McDonald’s Maestro Wacko Guaco

McDonald’s Maestro Wacko Guaco – Belgium

What they say:

The Maestro family welcomes a new chicken burger: with the Wacko Guaco it’s every day the fiesta. Its colours and amazing contrasts will surprise many. Let yourself be seduced by a juicy and crisp chicken with fresh guacamole and a spice blend.

Price: €5.30 for the burger only. €7.90 Medium meal. + €0.60 for Large upgrade.

Calories: 687 kcal.

If things had gone to plan, you would now be reading a review of the Sunny Sebastian from McDonald’s Belgium.

But due to my procrastination we instead have the Maestro (Chicken) Wacko Guaco.

The Maestro range of burgers features on menus in multiple countries across Europe, and more often than not, feature unique names such as the Generous Jack, Scrumptious Sophie, Cheeky Charlie and Genuine Jill.

I don’t believe they are quite like our Signature Collection as the patties are not the same (?) but the Maestro Burgers tend to feature ingredients that give them a more “premium” feel – see the Fancy Francis.

We were in the historic medieval city of Bruges for a long weekend and of course we just had to sample a McDonald’s while we were in town.

I’d planned the Sunny Sebastian as the ensemble of ingredients sounded intriguing – mango slices, yellow/red peppers, parsley, onion confit and yoghurt sauce with two beef patties.

We popped in on a number of occasions (mainly to get the menu prices) and each time it was available. Then on Saturday it was gone from the touch screen. Gutted.

I even asked if they had it (it was still on the interactive menu boards) and the girl behind the counter said yes… it was only after about five minutes and some finger pointing in my direction I knew the inevitable. It was gone. Gutted.

Despondent, we left McDonald’s without eating anything… but in the end, decided to go back the next day for the Wacko Guaco.

I could not leave Bruges without reviewing at least one item not on the menu in the UK.

McDonald's Wacko Guaco

I’m not a massive guacamole fan, hence why it wasn’t my first choice. I also wouldn’t go for a chicken sandwich/burger ahead of a beef one either by default. But here we are…

The Wacko Guaco (can’t help but think of Wacko Jacko writing this) is actually a good offering and I walked away pleasantly surprised.

The burger itself has been (sporadically) on the menu in Belgium now since March 2017 and has also made appearances in other European countries such as Bulgaria and Malta.

Opening the large (chicken) Maestro-branded box I was presented with a fairly substantial burger.

McDonald's Wacko Guaco

Priced at approx. £4.78 for the burger only, this isn’t too far away from the cost of current UK McDonald’s Chicken limited time offers – with one major difference! This has an oblong chicken patty instead of two Chicken Selects.

At first glance, I likened it to the Chicken Legend patty but it’s not quite the same and missing those distinct “herby” flecks.

McDonald's Wacko Guaco

Biting in you get a zesty, fresh hit to the senses – this is from the combination of the guacamole and “spice blend” which is basically a bit like a Pico de gallo (think tomato and red onion mainly).

We have had guacamole before on a UK McDonald’s chicken burger WAY back in September 2013 on the Great Tastes of the World Mexican Fiesta – it hasn’t made too many (if any) appearances since.

Like I stated earlier, it’s not my favourite sauce/topping but this was enjoyable and every now and then you got a slight hint of lime on the taste buds.

The guac and pico mixes together admirably to give you a fresh, exuberant sensation on the palate.

And that chicken breast was good too – really meaty and succulent. It’s a shame we have to put up with Selects now as the “patty” of choice on UK LTOs.

McDonald's Wacko Guaco

What else was on the Wacko Guaco?

Well, there is the standard issue lettuce which was rather haphazardly placed on my build. It doesn’t really offer much to proceedings other than a crispy freshness now and then.

And then a large slice of cheese. This had been placed on the chicken patty just before being served to me so it had little time to melt.

It was OK and helped bring everything together but I don’t think it was a necessity on the Wacko Guaco.

McDonald's Wacko Guaco

Finally, the bun was similar to a bun we’ve had before in the UK. In fact, it could very well have been the same one we had on the Jamaican Chicken. The images certainly look similar.

Could we see the Wacko Guaco making an appearance in the UK?

I doubt it under that moniker… but would wager we could see something similar under a different name in the future.

It wouldn’t surprise me, if in time when all restaurants offer the Signature Collection, that we get a promotional Chicken burger in the range – and that’s when we could see this and/or these ingredients. I’m looking at you Pico Guacamole with Artisan Grilled Chicken (US).

In the meantime, if you want to sample the Wacko Guaco and are visiting a European destination keep an eye on the menu for this pleasantly surprising chicken sandwich/burger.

I was disappointed to miss the Sunny Sebastian at McDonald’s Belgium but in retrospect, the Wacko Guaco certainly ended up being a more than adequate replacement.

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