Waagyu Burger – Wagyu Burger Kit

Waagyu Burger – Wagyu Burger Kit

Waagyu Burger Review

Price: £49.95.

I believe this is the first time I have reviewed a Burger Kit and thanks to the kind folk at Waagyu Burger I had the opportunity to try their Signature Wagyu Burger Kit.

You can get various discounts as of writing, a nifty “spin the wheel” widget on their website is currently offering 20% off, free delivery or 10% off when you enter your email.

If you are interested, here’s a link to the Burger Kit I am reviewing today:


Waagyu Burger – Wagyu Burger Kit

Usual disclaimer: this was sent to me free of charge and has absolutely no impact on my impartial analysis.

I’m sure most readers of the BURGER LAD website are aware of meal/recipe boxes – the likes of Gousto and HelloFresh spring to mine.

I’ve never really been a fan of the concept when I regard myself as a pretty decent cook, plus a plethora of recipe books. Alright, big head.

Thinking back, I was partial to the odd Pasta Evangelist in a previous life but that was more because I didn’t have to do the cooking!

During the pandemic, you did start seeing a lot of these burger kit-type things popping up, as burger joints around the country kept an incoming revenue stream by offering fans kits, so they could cook their favourites at home instead.

Waagyu Burger – Wagyu Burger Kit

I’m having a quick flick through their website and alongside their burger kits you can also get Lobster Brioche Kits, Sides such as Poutine and Lobster Mac and Cheese and even booze. You don’t even have to leave your house now!!

Let’s first talk about the price.

Fifty quid for four burgers (£12.50 each) is quite steep especially with the competition out there and delivery services such as Deliveroo, Just Eat etc. And you have to cook the thing yourself… obviously!

But… let’s think about this in a bit more detail.

Firstly, the big talking point has to be the Wagyu Beef patties – in this kit you get four approx. 6oz burgers and anyone reading this site should know about the qualities of the meat and is regarded as one of the finest breeds in the world.

Suddenly that price is looking pretty competitive IMO…

Waagyu deliver Wednesday or Friday so this can be a great midweek or weekend treat for you burger aficionados – mine arrived at around 8am.

Plus, with the discounts they are offering, it is a good time to sample one of these…

What else is in the box?

Buns are looked after by Barnett’s Bakery Sesame Brioche Buns and I was genuinely surprised just how fresh they felt and looked when I cracked them out of the packaging. Very impressive on first glance.

Also in this premium burger kit, you’ll find 4 slices of Mature Cheddar, 4 slices of Streaky Bacon, a fresh looking Crispy Baby Gem Lettuce and one of my all-time favourite burger toppings – Crispy Onions.

And don’t forget the sauce… a Secret Burger Mayo Sauce.

Waagyu Burger – Wagyu Burger Kit

The sauce is good. I tried it before cooking anything and it had a rich, deep smoky tone to it.

I don’t want to compare it to a major fast food brand’s smoky sauce which features on a burger now and then but you get the idea.

This was an impressive sauce and if I could buy just that on its own, it would be a regular condiment in the fridge at BLHQ.

Interestingly, a scan of the ingredients lists Gochujang. Interesting indeed.

You’ll see two versions of the burgers I cooked (one was Wednesday for dinner and the other, Thursday for lunch). I’ll let you decide which one looks better.

I did make the mistake of photographing the first attempt where the bun had come away from the other bun in the pack so was a bit annoyed with myself for that rookie error.

Oh well.

Good bacon too – again, demonstrating quality and I grilled it while the patty was frying away in its own juices. I don’t know why but bacon always tastes better grilled.

Waagyu Burger – Wagyu Burger Kit

The first one was a little bit pink on the middle and I let the cheese melt when it was still on the griddle.

For the second version, I let the meat rest longer than the previous effort, added the cheese slice and then covered with a small metal bowl. This was definitely an improvement.

In terms of taste and texture, the Wagyu Beef is quality personified and has a rich, smooth and meaty feeling to it.

I can’t argue with the premium feel this had about it and the combination of the beef with the very commendable rolls and that burger sauce resulted in an enjoyable experience.

I was genuinely impressed.

It obviously “tastes better” when it is free but who doesn’t like a freebie now and then?

Would I buy one… now that is the million dollar question.

Wagyu Burger – Wagyu Burger Kit

Honestly, I would… but only with 20% off. I just don’t think I could justify fifty quid on four burgers but if there’s a group of you and you split it four ways, it’s definitely worth a punt and does feel like a treat.

A quick scan on Deliveroo at Burger King tells me that a Bacon Double Cheese XL Meal (alright you get the fries and drink) will set you back £9.49 and that’s not including the Service Fee (£0.99) and Delivery Fee (£1.99 unless you have Deliveroo Plus – which I have now).

So for pretty much the exact same price, you get fries and a drink extra plus you don’t have to cook it but the quality and experience is not in the same league.

Now it really doesn’t seem that expensive… and with any of the discounts you can take advantage of, it starts to become more desirable.

I think I will order another in the future.

Wagyu Burger – Wagyu Burger Kit

There is no denying that the Waagyu Burger Kit is a serious piece of kit (pun intended).

As I mentioned previously, I’ve always been a bit of a sceptic of these box kit/recipe things but I may just have been converted.

With that… I’m off to a BBQ and I am taking the remaining ingredients and two burgers to share the love with some good friends. I’ll report back on the next episode of the podcast what their opinions were.

Thanks again to Grace and the team at Waagyu Burger – it was very kind of you to reach out to me and I really did enjoy the kit you sent me.

Until next time my amazing supporters.

Burger Lad

Website: https://waagyuburger.co.uk/

Wagyu Burger – Wagyu Burger Kit

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  • 07/07/2022 at 5:39 pm

    I’ve been adding more faff each time I do a bbq burger, now I am up to getting the streaky bacon the smoky apple wood cheese, the seeded brioche and having it with crispy onions and bbq sauce. Seeing this reminds me of the burgers I create, only not using Waygu. Not sure I could stretch to that even with a discount.

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