McDonald’s Crispy McBacon

Review of McDonald’s Crispy McBacon – Italy

What they say:

100% beef, two bacon slices accompanied by delicious bacon sauce and spicy cheese. There is no need to crown Crispy McBacon king of crispness and taste. A classic that will never come to an end.

Price: €4.40 (approx. £4.00).

Calories: 492 kcal.

A mainstay on McDonald’s Italy menu is the Crispy McBacon.

We were in Sicily on holiday and I had been watching their LTOs with baited breath.

The 1955 and CBO didn’t fill me with joy and before the Grand Big Mac appeared on the website (much to my delight!), I had made the Crispy McBacon my number one target.

McDonald's Crispy McBacon

On the build, you’ve got crispy bacon, two slices of cheese, two beef patties and a bacon sauce.

Sounds great – what could go wrong?

Apart from some slightly messy presentation absolutely nothing!

McDonald's Crispy McBacon

This is an outstanding burger and would be a great fit for a UK release.

It’s like a BK Bacon Double Cheese but better!! Much better!

There has also been a bigger version of this called the Gran Crispy McBacon – obviously using the same sized buns and patties seen on the Grand Big Mac. Very much like Burger King’s XL Bacon Double Cheese.

Crispy bacon and a really sexy bacon sauce make this a real winner and is the ultimate double cheese from McDonald’s.

I can’t understand why this isn’t on the UK menu either as a permanent addition or a recurring promo like the Big Tasty.

Everything works great together – soft beef and cheese with a baconnaise-type sauce with crispy bacon makes for the ultimate carnivores burger.

McDonald's Crispy McBacon

I can’t recommend it enough… if you get the chance to sample one.

It is a bit on the pricy side for what it is considering a double cheese is £1.49 in the UK and we paid a shade over £4.00 for this.

In Italy, you can also get a Bacon Double Cheeseburger for €2.50 which offers greater value. Although I have found previous promos offering the Crispy McBacon at the amazing price of €1 – now that is the time to be sampling it!

The price is probably only the negative point with the Crispy McBacon.

Saying that, I absolutely loved this burger and can only hope it or a variation of it pays a visit to this country.

McDonald's Crispy McBacon

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