McDonald’s Grand McExtreme Original

McDonald’s Grand McExtreme Original Review

Grand McExtreme:

What they say: N/A.

Price: 62 Dirham (£4.96) for a meal.

Calories: Unknown.

I don’t seem to have much luck with eating McDonald’s overseas.

This trend continued when we visited Marrakesh for what turned out to be the Grand McExtreme Original.

So, when we went to Italy it was the Grand Big Mac… OK that was before the UK release but still… it wasn’t as leftfield as some other past offerings on the menu.

Belgium – was going to review the Sunny Sebastian but that ended the day before I went to get it. We ended up with the Wacko Guaco instead.

Surely I would be able to pick up something that we are unlikely to get in this country…

The McExtreme range is generally available in Spain but has made sporadic appearances in Morocco and Malta.

It began back in late 2014 and has seen various flavour combinations such as Creamy Thai, Smokey Rodeo and Onion Grill.

McDonald's Grand McExtreme

McDonald’s Morocco has also had some interesting items on the menu;

– Grand McExtreme featuring Worcester Sauce
– Royal Chili topped with Tabasco
– KBM (Kefta Bayd Matecha) – an egg-topped burger
– McArabia
– Fish Supreme Charmoula

The list goes on…

Course, what’s on as a LTO when we arrive…? The Grand Big Mac. Smart.

And a couple of wraps, which in retrospect, could have been quite interesting as they feature the Steak House Fries we sampled. More on those in a bit…

I had pretty much consigned myself to trying the Grand McExtreme Sauce Mayo – basically a grand-sized double cheeseburger with salad and mayo.

I also wish now that I had reviewed what Miss Milkshake went for. A Quarter Pounder with Cheese but using the Grand patties. They like their burgers big here!

So I used the touchscreen to order, which should have eliminated any margin for error.

And when our order came I was presented with this…

Grand McExtreme

As you can see from the images, this was clearly not the Grand McExtreme.

I believe it was still showing on the touchscreens but had finished as the receipt said “Grand McExtreme – Original” so it wasn’t like there had been an error in the kitchen.

This burger had one beef patty (I felt short changed), gouda cheese, two slices of fresh tomato, lettuce, red onion, ketchup and mayo.

You’re probably asking why I didn’t take it back… in the UK I would have, but in Morocco I just didn’t fancy the hassle.

Grand McExtreme

It wasn’t a bad burger. It wasn’t great either. And it was disappointing to feel like it was a wasted opportunity plus the fact there have been so many more interesting promos in the past.

I would liken the Grand McExtreme Original to a generic kebab shop burger.

More interesting, and what we should really focus on is the Steak House Fries which were available as part of the ‘Best Of’ menu.

McDonald's Steak House Fries

We really enjoyed these fries – think the same coating that you get on curly fries. Certainly recommended and would be a welcome addition to the UK menu.

As you can see, the portion wasn’t that big (medium meal) but still worth tasting.

McDonald's Steak House Fries

As you can tell from my tone, I still feel disappointed with my choice at McDonald’s Morocco. More frustrated with myself than anything.

I am hoping next time we travel overseas I manage to break my McDonald’s curse. Knowing my luck it will probably be the Big Tasty…

It was a fantastic restaurant in a very interesting city. If you do visit, you can pay on card at the touchscreens or order through them and take the ticket to the counter and pay cash.

There is no English language option either just in case you are wondering.

I vow to always try something you can’t get in the UK and then ended up with the previously released The Grand minus the second patty. LOL.

Grand McExtreme

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