McDonald’s El Chili Con Carne

Review of McDonald’s Germany Limited Time Offer El Chili Con Carne


What they say:

Chili con Carne like you’ve never eaten it: juicy beef with beans and corn in a pan Delicioso with tasty tomato, crisp lettuce, spicy chili sauce and sour cream sauce. Ay Caramba.

Price: €4.59 for the burger only.

Calories: 685 kcal.

Welcome to part one of the Burger Lad® ‘Burgers in Berlin’ tour where we profile a number of burgers we discovered on our recent trip to Germany.

Having checked the McDonald’s Germany website religiously for months and despairing as the ‘Stars of America’ campaign came and went I had resigned myself to the ‘Classic Beef and Cheese’ which has been on the website for a while.

Well imagine my little face when I stepped off the U-Bahn and saw the Golden Arches. Imagine my little face even more when I glanced in expecting to see the Beef and Cheese only to see a new limited time promotional offer.

The ‘Los Wochos’ Chili Con Carne beef burger! Not now though… not yet!

McDonald's El Chili Con Carne

After a mammoth walk and a couple of litres of Warsteiner sat in the shadow of KaDeWe, my companion once again mocked me saying that I’d not be up for the challenge.

With that said, we descended to the nearest McDonald’s which was just up the road. So… after failing miserably at ordering the said burger in German, like a true Brit I pointed at the promotional picture while mouthing “burger” and forming an oval shape with my hands. What a clown…!? The perplexed girl handed me a placard with six on it and I shuffled off to a table away from prying eyes.

McDonald's El Chili Con Carne

The burger looked good and had been made to order, it looked very tidy and the dusty Focaccia-style bun reminded me of the limited time offer Spanish Grande.

McDonald's El Chili Con Carne

There was nothing that did not work on this Mexican influenced McDonald’s masterpiece. I will say now that this is probably in my all-time top five high street burgers.

The patty consisted of beef but wasn’t your standard ‘perfectly formed’ burger you normally expect. This was due to a mixture of sweetcorn and kidney beans mixed into the beef which really did work. The cheese had been melted nicely on top and melded well with everything else on board.

The lettuce gave a bit of greenery and was fresh and crunchy but the real winner was the mix of the sour cream and the spicy chili sauce. I enjoyed the faint taste of the sour cream but it was the other condiment that was written about on our postcards home.

McDonald's El Chili Con Carne

The spicy chili sauce had a very strong BBQ overtone but it was more than just a tickle and had a decent kick to it. It wasn’t over the top silly, just a slight piquancy and hotter than expected from a McDonald’s burger.

McDonald's El Chili Con Carne

You can see the world exclusive video taking the first look at this ‘Los Wochos’ promotional item below (and David Attenburger it is in Landscape!):

Overall this burger was lovely and that’s not just the Steins talking! It had a real heat to it with layers of flavour and texture so I was really pleased to have been here on day one this was released!

Congratulations McDonald’s Germany, this is a very good effort and the first of its kind in my recollection – if I am wrong then please let me know! This review may seem a bit disjointed but when you drink litre glasses of Warsteiner then what do you expect!?

I noted that the Western Beef is still on the menu as is the McRib and 1955 Burger… would these find a place on the Burger Lad® wall of shame – we’ll find out soon enough when we continue our ‘burgers in berlin’ tour.

McDonald's El Chili Con Carne

In the meantime we’ll leave you with one last look at Part one of the tour – the McDonald’s Limited ‘El Chili Con Carne’. This was an exceptionally good burger and I skipped away into the Berlin night knowing we were the first to review this Chili Con Carne concoction from McDonald’s Germany. Ay Caramba indeed!

McDonald's El Chili Con Carne

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