Real Burger New Yorker & Bacon Deluxe Steak Burger

Real Burger 6oz New Yorker & Bacon Deluxe Steak Burger


What they say: NEW YORKER & BACON – With Monterey Jack cheese, Gloucester Old Spot bacon, pickles & deli mayo.

Price: £5.95.

This is the second time I have visited Real Burger in Cheltenham, last time we called in unannounced there was only one person at the grill, now there were three. Could this be as a result of our most popular review which you can read here or the fact these could possibly be the best burgers in Cheltenham?

Suffering from a stinking cold and in need of some revitalisation in the form of beef we headed to our favourite burger brassiere. I was accompanied on this latest adventure with a friend – this would be her first ‘Real’ experience.

I went with a smaller option this time (last time I had the 8oz BBQ Classic) but on this occasion I really fancied the 6oz New Yorker & Bacon. My associate opted for the 6oz Swiss Cheese & Mushroom and we’ll get some of her insights later. But first up we’ll take a look at that New Yorker & Bacon.

Real Burger New Yorker

I won’t say too much about the guy serving us this time but he was a moody little sort, quite abrupt in his tone but this could be his personality. Perhaps he didn’t realise he was in the esteemed company of Burger Lad®. I jest, but still I found the original guy who served us for the 8oz BBQ Classic to be friendlier. Anyway…

If you’re in a rush I would thoroughly recommend phoning your order through as these burger beauties are cooked to order and we were hungrily waiting for 20mins. I was looking at the menu and you can order beers or ciders to wash it down with. And with the burgers reasonably priced you can see why people would sidestep the High Street to sample the real deal.

Real Burger New Yorker

I held the tomato on this order. I can now do mayo but I don’t believe I will ever go with fresh tomato but we’ll see. The beef had a mild salty flavour to it and the patty was the perfect size in my opinion. I was glad of the mayo on board actually as it gave the whole thing nice moisture to help it down. Without it I reckon it would be pressing on the dry side. But on this occasion I was so famished that I didn’t really require assistance.

The Gloucester Old Spot bacon was quite frankly amazing! It was proper thick cut bacon, with minimal or no fat and really gave the burger a chewy texture and a great flavour. You can really taste the difference between this and something you’d find on the High Street. Really good!

The cheese was mild and subtle giving us that classic beef/bacon/cheese combination – sometimes I wonder if these three together can ever be bettered.

When cooking burgers at home I generally slice my pickles quite thin but after having had these manly, rough-cut pickles from Real Burger I’ll be cutting them more like this in future.

Real Burger New Yorker

The pickles were great – crunchy and not lost on the burger. As you can see from the picture above they sat proudly on the cheese and beef. There’s none of this removing the gherkin from your burger here!

I really liked the buns they use too. Both of us are not massive fans of sesame seed buns but these were way above average and had no problems coping with the delicious ingredients within.

The lettuce and red onion complimented everything else and I am a massive fan of red onion on a burger. There wasn’t too much to overbear it but to coin a phrase it really cuts through the other flavours now and then. I tried the chips too and they were much more enjoyable than my previous visit.

Real Burger New Yorker

I enjoyed the New Yorker and Bacon so much that I ate it pretty quickly and sat looking at the menu wondering to myself why I didn’t order another. Sadly one customer was asked how his burger was but we were not thrown the same courtesy. Still this does not detract from the fact that Real Burger in Cheltenham is a definite heavyweight contender for best burger.

In fact I had had a kebab-house flyer through the door this morning and their burger meal prices are similar but you know for a fact they’ll not be in the same league. It’s like comparing Real Madrid to some Football League One or Two football team.

I’ll leave you with one more shot of the 6oz New Yorker and Bacon Deluxe Steak Burger before handing you over to my friend for her Mushroom Swiss comments and pictures. In the meantime, if you go to Real Burger after reading this review be sure to tell them Burger Lad® sent you!

Real Burger New Yorker

Here we have a semi-erotic description of the Mushroom Swiss:

Soft, sensuous Swiss cheese blanketing the rich beef patty. Buttery grilled mushrooms adorning the top like a thrilled mountaineer reaching the peak. Crisp red onion, lettuce and fresh biting tomato underneath with a dollop of creamy mayonnaise to bring all these ingredients together like a stripper at a stag do.

Real Burger Mushroom Swiss

A triumph of burger brilliance in my opinion but as I was hungover I was always going to be happy with whatever went in my mouth. That said, this really was a high quality beefy belter and I will be back for more.

Thanks for this – you’ve got a lot of people hot under the collar with that amazing description of this fantastic burger. We’ll leave you with our lifting the lid shot on that Mushroom Swiss.

Real Burger Mushroom Swiss

Burger Lad®