McDonald’s Italian Stack

McDonald’s Italian Stack

McDonald’s Italian Stack Review

Price: £5.19/£6.89/£7.39

Calories: 648 kcal.

Part 1 of the Summer Menu is in full swing at McDonald’s and up next is the returning Italian Stack.

Featuring for a limited time only and alongside the new Crispy Chicken Italiano, The Italian Stack has had another upgrade for 2022.


I’m sure you will have seen other reviews of this “new” burger, but I doubt any will offer the context and insight you will only find on your favourite burger review website.

One could argue, that the Italian Stack started life out as the 2014 My Burger McPizza Pepperoni – now that was a good burger!

This was followed by the Italian Classic in 2015 and then versions one and two of the Italian Stack in 2018 and 2019.

In fact, some clever soul has put the “evolution of The Italian Stack” into a nice little table below. Isn’t that nice…

2022 (v3)2019 (v2)2018 (v1)Italian Classic (2015)McPizza Pepperoni (2014)
Beef PattiesBeef PattiesBeef PattiesBeef PattyBeef Patty
Tomato & Basil Flavoured BunWheat semolina BunCheese & Paprika topped BunCheese-topped BunCheese-topped Bun
Rich Tomato SauceRich Tomato SauceTomato & Herb SauceItalian-inspired Tomato SauceTomato & Smoked Paprika Sauce
MozzarellaMozzarellaCheese (Mozzarella)Cheese (Mozzarella)Mozzarella Cheese
LettuceLettuceShredded LettuceChopped Iceberg
Streaky BaconPepperoni SlicesPepperoniPepperoni
Crispy Onions
Smooth Cheese SaucePesto-style SaucePremium Ketchup

As you can see above, there have been a number of tweaks over the years and I am assuming that Pesto-style Sauce is the one I had yesterday on the Crispy Chicken Italiano.

Italian Stack

So how is the latest iteration of this £5.19 premium burger?

I have to say I wasn’t going to review the “new” Italian Stack due to having it in various guises over the years.

But then Jens on Twitter asked me if I was going to review it and I thought “why the hell not…!?”

Like yesterday’s chicken action, the Italian Stack seemed to be swamped with loads of lettuce – almost too much for my liking which made for a semi-messy build.

The actual burger itself looks nowhere near as big as the promotional imagery but that is to be expected. Obviously.

Italian Stack

I flippin’ love that rich tomato sauce with its basil undertones and fruity/herby tomatoey goodness. More please. More.

This melds beautifully with the mozzarella cheese slice AND Smooth Cheese Sauce to give you a ‘Taste of Italy’ – of course in a McDonald’s format.

Dare I say it reminded me of lasagne?

Possibly… you also get some very sharp reminders of the fairly strong lettuce leaves they use on the Italian Stack now and then.

I’d be tempted to drop the lettuce completely if there is a next time…

Italian Stack

Speaking of sharp, the one big disappointment I have with the 2022 Italian Classic is the massive lack of crispy onions (and fresh) I received on my build today.

There was a miniscule amount of them which was a real shame as had there been a tiny few more I would be talking about a really great burger. Such a shame.

Italian Stack

The real winners on-board the Italian Stack are the two beef patties, the combination of cheeses and that beautiful rich tomato sauce.

It really does feel like a premium burger and at £5.19 for the burger only, it should!!

Italian Stack

Another minor grumble (and I mean very minor) was that the bun promises to be “tomato and basil flavoured” but I didn’t detect any significant flavourings.

I guess I was too busy devouring this… my second day running having McDonald’s for lunch. Oh the shame. Tomorrow I will take the Walk of Atonement.

What’s more to say about The Italian Stack?

You know walking into this that it’s going to be an Italian-inspired burger from McDonald’s and it absolutely delivers on that front.

The sauces are fantastic but I just felt ever so slightly let down by the very small amount of onions on here… just a few more please next time Ronald.

Italian Stack

Overall, I’m glad Jens asked me the question last night as I really wasn’t going to bother with the Italian Stack mrk3, but having had it today, I’m pleased I did.

Probably won’t have another, but then there’s always mrk4 to look out for in the future…

This version will be on-sale until Tuesday 26th July, subject to availability.

Burger Lad


McDonald's Summer Menu 2022

The Italian Stack









  • Rich tomato sauce
  • Cheesy, "Italian" goodness


  • Too much lettuce
  • Miniscule amount of both onions

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