McDonald’s Australian BBQ Supreme

Review of McDonald’s Australian BBQ Supreme


What they say:

Sink your teeth into a 100% beef patty, bacon, cheese slices, crisp Batavia lettuce, onions, cool mayo and a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce in a sesame-topped bun. Bonza!

Price: £3.69 for the burger only, £5.19 as part of medium value meal.

Calories: 710 kcal.

Week two of the Great Tastes of the World 2013 promotion rolls in and we were there on day one to check out the Australian BBQ Supreme.

This was a burger featured during the limited time offer last year but due to a renovation of our local McD’s we missed it and regretted it terribly. I was adamant that we would review it this year and here we are…

I was to visit the drive-thru of my hometown McDonald’s. I remember when Malvern was not blessed with the Golden Arches. In fact it is so posh in Malvern that Ronald and Co. were not allowed to have their large pole with the M on it as it “didn’t fit in with the landscape of the area” or something. This is a shame as I was really hoping for a Burger King on the top of the Beacon soon.

McDonald's Australian BBQ Supreme Burger Review
Copyright McDonald’s 2013…

Anyway I hit the drive-thru at a slightly delayed 10:37am but didn’t fret as I knew the crew wouldn’t be ready for the lunch menu yet. I was right.

The girl was ever so shocked when I placed my order for the burger only but also asked for a chocolate milkshake. “What no fries…!?” She exclaimed, as if I was some leper. “Yes no fries” I calmly replied with a smile on my face which Patrick Bateman would be proud of. Writing this I remember my pre-Burger Lad® days when I was rather finicky and I would ask for a Big Mac with just cheese and lettuce. One girl once said “what just cheese, lettuce and bread?” I was like “no…and the burgers”. As if someone would go to McDonald’s for a cheese and lettuce roll…

At the last window the girl said it would be a few minutes. Any regular reader will know I dread ready made-up burgers, prone to the odd “burger slide” so I was pleased to hear this news. “Good…Good” I must have sounded like The Emperor on the soon-to-be blown up Death Star. It really was a few minutes as in total I waited a whole 10 minutes! It had better been assembled bloody well! But then this is Malvern, where everything takes that little bit longer (including getting here due to the notorious “Malvern drivers”).

McDonald's Australian BBQ Supreme Burger Review
10 whole minutes…

After the usual publicity shoot and latest episode of Burger Lad® TV we were ready to try on this Bar-b-que beaut. The absolute first thing I noticed during my first bite was the crunchy, ultra fresh lettuce. You can actually hear the crunch of it on the video.

For a second I thought the bacon had been missed off and prepared for meltdown. But the panic alarm stopped when I found it was really hidden away under two slices of melted American cheese. The bun was tiny in comparison to the patty which was not a problem last week for the Mexican Fiesta. Again the video really shows this size difference.

McDonald's Australian BBQ Supreme Burger Review
The Australian BBQ Supreme…

I found the Australian BBQ Supreme to be really salty. Not just from the bacon but the burger too looked like it had just a bit too much seasoning on it. The BBQ sauce was very mild to the point of not really tasting of anything. Perhaps it was countered by the cool mayo or the fact I had been spoilt earlier in the week by having that lovely Kilpatrick sauce from The Tavern.

McDonald's Australian BBQ Supreme Burger Review
Lifting the lid on day one…

This was a pretty average offering I thought and it is a shame as we will be missing week three as we reviewed the Spanish Grande last year. So we’ll have to wait now until week four for the South African Deluxe – personally I am pretty excited about that one!

Overall this burger was OK. The lasting memory for me will be the crunchy lettuce so take that as you will. The bacon and onions just about saved it as the latter had that sharp taste which cut through everything else nicely. I also found it a bit sloppy to eat which might be due to the small bun and the sauce and mayo got all over the car.

If you want to see a bit more of the latest promotional burger from McDonald’s check out the latest episode of Burger Lad® TV. I have no doubts there are at least two other YouTube reviews out there already but as ever, accept no cheap imitations.

So we managed to write this review without any puns about Australia or references to Crocodile Dundee. After all this is a serious burger review website…

Let us take one last look at the Australian BBQ Supreme – available for a limited time only. At 710 calories I wouldn’t recommend one a day and after the success of week one I was slightly disappointed by a burger I waited nearly a year to review.

McDonald's Australian BBQ Supreme Burger Review
We will be back for week four…

Burger Lad®

3 thoughts on “McDonald’s Australian BBQ Supreme

  • 11/09/2013 at 7:12 pm

    Burger Lad,
    Found your site this evening and have to say, love the reviews.
    I to had the Austrailian BBQ Supreme today. I have to say that for me, its up there with some of my favourite burgers.
    Im a sucker for anything with BBQ sauce at the moment, and this sauce was one of the best i have tasted.
    I too noticed the crisp suculant lettuce that seemed better than usual, i have decided it is down to a more chunky chop.
    Unlike you, my bun was exactly the same size as my burger, interesting as you would assume everything is a standard size!?
    My final comment on the burger as i left the restauraunt was the same as yours…. not sure what makes this Austrailian! (But a great burger non the less)

    • 11/09/2013 at 7:25 pm

      Thanks for the kind comments and taking the time to write.

      Annoyed my buns were smaller. Strange.

      We welcome guest reviews so if you want to do one get in contact.

      Burger Lad out.

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