Cosy Club Cheltenham Thai Veggie Burger

Review of Cosy Club Cheltenham Thai Veggie Burger

What they say:

Spicy quinoa burger with edamame beans, Pak Choi, wood-roasted peppers, coconut sauce and sweet chilli jam.

Price: £8.95.

WARNING: Torrential gushing about a veggie burger incoming!

If you can believe it, this is the first time I have personally reviewed a veggie burger on BURGER LAD® and based on my experience this evening, it won’t be the last.

Welcome Cosy Club.

The chain of approximately 20 restaurants (operated by ‘The Lounge’ neighbourhood café/bars group) recently opened in the multi-million-pound expansion of The Brewery in Cheltenham.

Cosy Club Cheltenham Thai Veggie Burger

This is actually our third visit; the first was for an exclusive preview night on the eve of opening to the public.

The second was when we went for Sunday Brunch where you can order anything from the Brunch menu, pay £10 extra and enjoy bottomless Prosecco from the trolley – I was pretty much off my trolley on that occasion! Recommended.

Tonight though, it was back to business – and up for review is the Cosy Club Thai Veggie Burger.

A bit of an understatement, but I don’t normally go for the veggie option on the menu. There was something about the description that made me want it.

Each Cosy Club is slightly different. On their website, they describe themselves as “Quirky, eccentric and playful, the Cosy Club offers informal casual dining, drinking and lounging in a homely and family friendly environment.”

I do love it inside the Cheltenham location – an eclectic mix of furnishings, lighting and decoration with a range of tunes from classic 80’s to funky jazz makes for an enjoyable experience.

Despite being housed in a brand-new building, you certainly don’t feel like you’re sat in a new development. It’s kitsch and fun and the staff are of an extremely high calibre.

The Cosy Club were one of the finalists at the 2017 National Burger Awards so I was expecting good things.

Cosy Club Cheltenham Thai Veggie Burger

I’m really pleased to report that the Thai Veggie surpassed all expectations – it was fantastic! A fragrant taste of Thailand in a bun.

Presentation-wise, it is a compact and tidy build. It’s not massive, so don’t go in expecting to be stuffed by the volume of food – this is a burger of refined contrasting flavours and textures.

At £8.95, this veggie and vegan friendly burger comes with a side of crispy, salted semi-skin-on fries and a modest amount of slaw on the plate. It’s a perfect-sized meal for those wanting a treat but not feeling bloated as they leave these comforting surroundings.

Cosy Club Cheltenham Thai Veggie Burger

It doesn’t actually look much from the exterior, but I can assure you, the Thai Veggie is definitely worth sampling if you fancy straying away from the beef norm. In fact, I’m pretty certain Miss Milkshake had a bit of burger envy despite opting for The Brigadier.

Cosy Club Cheltenham Thai Veggie Burger

My Thai Veggie was packed full of delicious fragrances, textures and flavours.

You’ve got the spicy quinoa burger – a delectable, crunchy coating houses a semi-spicy, soft blend of Thai-influenced spices and the super-food quinoa. Cracking.

Then you get hit with the occasional pop-in-your-mouth, fresh edamame beans which really work well with that patty.

Cosy Club Cheltenham Thai Veggie Burger

The Pak Choi acts as the “lettuce” on the build but this is a really crunchy topping which needs to be used far more often. Think somewhere between cabbage and spinach. Texturally this works perfectly and offers a mild flavour to proceedings.

It’s those wood-roasted red peppers which really stand out on the Thai Veggie though. Interspersed with the punchy sweet chilli jam these are slightly sweet but allowing that rich, roasted pepper taste to shine through.

You’ve then got that subtle, Thai-style coconut sauce which is fragrant and warming and really brings a true taste of Thailand to your palate.

The Thai Veggie is that good guys – and no beef, bacon or cheese in sight…

Cosy Club Cheltenham Thai Veggie Burger

Like I mentioned above, please don’t expect a massive-sized burger! This is a build of crunchy and soft textures, fresh and fragrant Oriental flavours and a warming glow to the palate throughout. Thoroughly recommended.

It certainly is up there with any meat-based burger I have ever had and despite previously never ordering a Vegetarian burger, my opinion has firmly been changed after sampling the Cosy Club Thai Veggie.

If I decide to go on a discovery of veggie options in the future, the barometer has certainly been set by this burger tonight.

Burger Lad®


Thai Veggie









  • Thai influence
  • Contrasting textures
  • Fragrant spiciness


  • Quite small

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  • 28/05/2018 at 10:15 pm

    Big fan of the Cosy Club in Cheltenham. We go there for lunch quite often. Extremely good for gluten free options (my partner requires this) – and one of the only restaurants we’ve ever been to which proactively offers a GF menu when you walk to your table.

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