McDonald’s Texas BBQ

Review of McDonald’s Texas BBQ


What they say:

100% beef patty, bacon, sticky BBQ sauce, crispy onions, shredded lettuce and cheese in a simply delicious sesame-topped bun.

Price: £3.99 for the burger only (subject to variation).

Calories: 665 kcal.

Week three of the Great Tastes of America promotion takes Burger Lad® to the Lone Star State for the Texas BBQ burger.

With Texas barbecue being one of the main foods associated with the second largest U.S. state would this be true to its name?

McDonald's Texas BBQ Burger
Promotional picture of the Texas BBQ…

Now when the line-up was initially announced I thought this would be very similar to the Australian BBQ Supreme so let’s do a little spot the difference…

Texas BBQAustralian BBQ Supreme
100% beef patty100% beef patty
CheeseCheese slices
Shredded LettuceCrisp Batavia lettuce
Crispy OnionsOnions
Sticky BBQ sauceTangy BBQ Sauce
Cool mayo

Well, Miss Milkshake would prefer the Texas BBQ then with that mayo missing off there. But when you list the ingredients like this there isn’t too much of a difference.

The main being the lack of mayo, slight variation in lettuce and the crispy onions.

Today all started off as a bit of a disaster.

Firstly, I left the bPad at BLHQ so had to rally it like Outrun to get that. Then on my way back to the drive-thru managed to get stuck behind a lorry or two which crawled along at 45mph.

Upon turning into my local McDonald’s the drive-thru was blocked by a delivery van. Luckily, I only had to wait 10 seconds before I would place my order.

I’ve always maintained this particular Maccies charges higher prices and this was confirmed when I visited restaurants in Cheltenham and Worcester.

Cheltenham charges £3.79 and Worcester £3.49 – so if I was buying five burgers for five weeks in Worcester I would be £2.50 better off than where I am now.

Anyway, I rushed back to the office to find a colleague with Burger Bev. What was I to do? I couldn’t film the latest episode of BLTV which you can see below or get to my usual photo antics. I impatiently waited and luckily within a minute or two the person was gone. So how was the Texas BBQ?

McDonald's Texas BBQ Burger
The real McDonald’s Texas BBQ…

This was definitely made-up from scratch as I had waited a good couple of minutes. Plus I’d got to McDonald’s WAY before the lunchtime batches would have been made up.

I thought this had been put together pretty lazily today – the burger from Texas looked a mess!

I am pretty certain the buns they use on the Texas BBQ are too small. Anyway how did it taste? Pretty good actually.

McDonald's Texas BBQ Burger
Bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce, crispy onions…

The initial and lasting taste of this burger are the crispy onions (I think I said that at least ten times in my video) and BBQ sauce which I suppose it should being called the Texas BBQ.

I wouldn’t say there’s anything particularly new or innovative going on here but it’s an enjoyable enough promotional item.

I do really love those crispy onions and I’d like to see them being a permanent feature on the McDonald’s menu. They’ve got a real nice flavour and texture to them and that combined with the BBQ sauce really worked for me.

At 665 calories it is one of the “lower” promotional items running for these five weeks which is surprising considering it has cheese and bacon.

Talking of cheese I noticed this was back to the traditional yellow cheese used by McDonald’s (compared to the white in the Nevada Grande).

McDonald's Texas BBQ Burger
Lifting the lid on the Texas BBQ…

My final comment on the Texas BBQ focuses on the bacon. I actually don’t think it requires it as I really didn’t notice it or get any particular taste from it.

I’d say this is a “safe bet” burger from McDonald’s. Would I recommend rushing out and trying it? Not really. Was it enjoyable? Yeah.

So if you’re passing and fancy a BBQ flavoured burger with a crunchy onion kick then this will be right up your alley.

You can check out our latest episode of BLTV here…

We won’t be back for week four as it is the New York Classic which we reviewed this time last year.

Fear not, as we’ll definitely have some more reviews coming for you very soon.

And after week five what will the next promotional item(s) be?

Numerous countries around the World have started their World Cup campaigns including Brazil, The Middle East and Australia from next week. My money is on the Cheese and Bacon Striker.

With that let us take one final look at the McDonald’s Great Tastes of America Texas BBQ.

McDonald's Texas BBQ Burger
Price ranges from £3.49 to £3.99…

Even my broadband was playing up trying to upload the video and photos – this review has been cursed!

Burger Lad®