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McDonald's Summer Food Event 2022McDonald'sUKFast Food2022May
Festive Menu 2020McDonald'sUKFast Food2020October
Breakfast RollMcDonald'sUKFast Food2020October
Worldwide FavouritesMcDonald'sUKFast Food2020February
Ghost WhopperBurger KingUSAFast Food2019October
Roadhouse Crispy ChickenBurger KingUKFast Food2019October
Daredevil BitesKFCUKFast Food2019September
Breakfast KingBurger KingUKFast Food2019September
King ToastsBurger KingFranceFast Food2019August
Impossible WhopperBurger KingUSAFast Food2019August
Great Tastes of the World 2019McDonald'sUKFast Food2019July
Signature Collection RumoursMcDonald'sUKFast Food2019July
Supercharger SauceKFCUKFast Food2019July
$1 Crispy TacoBurger KingUSAFast Food2019July
Steakhouse AngusBurger KingUKFast Food2019July
Halloumi BurgerBurger KingUKFast Food2019July
Halloumi BurgerMcDonald'sSwedenFast Food2019July
KFC CollectKFCUKFast Food2019June
Rainbow BurgersMcDonald'sGreeceFast Food2019June
Hot Wings BucketKFCUKFast Food2019June
Trilogy BoxmealKFCUKFast Food2019June
Crispy Tenders Hot DogKFCFranceFast Food2019June
Vegan BurgersByronUKHigh Street2019June
Upside Down WhopperBurger KingUSAFast Food2019June
Imposter BurgerKFCUKFast Food2019June
Asia MenuMcDonald'sCzech RepublicFast Food2019May
Big Triple BunIcelandUKOther2019May
Impossible WhopperBurger KingUSAFast Food2019May
ChacoKFCPhilippinesFast Food2019May
The Fill Up LunchKFCUKFast Food2019May
I Love You Bacon BurgerKFCUKFast Food2019May
Halloumi FriesBurger KingSwedenFast Food2019April
Gourmet Big MacsMcDonald'sBrazilFast Food2019April
Twister WrapsKFCUKFast Food2019April
Chicken Brekkie BurgerMcDonald'sAustraliaFast Food2019March
Great Tastes of America 2019McDonald'sUKFast Food2019March
Carolina BBQ Mighty AngusMcDonald'sCanadaFast Food2019March
Smoky Black AngusBurger KingUKFast Food2019March
Grilled Chicken SandwichBurger KingUSAFast Food2019February
Ghost Pepper ZingerKFCMalaysiaFast Food2019February
Tastes of the WorldBurger KingNew ZealandFast Food2019February
Mac 'N Cheese ZingerKFCSingaporeFast Food2019February
Colonel Grilled CheeseKFCFranceFast Food2019February
Cheetos SandwichKFCUSAFast Food2019January
Spicy McChicken RangeMcDonald'sCanadaFast Food2019January
Spicy Chicken McNuggetsMcDonald'sUKFast Food2019January
Steakhouse KingBurger KingUKFast Food2019January
Grand Big Mac BaconMcDonald'sUKFast Food2019January
CouchburgerMcDonald'sGermanyFast Food2019January
Veggie DeluxeMcDonald'sUKFast Food2018December
Sproutmas BurgerAbsurd BirdUKGourmet2018December
Whopper DetourBurger KingUSAFast Food2018December
PERi-PERi Chicken GravyNando'sUKHigh Street2018November
Seriously Festive MenuMcDonald'sCanadaFast Food2018November
Grand Whiskey BBQBurger KingSpainFast Food2018November
KFC Black Fries DayKFCUKFast Food2018November
Wimpy launches own-brand sauce to retail marketWimpyUKFast Food2018November
Texas BBQ KingBurger KingUKFast Food2018November
New KFC FriesKFCUKFast Food2018November
Nightmare KingBurger KingUSAFast Food2018October
Monster WhopperBurger KingBrazilFast Food2018October
10 Chicken Nuggets for $1Burger KingUSAFast Food2018October
KFC Testing Bacon Lovers' BurgerKFCUKFast Food2018October
Spicy Chicken McNuggetsMcDonald'sVariousFast Food2018October
Pizza MacMcDonald'sGermanyFast Food2018September
Great Tastes of the World 2018McDonald'sUKFast Food2018September
Americana Brand Burger ResearchLantmännen UnibakeUKResearch2018September
