Burger King Long Chilli Cheese Burger

Review of Burger King Long Chilli Cheese Burger

What they say:

Packed with two flame-grilled beef burgers, melted cheese and hot jalapenos smothered in a spicy chilli cheese sauce, all in long bun!

Price: £1.99 / £4.29 regular meal.

Calories: 480 kcal.

At BURGER LAD® these pages contain the most comprehensive library of burger reviews in the country and amongst them are some gloriously enormous and wacky burger creations.

However, sometimes the most magnificently enduring and memorable burgers are the simplest ones and good folks of Blighty, I think we have another one in that category today.

Burger King’s Long Chilli Cheese is magnificent for three main reasons.

Firstly, it is included in the King Deals, which means it is available at the terrific price of £1.99.

Granted that makes the meal version seem quite pricey by comparison, and although “long”, it isn’t a massive burger. It’s still a double cheeseburger though!

Burger King Long Chilli Cheese Burger

Secondly, it is simple.

There is no lettuce, tomato, bacon, onions or anything silly. It knows what it wants to do – give you a cheeseburger with a bit of heat – and it does that job perfectly.

Lastly, Burger King’s “long” burgers are a brilliant idea. We’ve all seen towering stacks of silliness, often with one of my burger pet-hates (the stuff sticking out the top) and they are so big they can’t fit in a mouth, even mine!

At BK, they’ve added the extra patty lengthways, so no such problems here. I love it.

Now, before we get stuck in, I must say that this burger isn’t big. In fact it is rather small compared to some of Burger King’s promo items but that is fairly reflected in the price.

The length is taken care of by a kind of soft sub-type roll, again not as big as you might get with a hot dog, but adequate.

Burger King Long Chilli Cheese Burger

I did have quite a wait for this, and as is sadly often the case, service was without a smile, but I was offered a large drink and fries for my time, so I wasn’t upset.

Opening the wrap I could see a build that was relatively true to the marketing shots, with two patties side by side, two slices of cheese with their corners sticking out, thick cut jalapeños and that chilli cheese sauce.

Burger King Long Chilli Cheese Burger

Now, I’ve had this burger once before and on that first occasion, there was plenty of the sauce. This time its application was rather more conservative.

The size combined with my hunger meant this was a quick eat, but from the very first bite I got that classic BK flame taste which I do enjoy.

The heat came a couple more bites in as I got the heaty crunch from the first jalapeño, along with the chilli cheese sauce.

That double whammy heat is no shrinking violet either. It’s very noticeable, close to KFC Zinger levels, i.e. enough to stand out but not stupidly hot.

The comparison to the Colonel’s offering is fair too, as somewhat of a benchmark in quick service burgers.

Burger King’s Long Chilli Cheese burger is right up there, I tell you.

So much so in fact, that I reckon it has swiftly become what the Americans might term my “go-to” burger. That near-perfect combo of price, simplicity and heat make it absolutely brilliant.

A stripped-down, simple, quick cheap eat with a bit of heat, this one is a keeper, folks.

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Website: http://www.burgerking.co.uk/menu-item/long-chilli-cheese

Long Chilli Cheese









  • Heat
  • Simplicity
  • Price


  • Can't honestly fault