McDonald’s Beef and Cheese Feast

Review of McDonald’s Beef and Cheese Feast

What they say:

A 100% beef patty topped with bacon, cheese, lettuce, red onions and cheese sauce, all brought together in a flour-topped snowflake bun.

Price: £4.69 for the burger only. £6.09 for a Medium Meal. 40p upgrade for Large.

Calories: 833 kcal.

The Festive Menu returns to McDonald’s and the beef burger for 2017 is the Beef and Cheese Feast.

It is not too dissimilar to last year’s Festive Cheese Feast, which instead of fresh red onion had grilled onions and tomato ketchup.

The Festive Menu mainstay cheese sauce returns yet again.

On paper, it doesn’t scream of festive flavours and the closest association with the season to be jolly is the flour-topped snowflake bun.

Putting the arguments of exactly how Christmassy this burger is aside, let’s see if its boringly bland or taking our taste buds to a winter wonderland…

McDonald's Beef and Cheese Feast

We were in one of my less favourable restaurants and after a ten minute wait (11:30am and relatively quiet) our tray arrived. It is always painfully frustrating coming here.

The Beef and Cheese Feast though is absolutely huge!

Just looking at the box and circumference of the bun it is massive – it’s no wonder it clocks in at 833

McDonald's Beef and Cheese Feast

Visually it looks appealing… the bun on mine looked a bit squashed down compared to the promo image but that is to be expected.

Biting in you get the familiar tang of the sharp red onion which soon dissipates to the smooth, creamy cheese sauce and accompanying Big Tasty cheese slices.

And speaking of the Big Tasty, I believe this is a Big Tasty patty on here – today this looked a well seasoned burger but textually was a bit dry. Good job there’s that cheese sauce on there!

McDonald's Beef and Cheese Feast

I quite enjoyed the cheese sauce. It looks like mayo so anyone scared of the sight of the white stuff could be put off by its appearance.

It gives you a faint-tasting cheese flavour which is quite pleasurable compared to some of the cheesier sauces found on builds like the Burger King Quattro Cheese Whopper and/or Cheddar Whopper.

Alongside the smooth cheesiness you’ve got the beef, bacon and red onion – it all contrasts reasonably together.

McDonald's Beef and Cheese Feast

The smokiness of the bacon actually shines through now and then and it is 100% a better burger with it on. Obviously.

What I would comment on is the slight similarity with the Big Tasty.

OK you’ve not got the obvious Big Tasty sauce but it just feels like a cheesier version of the nation’s favourite.

I’m also pretty certain I’ve written the exact same thing of previous Xmas McDonald’s offerings in the not too distant Christmas Past.

McDonald's Beef and Cheese Feast

Overall, the Beef and Cheese Feast is a pretty decent LTO from McDonald’s for their Festive Menu but it’s not a) very unique or b) very festive IMO.

I’d like to see something in the UK akin to the KFC Germany Winter Tower Burger.

But what of that flour-topped snowflake bun Burger Lad®?

Yeah… alright. It does look impressive (although a bit squashed) but my goodness that flour is annoying and it gets absolutely everywhere – more of an annoyance than anything.

Structurally though it is sound and you do get a sense of awe when you first see the size of it – that’s what she said…

You get tangy, fresh red onion and a big-sized beef patty with bacon and then a smooth cheesy sauce which delivers an extra-large snowball-sized smack in your face of cheesiness.

McDonald's Beef and Cheese Feast

Personally, I don’t see myself having another one and at £4.69 for the burger only I can’t imagine my resolve being tested that much.

The Beef and Cheese Feast is available from Wednesday 15th November to Wednesday 27th December at all participating McDonald’s restaurants, subject to availability.

Burger Lad®


Beef and Cheese Feast









  • Big-sized burger
  • Cheesy


  • Not very festive
  • Flour gets everywhere