#Burger Coming Soon!KFCUKFast Food2018August
Burger King re-launches King of the DayBurger KingUKFast Food2018August
Burger & Lobster Double DrownBurger & LobsterUKGourmet2018August
Zinger Double Down coming to the UKKFCUKFast Food2018July
Chakalaka BurgerNando'sUKHigh Street2018July
Double Down returnsKFCUKFast Food2018June
All Day Breakfast coming to McDonald's UK?McDonald'sUKFast Food2018June
World Taste TourMcDonald'sCanadaFast Food2018June
Whopper Donut BurgerBurger KingUSAFast Food2018May
Chicago StackMcDonald'sUKFast Food2018April
Great Tastes of America 2018McDonald'sUKFast Food2018April
World Cup Burgers 2018McDonald'sVariousFast Food2018April
Chocolate WhopperBurger KingVariousFast Food2018March
Sriracha Clubhouse AngusMcDonald'sNew ZealandFast Food2018March
How important is the bun when eating a burger?Lantmännen UnibakeUKResearch2018March
Macca's World First - Wagyu Beef BurgerMcDonald'sAustraliaFast Food2018March
The Big CheeseKFCAustraliaFast Food2018March
Bacon KingBurger KingUKFast Food2018March
Ilchester Black CheddarIlchesterUKOther2018March
KFC launch new Southern BitesKFCUKFast Food2018February
Grand Big Mac and Mac Jr. coming to the UK!McDonald'sUKFast Food2018February
Burger King release new Potato Rosti promotionBurger KingUKFast Food2018February
Burger King USA launches Double Quarter Pound KingBurger KingUSAFast Food2018February
McDonald's Meals UnderMcDonald'sUKFast Food2017December
McDonald's Belgium releases a burger with truffle mayonnaiseMcDonald'sBelgiumFast Food2017December
KFC Dragon's HenKFCUKFast Food2017December
Burger King Long PepperoniBurger KingUKFast Food2017November
Burger King Three Cheese & Caramelised OnionsBurger KingUKFast Food2017November
KFC UK to launch Festive FriesKFCUKFast Food2017November
McDonald's Festive Menu 2017McDonald'sUKFast Food2017November
KFC confirms Double Down UK launchKFCUKFast Food2017October
McDonald's Great Tastes of the World 2017McDonald'sUKFast Food2017September
Beefeater Crafted CollectionBeefeaterUKPub2017September
Cheddar Festival - Cheddar McRib BarbecueMcDonald'sBrazilFast Food2017September
KFC giving away free fries every FridayKFCUKFast Food2017August
Burger King USA bring back Cheesy TotsBurger KingUSAFast Food2017August
KFC to launch Southern Legends rangeKFCUKFast Food2017August
KFC National Chicken Wing DayKFCUKFast Food2017July
McDonald's Spicy Korean BurgerMcDonald'sMalaysiaFast Food2017July
McDonald's Corn Shrimp BurgerMcDonald'sSouth KoreaFast Food2017July
Burger King Summer BBQ 2017 MenuBurger KingUKFast Food2017July
KFC celebrates 4th July with exclusive Mac 'n' Chilli Cheese BurgerKFCUKFast Food2017July
McDonald's Add Your TwistMcDonald'sUKFast Food2017June
McDonald's Germany launches Signature Collection and Mc Your OwnMcDonald'sGermanyFast Food2017May
Rustlers launch new Gourmet rangeRustlersUKSupermarket2017May
Mac n' Cheetos returnBurger KingUSAFast Food2017May
Nashville Hot Chicken coming to the UK?KFCUKFast Food2017May
McDonald's free Original Sauce McMenu giveawayMcDonald'sGermanyFast Food2017May
Taco Bell to open 16th restaurant in LeedsTaco BellUKFast Food2017May
KFC Open Kitchen EventKFCUKFast Food2017April
World Burger Tour 2017Hard Rock CaféUKHigh Street2017April
McDonald's New York Street FoodMcDonald'sFranceFast Food2017April
Burger King Bacon FeastBurger KingUKFast Food2017April
McDonald's Angus the GreatMcDonald'sUKFast Food2017April
Nando's Trio BurgerNando'sUKHigh Street2017March
