McDonald’s Chicken Legend with BBQ Sauce

McDonald’s Chicken Legend with BBQ Sauce Review

Chicken Legend with BBQ Sauce:

What they say:

Succulent chicken breast fillet in a crispy coating, with lettuce and smoky BBQ sauce, all in a warm, toasted bakehouse roll. Simply delicious.

Price: £3.99.

Calories: 484 kcal.

Bring back the Chicken Legend patty as the promotional (chicken) burger for limited time offers!

I don’t think I can put it better after sampling the Chicken Legend with BBQ Sauce today.

Chicken Legend with BBQ Sauce

Have you ever heard of the Legend of the promotional chicken burger at McDonald’s?

I remember it.

A long time ago…

When the patty used in such greats as the Chicken & Chutney Indian and Thai Special utilised the Chicken Legend instead of two Chicken Selects.

An elegant choice… for a more civilised age.

This would mark my first Chicken Legend since reviewing the one with Hot & Spicy Mayo and I must confess I have missed this beauty.

Chicken Legend with BBQ Sauce

OK, glaze over the fact this isn’t much of a looker and on paper it is fairly dull – basically an oblong chicken burger with lettuce and BBQ sauce.

It doesn’t exactly capture the imagination say like the Spicy McChicken range currently on-sale in Canada.

What brings me right back to all those happy memories of decent McDonald’s chicken sandwich/burger promos is that Chicken Legend patty.

It gives the Zinger a run for its money in terms of best fast food chicken burger on the High Street.

You’ve got the flecks of green in the crispy coating – there’s a slight spice in there somewhere but only very faint.

Fainter than our hopes of seeing this returning to de-throne the Chicken Selects and take its rightful place.

Chicken Legend with BBQ Sauce

The bakehouse roll is commendable and feels marginally more luxurious than other buns found at The Golden Arches.

Perhaps why this is priced at £3.99 – guys expect to pay anything up-to 30p less than this depending on your location.

You can see that an area of the bun is devoid of any chicken which means there could be protein-less bites. A criticism often levied towards the Selects.


A quick lift of the lid reveals that it’s just one end of the patty poking out a bit too much from the roll. A quick shuffle and we’re back in business…


Overall, the Chicken Legend with BBQ Sauce is a very respectable chicken offering from McDonald’s and I’m glad to have re-visited it again today.

I was worried it was going to be a little dry but the slightly smoky BBQ sauce helped alleviate that concern.

One thing is for certain – it really made me miss them as the patty of choice on their chicken promotional burgers.

What I did check after were the customisation options – and this (IMO) really opens up the Chicken Legend to being ordered (by me) more in the future.

As of writing, you can add; Cheese, Bacon, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Pickles, Fresh Onion and/or Tomato.

How many you can add at a time and/or if there is a charge is down to you to explore.

The Chicken Legend with BBQ Sauce has a good quality, white breast meat chicken patty, an enjoyable bun and could appeal to fussy eaters with its simplicity.

At £3.99 it certainly isn’t a cheap option, so perhaps this is why Chicken Selects will continue to feature on chicken burger promos for the foreseeable.

Burger Lad®


Chicken Legend with BBQ Sauce









  • Love that Legend
  • Customisation options


  • Expensive
  • Bit dull