KFC Zinger Boneless Banquet

Review of KFC Zinger Boneless Banquet

What they say:

They’re finger lickin’ good – our classic Mini Fillets now come in a meal with added zing. INCLUDES: 3 Zinger Mini Fillets, Large Zinger® Fries, Regular Popcorn Chicken, Regular side, Regular dip, Regular drink.

Price: £6.39.

Calories: 1,105 kcal.

Those of you who visit us regularly will know that I love the Zinger. Arguably the greatest of all the High Street chicken offerings… the well-named burger with that slow-build lingering zing. I love it.

So when BURGER LAD® broke the news of the brand new extensions to the Zinger family, I was more than a little excited (as usual) to sample the Zinger Boneless Banquet.

In order to create a little Zinger family, what KFC has done does not appear to be rocket science. They’ve taken the Zinger seasoning that usually goes on the Zinger Fillet, and put it on three Mini Fillets and some Fries. So, does it work?

In a word, yes mostly.

Hmm, that’s two words. Well, let me say a few more. Firstly, the Fries come in a box that is not only generously large in its own right, but it makes the accompanying dinky box of popcorn chicken look like it just came from a doll’s house.

KFC Zinger Boneless Banquet

The Popcorn Chicken, along with a drink and side of my choosing (I chose gravy) make up the rest of the Zinger Boneless Banquet. All in all, it’s a sizeable meal.

Looking inside the big box of Fries, the reddish hues told me instantly that they’d been “zingered” and that made me happy. I grabbed a handful and deposited them in my mouth. No Zinger.

But no panic – this is how the Zinger works – he befriends you, draws you in, mildly at first before slowly building to a respectable, but not silly heat. He’s the best, that Zinger.

So that’s exactly what happened. A few more handfuls and the Zinger heat built up. I’d love someone to take a look at the Fries recipe at KFC though – they are routinely floppy and no amount of fantastic Zinger dusting is going to change that.

KFC Zinger Boneless Banquet

The same thing happened with the three “mini” fillets (which actually aren’t particularly small) – that lovely golden coating that we love with hints of red again – these were really delicious, and I alternated pure Zinger bite with gravydunked Zinger bite. This was very, very enjoyable, and possibly even on a par with the glorious Zinger Stacker.

KFC Zinger Boneless Banquet

A trick may have been missed here by including Popcorn Chicken without “zingering” it – these little bites are crying out for the same treatment and could be the dinky little tots in the growing Zinger family.

The KFC Zinger Fries and Zinger Mini Fillets as part of this new Zinger Boneless Banquet are a very welcome, if not ground-breaking, addition to the KFC menu and I’d urge you to give it a whirl.

KFC Zinger Boneless Banquet

Admiral Burgerbar

Website: https://www.kfc.co.uk/our-food/for-one/box-meals/zinger-boneless-banquet

Zinger Boneless Banquet









  • Zinger dust
  • Generous portion
  • Enjoyment factor


  • Need crispier KFC Fries
  • Zinger Popcorn Chicken please!

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  • 22/08/2020 at 9:12 pm

    What I did was if there were any left over zinger in any of the boxes, I just tip them into the popcorn chicken and shake it up. Did anyone else do that or just me?

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