McDonald’s Spicy Burger

Review of McDonald’s Spicy Burger – Italy

What they say:

100% beef meat from Italian farms, cheese, the legendary Jalapenos and spicy sauce.

Price: €1.60 (approx. £1.50).

Calories: 316 kcal.

McDonald’s Italy recently added the Spicy Burger to its menu – this is definitely not to be confused with The Spicy from the Signature Collection!

We were visiting a McD’s in Catania, Siciy to sample the Grand Big Mac and Crispy McBacon and couldn’t pass the opportunity to try this great sounding budget burger.

And it’s cracking! I really bloody loved this and was well worth the mention in the postcard home!

You have to look past its appearance… for the price this is WELL worth trying if you are near a McDonald’s in Italy.

McDonald’s Spicy Burger

Think standard Cheeseburger but minus the ketchup, mustard and pickles – in their place the Spicy Burger is dressed with jalapeños and a seductive piquant sauce and a pepper jack cheese.

I think I could eat this daily it was that enjoyable and excellently priced at approximately £1.50.

McDonald’s Spicy Burger

I started with the Spicy and it was quite possibly my favourite out of the three. If you factor in the price and the overall taste it could be our winner from our trip.

The Spicy Burger benefits from exceptional flavour and something a bit different but with the familiarity of McDonald’s.

IMO it would make an awesome addition to the Saver Menu.

The ingredients are pretty much there especially if your local has the Signature Collection.

McDonald’s Spicy Burger

The sauce is a bit different to anything on the UK menu though. It reminded me of the Big Mac sauce but with just a slight kick added to it.

That with the pokey jalapeños, melted cheese, crispy fresh lettuce and the standard McD’s beef patty makes the Spicy Burger one of the best budget High Street burgers I have ever had.

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