McDonald’s Quarter Pounder Deluxe

McDonald’s Quarter Pounder Deluxe

McDonald’s Quarter Pounder Deluxe Review:

Price: £3.39/£4.89/£5.29.

Calories 553 kcal.

The Quarter Pounder Deluxe has returned to McDonald’s UK and will be available from Wednesday 7th October until Tuesday 17th November.


This review has the following four disclaimers:

1. The Quarter Pounder Deluxe is not new to the McDonald’s menu. It has been available in the UK numerous times and I did a rookie review in March 2013.

2. You’ve been able to order it all along. Since being able to add extras via the app or touchscreen, you’ve been able to customise a QP to make the Quarter Pounder Deluxe anyway.

3. As I experienced from the Spicy QP review feedback – yes you can add another beef patty, but for review purposes, I always have my first burger as it was intended by the development kitchen i.e. no taking off and/or adding ingredients.

4. Due to the fact we did a review in 2013, this is more of a “mini revisiting analysis” and my original statement still stands: “It seems adding mayo, lettuce, tomato and removing one slice of cheese pimps up the standard burger to the Deluxe version”.

Of course, I could always add an extra beef patty for £1.00 and/or regular (40p) or extra (80p) bacon like you should be able to now in 2020…

Quarter Pounder Deluxe

The Quarter Pounder Deluxe isn’t a particularly bad burger, nor is it amazingly good.

I’d liken it to the sort of thing you’d get from a late night kebab shop – a slab of meat, one slice of processed cheese and then a splodge of mixed sauces and salads.

It almost feels like it is trying to be the Burger King Whopper… but is missing that trademark BK flame-grilled flavouring to punch through the other ingredients.

Quarter Pounder Deluxe

I actually think with the amount of salad (lettuce, pickles, fresh tomato and onion) the Quarter Pounder Deluxe would possibly benefit from that additional beef patty for £1 and while you’re at it, might as well throw some bacon on to really give it a real Deluxe feeling.

Seven years later I’m still not convinced…


The mixture of the sauces is “OK” – it’s just a bit of a mess… with ketchup, mustard AND mayo all melding into one. I didn’t find it disgusting… it’s just not a combination I would go with.

I also could not stand the fresh tomato and long-term BURGER LAD® readers will confirm this has to be my least favourite burger topping of all-time. It’s just so overbearing to the determinant of everything else. IMO.

Quarter Pounder Deluxe

Quite possibly the one redeeming aspect of the QP Deluxe is the fresh onion – I was really glad of the tang now and then to cut through the gloop of sauce.

Obviously the cheese and beef help (still not sure why only one cheese slice) – but then you might as well stick to a standard QP, a Double QP or try the recommended Spicy option instead – our review here.

I knew going into this refresher review that I wouldn’t be overly enamoured by the Deluxe and if it was seven years since my last one, I can promise you it will be at least double that until my next.

At least I have the McChicken BLT to come next… oh wait. More fresh tomato and more cross-utilisation of standard menu ingredients. I can’t wait…

Quarter Pounder Deluxe

There is bound to be fans of the Quarter Pounder Deluxe and I would be tempted to try a double patty version.

Instead, I will save my money for a Double Spicy QP or my new favourite – a Triple Cheeseburger minus ketchup and add extra bacon. All for just under three quid.

Overall, I’d definitely compare the QP Deluxe to that of a generic kebab shop burger (say MacDonners for example) and I can’t help but think of it as a poor man’s BK Whopper.

Hey – it’s just my opinion!

Agree? Disagree?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or via the usual BURGER LAD® channels.


Burger Lad®


Quarter Pounder Deluxe









  • Option to double up
  • Looks decent enough


  • Less cheese than normal QP
  • Generic kebab shop burger
  • Poor man's Whopper

One thought on “McDonald’s Quarter Pounder Deluxe

  • 13/10/2020 at 10:10 am

    Great review (as always) and I pretty much always agree with you! Me and the wife went to McD’s on Saturday – I ordered the spicy (which is incredible, really packed a punch for a high street burger), she had the Deluxe. Same as you – ‘Erm. No where near to the brilliance of a Whopper. Or a Big Tasty. Think I’ll stick to the regular.’ Plus she removed the pickles! Shocking.

    I’d have another spicy, though!

    Keep these reviews coming, Burger Lad!

    “You know your burgers, buddy. Any one of these quarter pounders is ideal for home defense. So uh, which will it be?


    I may close early today. There’s a 5 minute wait on the customisation of the Deluxe but the Spicy you can take right now.”

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