McDonald's Tokyo Night BurgerMcDonald'sHong KongFast Food2017March
Great Tastes of America 2017McDonald'sUKFast Food2017March
KFC Testing Alabama Cheese BurgerKFCUKFast Food2017March
KFC O'Sanders FeastKFCIrelandFast Food2017March
Cheesy Bacon FlatbreadMcDonald'sUKFast Food2017March
KFC Testing Texas Ranch Box MealKFCUKFast Food2017March
KFC Chizza coming to the UK?KFCUKFast Food2017February
National Burger Awards 2017OtherUKOther2017February
Burger King Route 66 2017Burger KingUKFast Food2017February
Bacon Clubhouse Double coming to the UK?McDonald'sUKFast Food2017January
KFC Spice Box launched in IrelandKFCIrelandFast Food2017January
Steak n' Shake coming to the UKSteak n' ShakeUKFast Food2016December
McDonald's Festive Menu 2016 revealedMcDonald'sUKFast Food2016November
Nando's Festive menu to include PERi-Berry BurgerNando'sUKHigh Street2016October
KFC testing Louisiana Dirty Box MealKFCUKFast Food2016October
KFC launches Chicken AMKFCUKFast Food2016October
McDonald's Big Mac 50th AnniversaryMcDonald'sVariousFast Food2016September
KFC Breakfast at Beaconsfield ServicesKFCUKFast Food2016September
Burger King WhopperritoBurger KingUSAFast Food2016August
McDonald's Texas Burger Showdown winner revealedMcDonald'sUSAFast Food2016June
McDonald’s Signature Crafted Sriracha SandwichMcDonald'sUSAFast Food2016June
McDonald's EURO 2016 Burger Round-UpMcDonald'sVariousFast Food2016June
GBK Chef of the Year CompetitionGBKUKHigh Street2016May
GBK Worcester Bloody Mary Burger SpecialGBKUKHigh Street2016May
McDonald's to launch McMoon restaurantMcDonald'sUKFast Food2016April
McDonald's Confirms Great Tastes of America ReturnMcDonald'sUKFast Food2016March
Burger King Confirms Angriest Whopper Coming to UKBurger KingUKFast Food2016March
KFC releases Zinger Black BurgerKFCAustraliaFast Food2016March
McDonald's Arabia Big Tasty RangeMcDonald'sMiddle EastFast Food2016March
McDonald's Monopoly 2016McDonald'sUKFast Food2016March
McDonald's Crunchy Mega McPepperMcDonald'sHong KongFast Food2016February
Burger King Bacon & Cheese Jalapeno WhopperBurger KingCanadaFast Food2016February
Big Mac Sauce eBay Charity AuctionMcDonald'sUKFast Food2016February
McDonald's American Winter Limited Time OfferMcDonald'sFranceFast Food2016January
McDonald's "Best of M" promotion

McDonald'sPolandFast Food2016January
McDonald's launching Chocolate covered French FriesMcDonald'sJapanFast Food2016January
McDonald's releases McTasters promotionMcDonald'sCanadaFast Food2016January
McDonald's launching Chicken Sausage McMuffinMcDonald'sUSAFast Food2016January
Burger King Route 66 promotionBurger KingUKFast Food2016January
McDonald's Great Tastes of America 2016McDonald'sItalyFast Food2016January
10 things we'd like to see from McDonald's UK in 2016McDonald'sUKFast Food2016January
10 things we'd like to see from Burger King UK in 2016Burger KingUKFast Food2015December
McDonald's releases pretzel bun burgerMcDonald'sSwitzerlandFast Food2015December
McDonald's January 2016 menu revampMcDonald'sUKFast Food2015December
10 things we'd like to see from KFC UK in 2016KFCUKFast Food2015December
McDonald's Belgium's first Maestro Burger called Generous JackMcDonald'sBelgiumFast Food2015December
McDonald's extends "Signature by McDonald's" testingMcDonald'sFranceFast Food2015December
McDonald's Surf & Turf Burger returnsMcDonald'sTaiwanFast Food2015December
McDonald's bring back black and white burgersMcDonald'sChinaFast Food2015December
