Burger King Mango Chilli Chicken Tendercrisp

Burger King Mango Chilli Chicken Tendercrisp

What they say:

A succulent TENDERCRISP® chicken breast on a toasted brioche bun, topped with mango chutney and chilli relish.

Price: £5.49.

Calories: 591 kcal.

The latest limited time promotion from Burger King consists of the Jalapeño BBQ Double XL and Mango Chilli Chicken Tendercrisp.

Both the beef and chicken offerings landed without any fanfare, as promotions often did in the bad old days before marketing teams learned the benefits of contacting BURGER LAD® beforehand.

Burger King Mango Chilli Chicken Tendercrisp

So clearly there have been some changes at Burger King which is also noticeable in this “safe” promotion, a far cry from the more exciting and daring promotions they have been running until now.

It is a real shame to see such a backwards step, but I was still hopeful that the inclusion of mango chutney on this burger would save the day, perhaps even reaching the heady heights of desirability as the Chicken and Chutney Indian from McDonald’s.

I went in the evening of the whimpered launch day to find a significant wait, despite there being only 3 other customers in.

When the Mango Chilli Chicken Tendercrisp did arrive, it was wrapped in the usual Tendercrisp wrap.

The other thing that hit me is that BK seems to put everything into a takeaway paper bag regardless of whether the customer is staying or going. I am sure they used to provide trays like McDonald’s, or am I just imagining it?

Burger King Mango Chilli Chicken Tendercrisp

Anyway, sitting down and opening the paper bag, I was greeted by an instant chilli smell which was very pleasant.

Taking it out of the packaging, this was clearly very sticky chilli and got all over my fingers.

Having become accustomed to napkins arriving with my meal at McDonald’s, I had to get up and get some or my notepad and pen would’ve turned into a real sticky mess writing my notes.

Burger King Mango Chilli Chicken Tendercrisp

The other thing I noticed taking this out, is that there was too much lettuce. I am all for the 5-a-day but this was overkill.

Overall, the burger didn’t look much, although aesthetically the wall of beige is always a symptom of coated chicken burgers.

The upside to all that lettuce, and in fairness it was very fresh, is the satisfying crunch it gives, and this alongside with equally satisfying crunch of the Tendercrisp coating, provided an enjoyable eating experience.

Burger King Mango Chilli Chicken Tendercrisp

In this burger, it is largely the sauce we are here for, and this one provided a slight heat and was noticeably sweet.

It was not, however, noticeably mango and frankly I would’ve called this a Sweet Chilli Tendercrisp if I hadn’t known. Emphasis on the sweet!

Overall this was a very inoffensive and pleasant burger but like I said at the start, just not daring.

It doesn’t stand out as much as the name suggests, I am afraid to say. And I am also not at all convinced it warrants a £5.49 price tag.

Fresh bun, fresh lettuce, chicken Tendercrisp good as usual, decent sauce. I enjoyed it at the time, knowing that sadly, I’d have forgotten about it in a couple of days.

The Long Chilli Relish Chicken is also now available at Burger King – more details here.

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Website: http://www.burgerking.co.uk/menu-item/mango-chilli-chicken-tendercrisp

Mango Chilli Chicken Tendercrisp









  • Fresh ingredients
  • Tendercrisp is always good


  • A bit forgettable
  • Sauce doesn't stand out enough
  • Too much lettuce