McDonald’s Chicken Fiesta

McDonald’s Chicken Fiesta

McDonald’s Chicken Fiesta Review

Price: £5.39/£6.69/£7.29.

Calories: 641 kcal.

Two weeks since it launched in the UK, the latest burger up for review is The Chicken Fiesta from McDonald’s.

Two weeks!? Call yourself a burger reviewer BL?

Pipe down.

McDonald's Clamshell

So… the Chicken Fiesta. On paper it all sounds reasonable enough and it is nice to see chorizo make a return after a bit of an absence.

I have even promised myself that I will write this entire review without mentioning people parking in Click & Serve bays when they shouldn’t…

Speaking of ordering, we did the usual – order via the app but table service was unavailable which was odd.

Quickly popped to the counter and the guy said “put in a random number in there [Click & Serve bay] and I will know it is you.”

I was dubious at best.

Chicken Fiesta

The chilli and paprika bun used on the Chicken Fiesta looks vibrant and enticing. So much so, that my friend joining me was like “oh, that looks good.”

“Don’t be too fooled by appearances.”

In terms of presentation (ignoring the bun) this is an absolute mess and once again there is WAY too much lettuce on here.

And I don’t mean in the “I only want meat, cheese and bread” sense. It’s just too much – spilling out all over the place and actually dominating the other flavours.

McDonald's Summer Menu 2022

I had to literally go digging to see if the chorizo slices had made it onto my Chicken Fiesta and there they were… pretty much piled on top of each other instead of spread evenly (as much as possible) over the crispy coated chicken breast.

No complaints from me regarding that chicken – crunchy and satisfying with every bite. Just way too much damn lettuce on here.

McDonald's Summer Menu 2022

I got the faintest hint of the chorizo when I got to the £2 coin area of the burger where it resided but at that point my mind had been made up.

Spicy Tomato Sauce? Lost.

It’s a shame the original build conception was altered from featuring roasted peppers to include this sauce.

At £5.39 for the burger only, it’s a good job I am getting 539 reward points for this – I must confess I am a big fan of the My Rewards scheme and yet another example of McDonald’s wanting to channel their customers via the app.

Chicken Fiesta

I complained in my review of the Spicy Spanish Stack that I didn’t have enough red onion and this seemed to be in reverse for the Chicken Fiesta.

A welcome addition nonetheless and worked well with the chicken. I see some commentators saying “McDonald’s haven’t even used Spanish Onions on these (Spanish-inspired burgers)”

Well… have you ever heard of cross-utilising ingredients across the menu?

You will find red onion on certain wraps and in salads so of course they are going to use an existing menu ingredient to keep wastage and costs down.

Chilli Cheddar Cheese Slice? Meh. Certainly looked better than on my Spicy Spanish Stack, but at this point I was thinking I would have been better off skipping this burger completely especially after waiting two weeks to review it.


Alright Arnie.

Chicken Fiesta

If there has been one prevalent characteristic of the McDonald’s Summer Menu in 2022 is that there has been too much lettuce on every single build, often to the detriment of the other ingredients.

Just a bit less would have made such a difference… that and a splurge more sauce as pretty much every one I had apart from the Italian Stack(?) felt too dry.

Ironically, I actually enjoyed my free (with introduction to rewards) budget Cheeseburger more than the Chicken Fiesta which says it all.

Chicken Fiesta? More like Chicken Fiasco.

Chicken Fiesta

Monopoly returns to McDonald’s on Wednesday 7th September. I’m assuming it will see the return of the Big Tasty but you never know…

Burger Lad


McDonald's Summer Menu 2022

Chicken Fiesta









  • Bun
  • Chorizo return


  • Lettuce
  • Lack of sauce