McDonald's Festive Menu launchedMcDonald'sItalyFast Food2015December
McDonald's launching Snoopy Black BurgerMcDonald'sThailandFast Food2015November
McDonald's releases Jolly BurgerMcDonald'sCanadaFast Food2015November
McDonald's Festive Menu revealedMcDonald'sUKFast Food2015November
McDonald's adds Loaded Fries to menuMcDonald'sAustraliaFast Food2015November
McDonald's launches NEW 'The Signature Collection'McDonald'sUKFast Food2015November
Burger King UK rolls out breakfast menu nationwideBurger KingUKFast Food2015October
Burger King unveils new 20/20 Garden Grill restaurant designBurger KingUKFast Food2015October
Burger King bringing black buns to North AmericaBurger KingUSAFast Food2015September
EXCLUSIVE Burger King InterviewBurger KingUKFast Food2015August
McDonald's launches Burger Build Off CompetitionMcDonald'sUSAFast Food2015July
BREAKING: Next McDonald's promotional burger revealed HEREMcDonald'sUKFast Food2015July
Burger King launches Summer Barbecue rangeBurger KingUKFast Food2015June
McDonald's launches Great Canadian Taste AdventureMcDonald'sCanadaFast Food2015June
EXCLUSIVE: McDonald's Great Tastes of America 2015McDonald'sUKFast Food2015April
McDonald's Launches 1/3 lb Sirloin BurgersMcDonald'sUSAFast Food2015April
Burger King HP Ultimate Bacon CheeseburgerBurger KingCanadaFast Food2015March
Burger King offering Budweiser upgradeBurger KingUKFast Food2015March
McDonald's Launches 'Create Your Taste'McDonald'sSingaporeFast Food2015March
BREAKING: Next Burger King Promotion in 2015 revealed HEREBurger KingUKFast Food2015March
McDonald's Touch Screen Ordering UK DemoMcDonald'sUKFast Food2015February
Burger King delivery trialBurger KingUKFast Food2015February
EXCLUSIVE: The Grand Burger coming to McDonald'sMcDonald'sUKFast Food2015January
Next Promotional Burgers at Burger King 2015Burger KingUKFast Food2015January
10 Things we'd like to see from McDonald's in 2015McDonald'sUKFast Food2015January
McDonald's UK My Burger winners revealedMcDonald'sUKFast Food2014October
McDonald's Arabia launches Clubhouse rangeMcDonald'sMiddle EastFast Food2014October
McDonald's launches Foie Gras BurgerMcDonald'sHungaryFast Food2014October
McDonald's Stars of America 2014 BurgersMcDonald'sGermanyFast Food2014September
McDonald's My Burger 2014 BurgersMcDonald'sSwedenFast Food2014September
McDonald's Justice League Batman BurgerMcDonald'sHong KongFast Food2014September
Burger King Southern Pork & SlawBurger KingNew ZealandFast Food2014September
Burger King "Euro Trip" next promotional burgersBurger KingUKFast Food2014August
McDonald's My Burger Finalist 2014McDonald'sUKFast Food2014July
McDonald's UK Testing McRib in SheffieldMcDonald'sUKFast Food2014June
McDonald's World Cup Promotional Burgers 2014McDonald'sUKFast Food2014June
McDonald's Launches "My Burger" build-a-burger CompetitionMcDonald'sUKFast Food2014May
Burger King 2014 Tastes of Route 66 Promotional ItemsBurger KingUKFast Food2013December
Burger King Christmas Promotional ItemsBurger KingUKFast Food2013November
Next McDonald's Promotional Burgers to be Great Tastes of the World?McDonald'sUKFast Food2013June
McDonald's Great Tastes of America released Wednesday 01/05/13McDonald'sUKFast Food2013April
World Exclusive - Tastes of America coming to UK McDonald's soonMcDonald'sUKFast Food2013April
New UK BK Steakhouse range launchedBurger KingUKFast Food2013March
Burger King Sauces at homeBurger KingTurkeyFast Food2013March

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