McDonald’s BCO Bacon Chicken Onion

Review of McDonald’s BCO (Bacon Chicken Onion)


What they say:

A Chicken Legend patty served with bacon, crispy fried onions, shredded lettuce and a slice of black pepper cheese with a subtle flavour of bacon, all served with a seasoned mayo sauce in a sesame seed-topped bun.

Price: £3.79 for the burger only.

Calories: 675 kcal.

Welcome to the latest Burger Lad® review where we take a look at the latest limited time offering from the Golden Arches. Today (Wednesday) saw the return of the Big Tasty (and with Bacon) and you can see our January review here.

McDonald’s advertised the return of the Big Tasty last week on their Facebook page so I had resigned myself to waiting for Burger King to bring us something new. After checking the website I also saw the BCO (Bacon, Chicken & Onion). Now this has been on and off Ronald’s menu since around 2011 but if anyone can correct me on that please get in touch.

McDonald's BCO Bacon Chicken Onion

So as I headed through the McDrive with the ‘Kondiment Kids’ I held my breath as I got to the collection window. “Just waiting on the BCO…” Brilliant! My latest squeeze was being made-up fresh so we could get some suitably saucy shots of this Chicken and Bacon beauty.

I got to Burger Lad HQ (no reviews in the park today) and looked at the shiny new promotional box. And with those ingredients what more could you ask for in a sandwich?

McDonald's BCO Bacon Chicken Onion

I was not disappointed with how the BCO had been assembled either! In my original notes I described it as “tidy” and as you can see from the pictures this was not a million miles from its promotional shot.

McDonald's BCO Bacon Chicken Onion

Having not eaten since breakfast I was famished so I took my first expectant bite. The coating on the chicken was crispy and had that green herb dotted around it here and there. I immediately picked up the smokiness of the bacon and I was impressed with the overall flavour and texture of this “sandwich”.

McDonald's BCO

I read the official description of the BCO after eating it and was pleased that I had tasted a faint peppery taste to the cheese. This mixed with the mayo (which was cracking!) gave the BCO a slight kick to it. You also get a crunch from the crispy onion bits and the flavour of these complimented everything else on board – it was a mellow onion taste and really melded well with the fresh lettuce.

McDonald's BCO

The sesame seed-topped bun is rectangular so more a sandwich than a burger (hence their description) and it was springy, the perfect size for the Chicken Legend patty and held well together right to the very last bite.

While I was disappointed not to have a “new” promotion I can see that The Big Tasty is popular and is a bit of a stopgap solution after the Great Tastes of America. I noticed Ireland have followed suit with the release of the Quarter Pounder Deluxe and you can read all about that here.

My money is still on free Coca Cola glasses as the next promotion as these are currently featuring in a number of countries.

McDonald's BCO

At 675 calories I don’t believe I will be eating the BCO on a regular basis but as a quick chicken fix its pretty good value at £3.79. Overall it is a tidy little number – smoky and creamy with just the slightest of spice. Chicken is not the first thing I think of when heading to McDonald’s but if the BCO has evaded you in the past I recommend giving it a chance.

In case you thought you’d seen the last of Burger Lad® we’ll be back very soon with another 21st century burger adventure.

With that let us leave you with one last look at the limited time offering BCO. See you on the other side!

McDonald's BCO

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