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Review of KFC Nashville Hot

What they say:

The Nashville Hot line-up includes: spicy and smoky Nashville Hot sauce, pickles, cool ranch sauce and Original Recipe chicken.

Price: £3.99 for the burger only. £6.19 as part of a Box Meal.

Calories: 500 kcal.

The latest burger at KFC is the Nashville Hot.

Not to be confused with the recently released Nashville Hot Chicken, the Nashville Hot Burger or Nashville Hot Meal or Nashville Hot Box Meal is available for week five and week six of KFC’s Southern Legends LTO.

And it’s surprisingly quite spicy… more on that later.

KFC Nashville Hot

Visually this looks decent – it’s a compact and tidy build. I would have scored the Nashville Hot higher had it not been for the lack of pickles.

The burger itself is pretty small and I found myself wondering why after I didn’t go for the £6.19 Box Meal. The 500 calorie burger on its own just didn’t seem to satisfy me enough. Maybe I’m just greedy.

Considering for £2.20 more I would have got a drink, fries, a regular side and either two hot wings or an original piece of chicken (depending on if you’re reading the website or in-restaurant menu board) it’s safe to say I felt shafted paying four quid for just the burger. My own fault.

KFC Nashville Hot

Pickles. Pickles. Pickles.

I was expecting more of them – there was a disappointing amount on my build (2 slices where the promotional imagery displays 3) and they are really thinly sliced. They barely registered.

If I am getting a fried chicken sandwich/burger promising pickles I want them to really impart on my palate, but sadly these did not. Shame.

Moving onto better things, the spicy and smoky Nashville Hot Sauce is a real winner and suitably spicy. In fact, it’s got quite a reasonable burn for a High Street offering. Impressive.

KFC Nashville Hot

Yeah, the sauce is the major talking point of the Nashville Hot and those looking for a bit more heat from a KFC promotional burger should not be disappointed. Just don’t go into this expecting the fiery depths of hell…

I like it… and the cooling tang you get from the ranch now and then is actually very welcome.

A recent commentator had a good point asking why this isn’t a Zinger burger instead and I can’t answer that one.

The chicken is a good quality with the trademark Original Recipe coating.

The griddled bun is soft and fresh although it’s slightly too big for the chicken fillet. I found myself with a fair few bites of just bread and sauce.

KFC Nashville Hot

That sauce though is enjoyable and quite a spicy concoction for the High Street. I recommend trying the Nashville Hot for this alone.

I’d say of the three Southern Legends burgers so far, this has got to be the best.

I really enjoyed the mixture of the sauces on this burger. It was a well assembled build but was just slightly let down in my experience, by those two lonely thinly sliced pickles. More next time please!

KFC Nashville Hot is available from Monday 11th September to Sunday 24th September.

KFC Nashville Hot

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Website: https://www.kfc.co.uk/our-food/for-one/burgers/nashville-burger

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  • Spicy
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  • Pickle let down