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Bacoa Burger – La Bacoa Review

Bacoa Burger:

What they say:

Our Best Seller! Bacon, Cheddar, Manchego cheese, home made pickles and artisan mustard.

Price: €8,75 (approx. £7.50).

Bacoa is a small chain of burger joints with branches in Madrid and Barcelona as far as I can see.

It’s pretty reasonably priced for what you get and has menus available in English as well. Stepping in, I was immediately struck with hints of Ikea and Argos.

The former in relation to the decor (the clean minimalism looked good but didn’t, for me, translate to comfortable seating).

The ordering system was Argos style, so you take an ordering sheet, tick off what you want then take it to the counter to pay.

You must do all this before sitting – this is fine when it’s quiet as it was today, but I can imagine it being a nuisance when it’s full. Food is then brought to the table.

You have a lot of customisable options. Choose a different bun, upgrade your beef, add toppings and sauces.

I kept my La Bacoa much as it was, but chose the wholemeal bun (a mistake, as it turned out, but I’ll explain that shortly).

The “standard” patty is 200g Galician beef, with upgrades to either organic for 50c or Entrecôte for €2,50. I decided to stick with the standard and it was a terrific choice.

Bacoa Burger

Going back to the menu, briefly, and you have a choice of beef, chicken or veggie burgers, with fries or rusticas as a side, and each can be made a double, an option that doesn’t seem to have a price.

As I said, the bun was a mistake. I should have chosen the brioche option as the wholemeal one was far too bready.

La Bacoa

It was too big for the burger, too thick, too soft, and the heel crumbled with the second bite. It reminded me of a giant supermarket bun.

The beef though, was a different matter altogether.

It was fabulous, meaty, cooked medium and had a lovely coarse texture. And that was just the “standard”!

La Bacoa

This is a pretty standard cheeseburger build, with Bacoa’s twist.

Mustard can be a tricky topping because of its strength but in this particular case it adds to the flavour, and doesn’t distract.

I was very impressed, and likewise with the house pickle. It had a distinct flavour with a good bite to it. I didn’t even taste the bacon though.

That is partly due to the beef.

It was really exquisite, and gave this burger a particularly premium feel.

Bacoa Burger

This is something rather amazing considering the price. I’m not sure how they do it – perhaps it’s the Ikea/Argos combo keeping other costs down.

That beef cut through everything and served as a perfect example of why burger joints should use good beef and cook it medium.

In summary, what we have here is an American classic, with amazing European beef served in a massive soft bun.

My choice, should’ve taken the brioche and that’s what I’d recommend you do if you visit Bacoa.

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