McDonald’s Nashville Chicken

McDonald’s Nashville Chicken Review

Nashville Chicken:

What they say:

Two pieces of succulent crispy chicken with a spicy ketchup, smoky cheese, coleslaw, jalapeños and lettuce in a toasted cornbread bun.

Price: £4.69/£5.89/£6.29 (subject to variation).

Calories: 681 kcal.

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Great Tastes of America is currently running for its 13th consecutive year at The Golden Arches and available in weeks five through to eight is The Nashville Chicken.

McDonald's Nashville Chicken

The Nashville Chicken represents a first for McDonald’s – it is the first time GTA has seen two chicken options after the Alabama Chicken ran for weeks one to four.

It is only the third McD’s burger ever, after The Spicy and crowd-sourced My Burger Big Spicy Bacon, to feature jalapeños in the UK.

Not to be confused with KFC’s previous Nashville Hot Chicken and Burger, this build also includes two Chicken Selects, spicy ketchup, smoky cheese and coleslaw, all in a cornbread bun.

McDonald's Nashville Chicken

Immediately opening the box you can smell that inviting spicy ketchup. I believe it is the Tabasco-based sauce last seen on the Louisiana Stack – review here.

Biting in you get the aroma of the sauce too. It’s not super fiery but provides a suitable kick.

The heat levels on the Nashville Chicken should get a favourable response from McDonald’s customers.

McDonald's Nashville Chicken

It’s not much of a looker but that seems to be the case with all builds I receive at the moment. At first glance it appears to be a bit of a lettuce overload but nowhere near the farcical levels of the Mississippi Stack.

I’m not one for ‘slaw really and I suspect this could be the one ingredient average Joe decides to leave off.

To be honest, eating your way through the Nashville Chicken you barely detect it. It’s slightly creamy and when amalgamated with the rest of the toppings gives a slight contrast to the hot sauce.

The one piece (carrot I think) that was in my packaging and not on the build was decent enough.

McDonald's Nashville Chicken

Buns… buns… buns.

The cornbread bun is another aspect of the Nashville Chicken which ticks all the boxes for a limited time only promotional burger.

Firm on the outside, soft in the middle and it looks the part – the Maize & Sesame topping giving it a satisfying extra dimension to the texture.

McDonald's Nashville Chicken

The heat has backup in the form of the jalapeños which when you get to them take the spice levels up a notch or two. It’s pretty bloody enjoyable!

There is definitely a commendable heat with this build and those with an aversion to spicy food may just struggle.

Chilli-heads will power through it though, no problemo.

Finishing the Nashville Chicken my palate is feeling a warm glow and this adds to the enjoyment of the combination of crispy chicken and soft cheese which I love.

We’re no longer covering the argument of using two Chicken Selects as the “burger” as this has been discussed in many previous reviews.

McDonald's Nashville Chicken

I’m not sure the correct cheese was used today as I was unable to distinguish the difference between this and the cheese which was on my Double Cheeseburger.

The restaurant was fairly busy and I had to wait a while (plus it is half term and full of kids) so I wasn’t going to question it.

If it was the right cheese then what does that say for its smokiness?

Overall, the Nashville Chicken is a very good burger and should be popular for the remaining weeks of Great Tastes of America.

There was some scruffy lettuce placement and it didn’t look great, but the hot sauce, jalapeños and slaw makes for an interesting burger and one of the better chicken promo burgers I’ve had from McDonald’s in a while.

Now what I really would love to see is a burger similar to the ones currently available in the Czech Republic – an Asian-influenced menu which would be a good fit for Great Tastes of the World.

The Nashville Chicken is available subject to availability at participating restaurants from Wednesday 29th May until Tuesday 25th June.

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Nashville Chicken









  • Spicy ketchup
  • Jalapeños


  • Too much lettuce
  • Possible incorrect cheese

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    Dear Burger King,

    I ordered a burger with walapenos.


  • 26/06/2019 at 7:17 am

    I love making chicken with buttermilk! Adding the hot sauce gave this a nice kick!

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