McDonald’s Spicy Spanish Stack

McDonald’s Spicy Spanish Stack

McDonald’s Spicy Spanish Stack Review

Price: £5.39/£6.69/£7.29.

Calories: 581 kcal.

The Summer Menu continues at McDonald’s UK and up next for review is The Spicy Spanish Stack.

I don’t need to remind you where you first heard the line-up of the 2022 event (OK this build has had a name change) but seeing all the media coverage of “what’s new at McDonald’s” always reminds me of a time where none of them reported about it. NONE.

Until this website came along…

And… what a fantastic journey we have had in the last 10 years!!

McDonald's Summer Menu 2022

What is the Spicy Spanish Stack?

Well. It’s a Spanish-inspired double beef burger featuring a chilli cheddar slice, red onion rings, a spicy tomato sauce and lettuce all housed in a sesame and paprika flavoured bun.

On paper, this all sounds respectable and I was looking forward to sampling this – apologies for the late review but I was on holiday when this first came out!

Before I get into/onto the crux of the matter at hand, let’s take another moment to record our Click & Serve observations.

I arrived way before that dreaded midday point (especially in school holidays) and was greeted by approx. four… YES FOUR empty bays.

Oh the joys of it.

To my left – an empty van taking up a space and to my right, an empty car which later revealed to be a delivery partner vehicle. Not really Click & Serve is it children…

As I drove off, someone was reversing into one of the bays and I saw them get out and walk towards the restaurant. Sigh.

McDonald's Summer Menu 2022

Back to the Spicy Spanish Stack.

If my burger today was anything to go by, I bet there have been some unhappy commentators regarding McDonald’s latest promotional beef burger.

Firstly, you will note that congealed mess of a cheese slice which looked really off-putting to be honest.

I’ve witnessed complaints of cheese not being melted enough but this looked like it had been sat around for a while – I’m guessing as my side of Halloumi Fries were being finalised.

Just a guess.

Spicy Spanish Stack

But my journey from the drive-thru back to work is 3 mins at best and I can’t attribute that time to making the cheese look like this.

What a shame.

And it was dry – as in the overall build and the two beef [stack] patties.

Is it that I have become so used to eating [“fresh”] in the restaurant that a 3-5 min drive/walk back to my office results in such a dry experience?

It’s one to consider…

Spicy Spanish Stack

This was one of the driest burgers I have had in recent times – certainly since McDonald’s switched from the old heating bays. Remember those?

Not even the sauce could rescue this and it seems to be a combination of the dry beef and lettuce which contributed to the downfall of the Spicy Spanish Stack.

Speaking of the sauce, this was one minor plus point. It’s not spicy by any stretch of the imagination and gets choked out by the stranglehold of dryness that is the beef and lettuce.

Spicy Spanish Stack

Dipping your finger in (ooh err Missus), it does have a slightly fruity, piquant quality to it and it does sort of remind you of a sauce you would get as part of Patatas Bravas.

The link to Spain is tenuous at best – but to be honest, that’s always been the case going back to the Great Tastes of America days.

I don’t want to kick a burger when it is down, but my final grumble is the lack of red onion – the McDonald’s website has three fresh rings.

My Spicy Spanish Stack had 1.5 at best so again this added to the overall disappointment.

Oh well. You can’t win them all.

McDonald's Summer Menu 2022

I also managed to try the debuting Halloumi Fries and that review will follow shortly.

And… there is still the Chicken Fiesta to have, but I can’t help feel disappointed they removed the peppers and added the spicy tomato sauce instead.

I guess that’s an overall cost issue so they can re-use ingredients and reduce the risk of wastage.

Overall, the Spicy Spanish Stack hinted at a potentially good LTO from The Golden Arches and although not terrible, it certainly wasn’t the best either.

The dryness of the beef and stifling lettuce leaves didn’t help matters today and that cheese spooked me out a bit.

I’ve also realised that I’ve not mentioned the bun in this review so will discuss that a bit more on the next episode of your favourite fast food podcast.

Sorry Spicy Spanish Stack, it’s an adiós from me.

Spicy Spanish Stack

Burger Lad


McDonald's Summer Menu 2022

Spicy Spanish Stack









  • Sauce commendable


  • Dry
  • Looked a mess

2 thoughts on “McDonald’s Spicy Spanish Stack

  • 04/08/2022 at 4:28 pm

    I actually loved this burger but my burger bore no resemblance to yours. The 2 burgers were moist, the cheese was only semi melted, the sauce was nice, and there was just enough without it becoming overpowering. I had an abundance of red onion .. I like red onion so this worked for me. My only complaint is the dreadful lettuce which appeared to be all stalk and bitter leaves. I would order this again without hesitation but remove the lettuce. This is a 2 hander, so make sure you stock up on the napkins. I went at 11am to the franchise in the New Forest which is generally not too busy during the week, so I figure it was made fresh rather than hanging about.
    I look forward to having another and hope I get mine again instead of yours : )

  • 06/08/2022 at 7:04 pm

    I also liked this burger, it’s the best stack burger I can remember from McDs, although mine wasn’t a mess like yours was either. Taste wise it’s pretty good imo, the red onions nice although if you’re expecting spicy it’s no McSpicy but the flavours come together well.

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