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Now and then Burger Lad® will reveal a little bit of burger news. This isn’t comprehensive but anything we do report on can be found here.

August 2018

Burger & Lobster Double Drown

July 2018

KFC Zinger Double Down coming to the UK

Nando’s Chakalaka Burger

June 2018

Double Down returns to KFC UK

All Day Breakfast coming to McDonald’s UK?

McDonald’s Canada World Taste Tour

May 2018

Burger King USA launches Whopper Donut Burger

April 2018

McDonald’s Chicago Stack

McDonald’s Great Tastes of America 2018

McDonald’s World Cup Burgers 2018

March 2018

Burger King Chocolate Whopper

Macca’s New Zealand launch new Sriracha Clubhouse Angus

How important is the bun when eating a burger?

Macca’s World First – Australia gets a new Wagyu Beef Burger

KFC Australia launches The Big Cheese

Burger King launching Bacon King in the UK

Ilchester Black Cheddar

February 2018

McDonald’s Australia launch new Big Brekkie Burger

McDonald’s Sticky ‘n’ Sweet BBQ Chicken

January 2018

KFC launch new Southern Bites

Grand Big Mac and Mac Jr. coming to the UK!

Burger King release new Potato Rosti promotion

Burger King USA launches Double Quarter Pound King

December 2017

McDonald’s Meals Under

McDonald’s Belgium releases a burger with truffle mayonnaise

KFC Dragon’s Hen

November 2017

Burger King Long Pepperoni

Burger King Three Cheese & Caramelised Onions

KFC UK to launch Festive Fries

McDonald’s Festive Menu 2017

October 2017

KFC confirms Double Down UK launch

September 2017

McDonald’s Great Tastes of the World 2017

Beefeater Crafted Collection

McDonald’s Brazil – Cheddar Festival – Cheddar McRib Barbecue

August 2017

KFC giving away free fries every Friday

Burger King USA bring back Cheesy Tots

KFC to launch Southern Legends range

July 2017

KFC National Chicken Wing Day

McDonald’s Malaysia – Spicy Korean Burger

McDonald’s South Korea – Corn Shrimp Burger

Burger King Summer BBQ 2017 Menu

KFC celebrates 4th July with exclusive Mac ‘n’ Chilli Cheese Burger

June 2017

McDonald’s Add Your Twist

May 2017

McDonald’s Germany lauches Signature Collection and Mc Your Own

Rustlers launch new Gourmet range

Mac n’ Cheetos return to Burger King USA

KFC Nashville Hot Chicken coming to the UK?

McDonald’s Germany free Original Sauce McMenu giveaway

Taco Bell to open 16th restaurant in Leeds

April 2017

KFC Open Kitchen Event

Hard Rock Cafe – World Burger Tour 2017

McDonald’s New York Street Food – France

Burger King Bacon Feast

McDonald’s Angus the Great – New Zealand

March 2017

Nando’s Trio Burger

McDonald’s Tokyo Night Burger – Hong Kong

McDonald’s Great Tastes of America 2017

KFC Testing Alabama Cheese Burger

KFC O’Sanders Feast

McDonald’s Cheesy Bacon Flatbread

KFC Testing Texas Ranch Box Meal

February 2017

KFC Chizza coming to the UK?

National Burger Awards 2017

Burger King Route 66 2017

January 2017

Bacon Clubhouse Double coming to the UK?

