Burger Shop Worcester – Farmer Tom’s Beef Burger

Review of Burger Shop Worcester – Farmer Tom’s Beef Burger

What they say:

Farmer Tom’s Beef Patty, Mature Cheddar, Dill Pickles, Mustard Mayo, Ketchup, Baby Gem, Brioche.

Price: £8.00.

If you are reading this, congratulations, you are on the path to discovering the best burger in Worcester.

And make no mistake. This is now the undisputed king of burgers in Worcester.

Burger Shop Worcester opened on Thursday 13th April 2017 and to promote the launch gave away 100 free burgers – the queue stretched out the door and around the corner by all accounts.

We couldn’t make it that day, but we received a special open invite for Easter Weekend and on Good Friday we popped in for a spot of lunch. And we were mightily impressed. Read on…

Burger Shop Worcester

Burger Shop is the brainchild of the company known as A Rule of Tum who also own the highly regarded Burger Shop Hereford. They started as a pop-up back in 2013.

Just off Farrier Street, on Cherry Tree Walk, you will find Worcester’s latest restaurant under the railway arch.

As you would expect from a new restaurant, it looks immaculate and is stylish. I can see it being very, very popular, especially with the University campus on the doorstep.

Burger Shop Worcester

Inside, it’s bare brick and solid wood, industrial and minimalistic but without feeling cold or empty. The guys at Burger Shop Worcester have really utilised the space under the railway arch to create a modern and Über cool eating destination.

Their motto is to use the best seasonal, local ingredients and I heard co-owner Jon on BBC Hereford & Worcester say that they don’t rely on gimmicks. And based on our experience today, they don’t need to.

Burger Shop Worcester

The menu is compact and uncomplicated. There are a couple of beef options (including the Worcester Blue Burger featuring local Worcester Blue Cheese), a lamb burger, a Falafel burger and a couple of specials which will be rotated weekly or fortnightly depending on the availability of produce.

We’re told that their vegetarian options are very tasty too, so next time we are in the city we’ll be testing that claim!

I wanted to go with the “signature” burger so opted for Farmer Tom’s Beef Burger.

I forgot to ask Jon or the other co-owner Ed (both guys by the way are infectiously friendly) who exactly Farmer Tom is but I am assuming it has something to do with their beef supplier.

I’m not a massive ketchup, mustard or mayo fan so testament to this burger because it was bloody fantastic.

Burger Shop Worcester

Everything is delivered on a tray and looks incredible. You can tell a lot of thought and pride goes into the food on offer at Burger Shop Worcester.

Biting in, you get a face full of that creamy but slightly sharp mustard mayo. It’s really very good and is perfectly offset by the tang of the dill pickles and just a slight underlying sweetness from the ketchup.

But it is Farmer Tom’s patty which is the shining star of the show here.

The beef is undeniably good. It’s juicy with a good fat content and a natural, fresh taste which makes you want to delve in for more each time.

The blend they’ve gone with is certainly meaty but the texture is spot-on too. It’s not too tightly packed and that makes for some great eats.

Burger Shop Worcester

The rest of the burger is complimented by a rich, strong Mature Cheddar which lends a subtle creaminess to proceedings. There is also baby gem and thankfully no fresh tomato!

All of this is housed within a compact, fresh brioche and for £8.00 it is well worth the money.

The team at Burger Shop have really created a strong burger and if you are pondering whether to give it a try or not I urge you to go immediately. If you can get in… we were there fairly late for lunch but it was past 2pm and buzzing. Some people had to walk away as all the tables were crammed.

Burger Shop Worcester

We sampled a selection of sides which were top quality. Special mention for the fall-off-the-bone BBQ Sticky Wings (£4.50) and they do a hot sauce dipping sauce which I have pleaded with them to bottle and send to me. It is that amazing.

What more can I say? It’s a cracking burger.

The quality beef blend, the delectable mustard mayo and tangy pickles. Delightful.

You can choose to have your burger cooked from medium rare to well done and anything in-between.

Miss Milkshake went with the Pulled Pork Burger (from the specials board). I had a bite and that had a real zingy slaw that punched through the richness of the pork. Yum.

Burger Shop Worcester

The guys did their research in London at some of my personal favourites such as Patty & Bun, Honest Burgers and Dirty Burger. And it shows…

Burger Shop is bringing the taste of the London burger scene to Worcester and without a shadow of a doubt, is now THE best burger in the city. Get amongst it.

Burger Lad®

Website: http://aruleoftum.com/worcester/

Farmer Tom's Beef Burger









  • Excellent beef
  • Quality ingredients
  • Mustard mayo


  • Need more napkins!