Andy’s Diner Bacon-Cheeseburger

Review of Andy’s Diner Bacon-Cheeseburger

Here at Burger Lad®, we are delighted to publish this guest review from one of our secret burger agents. We sent ‘Agent B’ to Berlin in search of burgers and this ‘hired gun’ did not disappoint.

Ladies and Gentleman I give to you the Bacon-Cheeseburger from Andy’s Diner, Berlin. We have many friends in Germany so I hope you enjoy our first international review.

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Codename: BURGLIN

Where: Andy’s Diner and Bar, Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Germany.

What: Bacon-Cheeseburger.

Price: €8.90.

What they say: All our delicious burgers are made of 100% pure beef with a weight of 180g, served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, cole slaw and french fries.

More famous for its bratwurst and beer selection, Germany’s capital shall never be described as a burger haven but look hard enough and you might just found a hidden gem amongst the traditional bistros.

Andy’s Diner stands within the impressive Potsdamer Platz vicinity – Berlin’s self-proclaimed centre and most frequented train station. Neighbouring a few more common chain restaurants, it was refreshing to find an independent burger joint masked behind the Easter-fuelled hustle and bustle. Desperate to escape the freezing cold temperatures and replace energy lost through shivering, Andy’s offered refuge which we hastily accepted.

Andy's Diner Berlin

We were informed on our spontaneous arrival that a table of four wouldn’t be available for 30 minutes (nicht so gut), so decided to remain in the warmth before pouncing on some bar stools after 10 minutes of waiting (sehr gut). The restaurant itself is American themed with the usual suspects such as Presley, Monroe and Jimmy Dean occupying the wall space and a Harley Davidson rather needlessly hung up behind the bar – perhaps a little OTT but despite the American overtones, this venue is intrinsically Deutschland and a stunning glass of Erdinger from the bar goes a long way in proving this.

The menu lists five different burgers as shown below, with a healthy selection of extras to complement them. There was also a “specials” board inside, the standout meal being the “Monster Burger” which boasted two half-pounder patties and extra fillings – I was bereft of a notepad and most of these extras evade my memory but jalapenos were on the list and aren’t included with the standard menu burgers.

Andy's Diner Berlin

I was famished but have been taught valuable lessons by greed previously and so plumped for the safe Bacon-Cheeseburger option. Despite the long-ish wait for a seat, the burgers were served within 5 minutes of ordering by the friendly and welcoming staff. The plate was absolutely crammed with fries, salad and, low and behold, a very generously sized burger. You can never have too much of a good thing, although I do think there was a bit too much salad; leading me to believe that salad isn’t such a good thing – the burger should absolutely be the main event.

Andy's Diner Berlin

The meat tasted surprisingly sweet and any burger accompanied by bacon and cheese will usually be a winner. The bacon was nicely cooked and not “stringy” like it can be and a perfect amount of mayo and lettuce prevented any excessive leakage or bap breakage – in fact, all contents of the burger held together well within its pliable bun and tasted fantastic as a unit. I’m not usually a fan of pickles but found that they ultimately completed this burger experience. So, overall – big, tasty, well put together and definitely not good for you. The perfect burger.

Despite its disproportionate amount, the salad was actually very flavoursome, doused in creamy coleslaw and put to bed with tomato and cucumber slices. The fries were nice enough, nothing to shout about but thin and crispy like fries should be (in my mind). The whole meal hit the spot impeccably and was well worth the reasonable price, leaving me to wash it down with the Erdinger and watch some Bundesliga action on the rather creatively named “Sky Sport 1” channel.

Andy's Diner Berlin

Whilst Andy’s may not be the quintessential German destination for many tourists or those of a lederhosen-wearing persuasion, it is certainly worth a visit for burger lovers or visitors looking to add familiarity to their otherwise more cultured palette of sausage and pretzels. Be warned – it does get busy, so making a reservation on the website may not be the wurst idea. Sorry.


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