Burger King Jalapeño BBQ Double XL

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Burger King Jalapeño BBQ Double XL

What they say:

Two 100% British & Irish beef burgers topped with melted cheese, smokey bacon, lettuce, jalapenos and BBQ sauce on a toasted brioche bun.

Price: £5.99 for the burger. £7.99 for a meal.

Calories: 864 kcal.

The second of Burger King’s new promotion which arrived unceremoniously (minus the generic ‘The Sun’ – “BK have new burgers but you’ll have to be quick” rubbish) is a subtle variation on the Bacon Double XL.

Very subtle, in fact as it is the same thing, with added BBQ sauce and a few jalapeño slices. Oh, and a different and not-so-good bun.

Like the Mango Chilli Chicken Tendercrisp, the Jalapeño BBQ Double XL sounds interesting on paper, and looks very decent in promo pics, but the reality is another burger that is a far cry from the recent exciting and interesting limited time offers that Burger King has been releasing.

Burger King Jalapeño BBQ Double XL

The price is also something to take into consideration.

The Mango Chicken one is £5.49, the £5.99 for the Jalapeño BBQ Double XL seems reasonable in comparison. But in fact, what they both do is hammer home just how expensive BK seems, especially at £7.99 for a medium meal when the medium fries aren’t exactly massive.

Even the Coke Freestyle machine seems old hat now (although watching the customer in front of me adding ice to her drink AFTER filling the cup to the brim with liquid was extremely amusing).

Anyway, back to the burger. As with all BK XLs, there is a decent heft to this, wrapped in its paper, and it feels substantial – the calorie count attests to that. Hefty, then but pricey, and a squirt of BBQ sauce and four bits of jalapeño are what make this “special”.

Burger King Jalapeño BBQ Double XL

Opening it up, the disappointment continued. The bacon was thin, limp and not at all endearing. On the upside, the lettuce was right and not overloaded like my Mango Chilli Chicken.

The four bites of this meal that gave me jalapeños were slightly spicy and therefore interesting. But the rest was basically a normal XL with some BBQ sauce.

Burger King Jalapeño BBQ Double XL

Overall a bit dull, especially for this price. And the strange thing was, despite cheese and BBQ sauce, the burger was dry and quite tough going. Even the beef felt dried out.

I am afraid to say that if this were a test in school, the low mark would be accompanied by a handwritten note from the teacher – “must try harder”.

I can’t remember the last time I was this disappointed with a BK promotion and can only hope that the next one marks a return to the previous high levels of daring and interest.

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Website: http://www.burgerking.co.uk/menu-item/jalapeno-bbq-double-xl

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