Burger King Hot and Spicy Steakhouse

Review of Burger King Hot and Spicy Steakhouse Burger

Website: http://www.burgerking.co.uk/

What they say:

Almost too hot to handle, our 100% flame-grilled beef is smothered in Habanero sauce, and topped with jalapenos, fresh lettuce, tomatoes and mayo.

Price: £4.29.

Kcal: 528 for the burger only.

Burger King is back with a new limited time offer and this time it is the Hot and Spicy Steakhouse. We were there on day one to bring you the first and exclusive UK review!

Despite my new healthy eating regime I had to go and review this new BK offering. I was obviously concerned about the high calories in the burger but like a friend said to me “the weight will continue to drop off… even with a Burger King in your Gulliver.”

With that in mind, (and the news of this new release on burgerlad.com and Twitter) I was set to go.

The only restriction being that this mission would have to be ‘there and back again’ as quickly as possible. I couldn’t help but think that the burger I was about to review was extremely similar sounding to the Inferno burger we reviewed recently from T.G.I Friday’s.

So at BK I placed my order and wondered why during Cheltenham race week I had not popped in and tried the Triple XL Bacon Double cheese. I wonder…?

Now it’s worth pointing out that the advertising in BK does not mention this is also available as a double as the restaurant manager presented me this option. I declined although I was tempted. Anyway after a wait of 2-3 mins I was given my burger and off I went to a table for the obligatory photo shoot.

It was only after lifting the lid on this latest offering that I realised it was the wrong burger!

You can see the photos of the Steakhouse below but I took it back and asked for my original request. I am also now seeking psychiatric help for not taking at least one or two bites of this one before returning it!!

So with my original order brought over to me (no complimentary fries for the ordeal) I was now ready for the Hot and Spicy steakhouse.

Burger King Hot & Spicy Steakhouse

As I took my first bite my thoughts reflected on the mayo on the bun. As an avid hater of mayo I was surprised to find that really, I didn’t even notice it. My second thought was of the crunchiness of the lettuce despite looking a tad sad around the edges.

I put the sloppy presentation down to the fact that the original order was incorrect so they were trying to get the revised order back to me in the quickest possible time.

So what made this burger ‘Hot and Spicy’?

Well the Habanero sauce had a slight heat to it and tasted mildly sweet but it was not overbearing in the slightest.

The sauce was reinforced by a couple of jalapenos and you could taste their distinct, pickled flavour. The burger was the standard fare offered by BK with that familiar flame-grilled taste.

Burger King Hot & Spicy Steakhouse

One of my observers commented that “there was no cheese on it, that the previous burger looked more appealing and that this one just had no character.”

I certainly agree with this cross-examination. Perhaps next time I’d ‘Have it your way’ and add an additional burger, cheese, pickles and crispy onions but then where does it all end?

At £4.29 this is quite an expensive burger, perhaps if there are some BOGOF vouchers doing the rounds soon I’d be tempted to go back but for the equivalent money I’d rather check out Real Burger in Cheltenham.

Overall, the burger is fairly lacking in character and isn’t really that hot and spicy. It certainly didn’t touch the Inferno from TGI’s in terms of heat.

One things for certain, is that you won’t see this sort of burger on the menu at McDonald’s anytime soon.

The last BK promotional item also featured jalapenos. Coincidence? Was this a lazy release to clear up some old jalapeno stock? I’ll let you decide.

BK you got my hopes up this morning with this new limited time offer but now I feel disappointed, a little let down and just a bit sad. Maybe next time…

Let’s take a look at that original Steakhouse… why did I not take a few bites first? WHY!?

Burger King Hot & Spicy Steakhouse

Looking at these pictures really makes me wish I’d gone for the first one I received! I recommend the Steakhouse any day of the week!

Burger King Hot & Spicy Steakhouse

You can see the promotional pictures for this latest limited time offer here.

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