KFC Zinger Waffle Burger

KFC Zinger Waffle Burger Review – Malaysia

KFC Zinger Waffle Burger:

Price: RM 14.30 (approx. £2.80).

Well now… here at BURGER LAD® we bring you the breaking news first, of new promotional burgers at your favourite high street chains around the world.

But for obvious reasons, we can’t be reviewing them all.

However, once in a while, something is released that is simply too awesome not to eat, and this is it – the Zinger Waffle Burger from KFC all the way in Malaysia.

I was sitting enjoying the balmy 8° December heat in Blighty when the burger-phone rang.

It was the boss himself, all excited about this promotion, and he told me to jump on a plane to Kuala Lumpur the next morning. I obliged, and straight off a 13-hour flight, I was into KFC.

Those who know me, know that I’m a big fan of the American diner class, fried chicken with bacon and maple syrup.

In fact, it is probably up there amongst the best burgers as my favourite comfort food. Married with waffles makes it even more special. I can’t resist.

The icing on the cake is that this is a Zinger as well. Again, those of you who know me, will know that I love the Zinger, even more so than the regular KFC chicken. This just gets better and better.

Now, it’s worth pointing out that the chicken and maple dish should really come with bacon, rather than the chicken strips of this one.

However, while bacon isn’t off limits to everybody in Malaysia, it is to Muslims, who make up a large part of the population.

Therefore, KFC has opted not to include it at all. That is a shame in a way, because it does alter the makeup of the flavours here, but not enough to keep me a way.

This is still a fantastic item, I’ll tell you that right now.

KFC Zinger Waffle Burger

It comes in its own promo box, which looks great.

Opening it up, the sweet maple smell hits first, drawing the diner into the unwrap, which reveals an incredibly delightful scene.

Firstly, it looks very much like the promo pictures – it’s a good build, and secondly, it’s pretty substantial for the price.

KFC Zinger Waffle Burger

Thirdly, and this is the part that matters… I couldn’t wait to get stuck in, so much so that the taking of pictures for this review was a nuisance.

Yep folks, that is how impatient I was to get this. Have I found my new Number One?

Picking this up, it was obvious that the burger tilt was needed.

Those of you in the Burger Circle know what I mean – where a stack is too high to bite without dislocating one’s lower jaw, so you have to tilt it backwards a bit to bite in without getting the full height.

KFC Zinger Waffle Burger

This wasn’t perfect.

The aforementioned missing bacon makes a difference and the mayo isn’t going to please everyone, while some might lament the absence of cheese.

I quite liked the mayo, I think cheese could risk dominating the maple too much. As for the bacon, yes, I’d have preferred that, but I think that the thin crispy chicken strips did a very admirable job.

KFC Zinger Waffle Burger

The Zinger chicken added that all important zing, which you know I love, and frankly that combination of the sweet maple with the heat of the chicken was absolutely addictive.

KFC has nailed a gold-medal winner with the Zinger Waffle Burger. Almost perfect.

The chicken had been shaped to fit – a flat round fillet with the winning Zinger coating.

The waffles were soft and sweet, with an almost spongy consistency, rather than the hardness that Belgian waffles sometimes have.

Plus, to my eyes, they looked amazing. Not unique, because we have had waffle burgers before, but not like this.

KFC Zinger Waffle Burger

The mayo did serve a purpose here, which was to keep the stack moist, and break up the otherwise beige colour scheme.

The sweet and spicy flavour barrage in this, as well as the textures of the crispy chicken and soft waffles, was about as perfect as it gets. I can’t speak highly enough of this.

The Zinger Waffle Burger was so good that I had it again the very next day, without taking photos or notes.

It’s going to take something very special to knock this off the top high street spot.

Now, before I leave you hanging, the elephant in the room is of course that you can’t get this at home.


It’s so good that you need to go the extra mile. Buy a regular Zinger from your KFC, and the rest of the ingredients you can buy at home.

With a little creativity, you can recreate this classic in your own kitchen.

That is, until KFC UK brings it to us… with bacon!

KFC Zinger Waffle Burger

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Website: https://dinein.kfc.com.my/promotions/zinger-waffle-burger

Zinger Waffle Burger









  • Near perfect combination of flavours


  • No bacon
  • Unavailable in UK