Birds Eye Chicken Shop Sizzler Burger

Birds Eye Chicken Shop Sizzler Burger

Birds Eye Chicken Shop Sizzler Burger Review:

What they say:

Our Ultimate Chicken Burger is the perfect takeaway choice from the ease of your freezer.

Price: £3.00 (pack of two).

Calories: 256 kcal per burger.

Birds Eye Takeaway Chicken

Back in November 2019, I wrote in our McDonald’s Italian Stack review that I was “anticipating a quieter year on this website in 2020.”

I had no idea that within 4-5 months the world would have changed the way in which it has.

With the global pandemic continuing and the UK in lockdown, fast food giants McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC still remain closed – with anticipated promotions such as Monopoly and Worldwide Favourites delayed.

OK, a very small number of BK and KFC restaurants have re-opened for delivery only, but the majority are shut.

Fast food starved fans are looking at ways to replicate their favourites in the comfort of their home (not a new trend I’ll add).

Not a day goes by where I don’t see a “news story” with a recipe for one of the high street brands’ iconic products; Big Mac Sauce, Chicken McNuggets, KFC Secret Recipe Chicken, Sausage & Egg McMuffin etc.

People need their fast food fix in some format and even the chains are trying to assist with slightly obvious shopping lists/instructions.

Burger King in France have also teamed with French Hypermarket mega-power Carrefour and Uber Eats to deliver consumers build-your-own Whopper kits.

One article that came to my attention featured Birds Eye Chicken Shop Burgers (Ultimate or Sizzler Fillet) – apparently, these “will make you feel like you are having the real deal.”

Takeaway Chicken

I’d spotted these in the freezer section in my local Tesco before – they were actually launched in December 2019 and joined the already available Chicken Shop range (Wings, Strips and Breast Chunks) which first hit retail in October 2018.

I’ve always been a fan of a Zinger, so this felt like a good a time as any to review the Birds Eye Chicken Shop Sizzler Burger.

Without sounding like a complete cheapskate, at £3 for two, I would normally pass and opt for Tesco’s Hot & Spicy Chicken Steaks (4 for £1.65) and if I wanted an actual Zinger, hey I would just go to KFC…

But I can’t… so here we are…

I’m also dressing this like a KFC Zinger too for that “real deal” experience (except I have no seeded buns – the shame of it!?)

Not being a massive fan of mayo, this probably wasn’t the best idea. Perhaps I should have got some hash browns in too and done the Tower version instead. Oh well.

Takeaway Chicken

Opening the box, the burgers come wrapped in a protective plastic bag – they look as you would expect for a frozen supermarket chicken burger but I immediately noticed the coating. It looks impressively thick.

As you can see from the pictures, they differ in shape and I opted for the more round of the two to be included on my build – some sliced iceberg lettuce and Hellmann’s Mayonnaise.

I mixed this with some freshly ground black pepper in a vain attempt to replicate that KFC Black Pepper Mayo.

Birds Eye Chicken Shop Sizzler Burger

I’m glad to report back that these are pretty decent – they’re certainly an upgrade from my usual Tesco-own purchase and that crunch on the coating is very commendable.

The Birds Eye Chicken Shop Sizzler Burger has also got a pleasurable spice level too.

You will not get “burn your face off” heat levels but that isn’t the point of the Sizzler Fillet Burger – the glow of the spice stays with you for a while.

I would definitely buy these again at the recommended retail price. Even more so if I see them on offer.

How does it do in its attempt to replicate the KFC Zinger you might ask?

IMO, it is an exceptionally good effort – I definitely attribute this to my last minute decision to mix black pepper in with the mayo. I think this addition really did make me feel like I was having “the next best thing” after the real deal.

Birds Eye Chicken Shop Sizzler Burger

I’m impressed.

I like the coating (it’s not KFC Secret Recipe standard) but for something you can keep in your freezer at home it’s not bad, especially during these tough times.

In retrospect, I would hope to get sesame seeded buns in future which I would lightly toast – doing this plus the lettuce and black pepper mayo really will make you feel like you’re having a decent KFC alternative.

For my second build (damn, why did I not purchase hash browns?) I went with lettuce, hot salsa and American cheese. Again very enjoyable and ironically, I think I preferred my black pepper mayo version.

Birds Eye Chicken Shop Sizzler Burger

For £3 for two Fillet Burgers, the Birds Eye Chicken Shop Sizzler Burger is highly recommended and if you are looking for a KFC fix during this lockdown, I suggest popping these in your basket or trolley the next time you can.

Good quality white breast chicken meat and a suitably spicy crispy coating makes for an enjoyable DIY burger at home – if you’re a fan of KFC burgers (especially those with the black pepper mayo) don’t forget to make your own version of that. It really does help mimic that iconic Zinger.

I’d like to finish this review by thanking all our incredible NHS staff (and other people helping to keep this country going especially those working in our supermarkets).

Stay safe, stay at home and take care all.

Burger Lad®


Chicken Shop Sizzler Burger









  • Decent spice level
  • Good KFC substitute
  • Value for money


  • Nothing of note

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  • 16/04/2020 at 6:29 pm

    Great review! I’ve seen these in the supermarket lots of times! Wants me to give them a go! Which I will as my wife is craving a Zinger. Will get hash browns, though!

    Stay safe Burger Lad and Co. Stay safe everyone.

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