Burger King Cajun Chicken Tendercrisp

Review of Burger King Cajun Chicken Tendercrisp

What they say:

A 100% chicken breast burger with melted cheese, smokey bacon, crispy onions, tomato, lettuce and cajun sauce on a toasted brioche bun.

Price: £6.99 for a regular meal.

Calories: 910 kcal.

The first of BK’s Summer BBQ I tried was the Cajun Chicken Tendercrisp, which is unusual for me. I’m pretty sure I was enticed by the word “Cajun” which, to me, means quite hot and very tasty.

So let’s find out if it was either. Or both.

Well, disappointingly it didn’t have any promo box. Perhaps this was because I used the drive-thru (a rarity for me), rather than going in and sitting down.

What I got was a regular Tendercrisp wrap with a letter C written on it (C for Cajun if you’re not following….).

Burger King Cajun Chicken Tendercrisp

Opening it up, I was treated to the instant visual delight of brioche. Yes, in the saturated gourmet world, brioche is arguably overused, but here in fast food heaven, it is still a rare treat. It looked as good as anything twice the price.

Next most obvious item, both on the eye and the tongue, was the bacon. Sometimes fast food bacon fails to make an impression but not here – although this was headlined by chicken, it was very much a bacon burger. And speaking of that chicken, it was absolutely in there, in all its glory.

Burger King Cajun Chicken Tendercrisp

Chicken Tendercrisp is great – it’s thick and crispy and downright tasty. It’s better than the Royale in my view.

The trick is to ensure the toppings don’t drown it out. Here they don’t. The lovely bacon emphasises the soft chicken, and the crispy coating is ably assisted by lashings of crispy onions, which I adore.

But what makes it Cajun?

Well, that’ll be the “cajun sauce”. And here, the build slips up a bit. Whatever is in this sauce, it doesn’t scream Cajun to me. In fact, it barely whispers it.

The sauce seems strangely muted. Tasty, right enough, but muted. If this wasn’t labelled “Cajun” I’d really struggle to describe what it’s supposed to be.

Burger King Cajun Chicken Tendercrisp

Also present were tomato and lettuce, as if that makes any difference. Well, yes, they add green and red to the visuals, which is welcome, but not much to the taste.

As a chicken and bacon burger, I can’t really fault this, and the brioche is an unnecessary but very welcome touch. But in terms of living up to its Cajun descriptor, I’d have to say they’ve tripped up a bit with the Cajun Chicken Tendercrisp.

Admiral Burgerbar

Website: http://www.burgerking.co.uk/menu-item/cajun-tendercrisp

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