KFC Spice Box launched in Ireland

December 2016

Steak n’ Shake coming to the UK

November 2016

McDonald’s Festive Menu 2016 revealed

October 2016

Nando’s Festive menu to include PERi-Berry Burger

KFC testing Louisiana Dirty Box Meal

KFC launches Chicken AM

September 2016

McDonald’s Big Mac 50th Anniversary

KFC Breakfast at Beaconsfield Services

August 2016

Burger King USA Whopperrito

June 2016

McDonald’s Texas Burger Showdown winner revealed

McDonald’s Signature Crafted Sriracha Sandwich

McDonald’s EURO 2016 Burger Round-Up

May 2016

GBK Chef of the Year Competition – Judging a regional heat

GBK Worcester opening with exclusive Bloody Mary Burger Special

April 2016

McDonald’s to launch McMoon restaurant

March 2016

McDonald’s Confirms Great Tastes of America Return

Burger King Confirms Angriest Whopper Coming to UK

KFC Australia releases Zinger Black Burger

McDonald’s Arabia Big Tasty Range

McDonald’s Monopoly 2016

February 2016

McDonald’s Hong Kong Crunchy Mega McPepper

Burger King Canada Bacon & Cheese Jalapeno Whopper

McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce eBay Charity Auction

January 2016

McDonald’s France American Winter Limited Time Offer

McDonald’s Poland “Best of M” promotion includes Broccoli in Crispy Batter

McDonald’s Japan launching Chocolate covered French Fries

McDonald’s Canada releases McTasters promotion

McDonald’s USA launching Chicken Sausage McMuffin

Burger King Route 66 promotion

McDonald’s Italy Great Tastes of America 2016

10 things we’d like to see from McDonald’s UK in 2016

December 2015

10 things we’d like to see from Burger King UK in 2016

McDonald’s Switzerland releases pretzel bun burger

McDonald’s January 2016 menu includes revamped Chicken Legend range

10 things we’d like to see from KFC UK in 2016

McDonald’s Belgium’s first Maestro Burger called Generous Jack

McDonald’s France extends “Signature by McDonald’s” testing

McDonald’s Surf & Turf Burger returns to Taiwan

McDonald’s China bring back black and white burgers

McDonald’s Italy Festive Menu launched

November 2015

McDonald’s Thailand launching Snoopy Black Burger

McDonald’s Canada releases Jolly Burger

McDonald’s Festive Menu revealed

McDonald’s Australia adds Loaded Fries to menu

McDonald’s launches NEW ‘The Signature Collection’

October 2015

Burger King UK rolls out breakfast menu nationwide

Burger King UK unveils new 20/20 Garden Grill restaurant design

September 2015

Burger King USA bringing black buns to North America

August 2015

EXCLUSIVE Burger King Interview

July 2015

McDonald’s USA launches Burger Build Off Competition

BREAKING: Next McDonald’s promotional burger revealed HERE

June 2015

Burger King UK launches Summer Barbecue range

McDonald’s Canada launches Great Canadian Taste Adventure

April 2015

EXCLUSIVE: McDonald’s Great Tastes of America 2015

McDonald’s USA Launches 1/3 lb Sirloin Burgers

March 2015

Burger King Canada HP Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger

Burger King UK offering Budweiser upgrade

McDonald’s Singapore Launches ‘Create Your Taste’

BREAKING: Next Burger King Promotion in 2015 revealed HERE

February 2015

McDonald’s Touch Screen Ordering UK Demo

Burger King UK delivery trial

January 2015

EXCLUSIVE: The Grand Burger coming to McDonald’s

Next Promotional Burgers at Burger King 2015

10 Things we’d like to see from McDonald’s in 2015

October 2014

McDonald’s UK My Burger winners revealed

McDonald’s Arabia launches Clubhouse range

McDonald’s Hungary launches Foie Gras Burger

Burger Lad® appears on McDonald’s UK website!!!

September 2014

McDonald’s Germany Stars of America 2014 Burgers

McDonald’s Sweden My Burger 2014 Burgers

McDonald’s Hong Kong Justice League Batman Burger

Burger King New Zealand Southern Pork & Slaw

August 2014

Burger King “Euro Trip” next promotional burgers

July 2014

McDonald’s My Burger Finalist 2014

June 2014

McDonald’s UK Testing McRib in Sheffield

McDonald’s Global World Cup Promotional Burgers

May 2014

McDonald’s Launches “My Burger” build-a-burger Competition

December 2013

Burger King 2014 Tastes of Route 66 Promotional Items

November 2013

Burger King Christmas Promotional Items

June 2013

Next McDonald’s Promotional Burgers to be Great Tastes of the World?

April 2013

McDonald’s Great Tastes of America released Wednesday 01/05/13

World Exclusive – Tastes of America coming to UK McDonald’s soon

March 2013

New UK BK Steakhouse range launched

Burger King Sauces at home

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