulsory on all burgers. Yum! I’m excited for Feb 7…

  • 05/06/2021 at 12:17 pm

    The clubhouse is back in 2021. I agree it’s the best burger McD has ever done. Outstanding. It really needs to be permanent.

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